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  1. Work to be done yet, but I think that should see us finish in the top 2
  2. That's what I was thinking, surely only those with international caps would qualify??
  3. The wink will always be best for me, it was so perfect for the camera's with Lambert going bonkers
  4. Their shot conversion recently is astonishing
  5. First half decent side they've played, their opening fixtures have been fairly straightforward.
  6. Gone is a bit of stretch, but having watched most of the premier league teams they do currently look the worst. Look to easy to score against, like we were.
  7. I've got one of them too, getting 50% back on both away and home memberships, if I read the letters correctly
  8. I think I bought both, but I'm not entirely sure
  9. Nice to actually win a game again, even if it is a meaningless friendly.
  10. Fulham have stopped Brentford from playing their A game and they no plan B. They've been premier leagued by Fulham
  11. Both of them were and are decent players we did mug Newcastle though
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