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  1. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="king canary"]Interesting to note he achieved exactly as much as Hughton did last season- play-off semi final. Just Poyet spent more.[/quote]Have a word with yourself!We spent somewhere around 10-12 million on players last summer, whereas most of Brightons'' signings were either free transfers or pretty low fees.They probably spent a quarter of what we did at most, and if you genuinely think they spent over 10 million on a virtually unknown Latvian defender and players like Stephen Dobbie, then I think you need to go see a mental health professional...[/quote] Hughton was at Birmingham last season, not with us.
  2. [quote user="arthur sayers"]I ONLY HOPE CERTAIN MEMBERS OF NORWICH CAN NOW SLEEP AT NIGHT .[/quote]How have you got -1 posts?
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