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  1. Of course they would of spent 100 million and stayed up
  2. Yeah, that's why we have more relegations than anyone else because ultimately we are good at getting back. Most clubs outside of the prem, would of traded places with us for the last 10 years we've had.
  3. I think other rich clubs in the chumps should hire our owners as consultants on how to get out of the championship. They seem pretty good at it.
  4. We are 2 up but I reckon we will throw it away.
  5. The whole way people have reacted is disgusting but not surprising. Truly truly selfish and they'll throw half of it out.
  6. I thought the bottom team got like a 100 million or something stupid. We have had a year of paying our players premier league wages albeit likely low wages in comparison to everyone else.
  7. Would we not be badly out of pocket if the season is voided? We would of budgeted on at least getting the cash for finishing 20th. Which I presume we would no longer be getting?
  8. They defend worse than us and that's going some
  9. If they do it then it has to be a blanket stop. Everything shut down sports wise. No pandering to the Premier league etc
  10. Probably the ideal Midland, but West Ham would be funny
  11. It is all about who comes down with us now, I would like Villa to be one of those teams.
  12. They've done well and deserve where they are, they do play good football. They are just more equipped to deal with premier league than us right now.
  13. I quite enjoy these threads to be honest. Half my family are Ipswich fans and at least I can say we are losing in the premier league. While they are going to remain in league one most likely, which brings me a small amount of joy.
  14. People seemed to be happy with the starting 11 today. Farke changed it and was still wrong. We just dont have the physicality to compete in this league we never really have. We can get away with a team of technically great players in the champs as teams fear us. In the premier league they don't. We are very one dimensional in our play, crowd the middle of the park to stop creative through balls and it's that easy to stop us scoring as all teams no we wont go wide because we have no one that can cross a ball.
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