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  1. All this Emi Buendia talk makes me sad Emi Buendia doesn't play for us anymore. I miss Emi Buendia. Perhaps the thread-cluttering Emi Buendia-related bickering & conjecture could be set aside? Once more: Emi Buendia
  2. Nice to see some beer product placement in there too. A Chang possibly? Or a Radler?
  3. Motley Crue: Female children, female children, female children
  4. 'Person' by John Lennon is another feel-good number. "The Person Who Sold the World" - Nirvana or Bowie? "I'm Every Person" by Chaka Khan "Mad About the Male Child" by Dinah Washington And Neil Diamond's sultry "Female Child, You'll be a Person Soon" always pleases the ear. Enough now, stop! Must be respectful.
  5. I still believe that relegation hurt the club more than any other and drew the curtain on our most competitive period at the top level. There seems to be a recurring theme where "just a little bit more" may have led to a lot more success. In the words of Peter Green, "Oh Well!"
  6. What a pleasure to read through such an insightful, thoughtful & well-written thread (if slightly depressing too!) Parma: your threads raise the bar; many thanks. I include myself when I say that the last number of years have made us fairly complacent about the Championship challenge while simultaneously fearful of the Premier League. We can all see what the club has been attempting to do but we've crashed & burned on both top flight assaults during this 'Webber era.' While I have doubts & misgivings about where this current crop are heading, I still remain hopeful that Smith & Shakey can make things 'click' sufficiently well to achieve promotion again and have another go. Perhaps I'm naïve. We have options regaining fitness & the World Cup break to focus the minds on the training pitch. I'm sure there will be some wheeling & dealing in January and perhaps a contract or two signed. My blind/wavering optimism is not as well thought out as the majority of the posts above, but it is still very intriguing to ponder and observe the opera as it unfolds! Great thread!
  7. No room for Tomkinson on the bench. If we lose a CB, I suppose Byram or perhaps Hayden could slot in.
  8. All that diesel! It's gonna be tight and no mistake
  9. Dislike: Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leeds, Rangers Like: Shamrock Rovers, Ajax, Celtic, Bayern (not so much anymore, spent time in Munich), Athletic Bilbao
  10. Gunn Byram Hanley Gibson McCallum Gibbs Hayden Sara Ramsey Cantwell Pukki Tomkinson & McLean in for Gibson & Hayden if unfit to start. Nunez, McLean, Aarons, Onel & Hugill off the bench to finish the job. A fairly comfortable 2-1 away win. Pukki with the first on 38mins. McCallum with a scrambler early in the second half shortly followed by QPR pulling one back. But despite a few scares, we learn how to defend a lead and see the game out for a morale-boosting victory.
  11. Was just attempting the same mental gymnastics! Another chance for Dowell centrally? Onel to get at them early doors? Aarons getting benched. A chance for McCallum. Cantwell also a watching brief again. Good to see Byram available. Plenty of the hallmarks of a managerial regime drawing to a close(??) We shall see. I'm going for...................a cagey & unconvincing 2-1 home win.
  12. I remember after Ireland equalised against Holland at Italia 90, the referee had to stop the game and speak to the two captains about genuinely attempting an attack. As it stood, both teams were qualifying from the group and a training session would have been more competitive. That game was one of the catalysts for the 'backpass' rule being implemented.
  13. I like how your name and thread title complement each other!
  14. 1) I wonder will we see Salmon at CB instead of FB to accommodate Dimi. Could be the best plaice for him and keeps Gibson's ling-ering off the ball in reserve. 2) Perhaps this is the game to get a tun(a) out of Sarge & Pukki in tandem 3) Smith (tr)out!
  15. Alex Ferguson mentioned Brian McClair as being a brainiac. I vaguely recall Fergie ringing him as a phone-a-friend on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.
  16. 1-1. Ramsey to finally net a scrambler to equalise in the 76th minute after Blades take the lead after 54mins.
  17. He could do an 'Andrew Ridgeley,' living the dream, playing golf, living in the sun, on the beach, drinking beer all day. Nice
  18. And I'm afraid the exit door now lumens for SAS
  19. It might have just shaded the match for entertainment.
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