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  1. Shweinsteiger as well hahahhahaha I don''t know why I even bothered wasting precious seconds of my life to reply to you
  2. Please leave this forum you are completely and utterly boring now, surely you have something better to do with your time than spout this absolute drivel...pato,...nasri ...dzeko if you are not a troll and genuinely believe we could sign these calibre of players in a million years you need your head looking at
  3. Done deal according to BBC sport , great addition, many west brom fans I know devastated he''s leaving on a free rating his as one of their best players, was noted as having an average season last year but think this is a definite upgrade on tette, im excited to see him in the starting xi
  4. What is everyone''s views on the other promoted clubs signingsbso far , any you would of had , personally think Bournemouth''s signings are looking the best at the moment, atsu looks like a decent addition
  5. Do tickets go to only members and season ticket holders then I take it , and do you have any idea how much tickets would be can imagine they''d cost a bomb tbh
  6. Hi does anyone know the availability of tickets for the play off final if your not a member or season ticket holder, live in London and couldn''t miss out on a trip to Wembley whatever the cost
  7. Jumping the gun a bit but despite our poor mid week showing I feel increasingly confident under Neil he will take us to the premier league this season be it through the playoffs or automatics, under Adams games like Huddersfield would of derailed us but the sign of a promotion winning team is being able to take a setback and bounce back convincingly like we did today putting a resurgent and good forest side to the sword. Now onto the point of the thread if he gets us to the promised land how much rebuilding do you think this squad will need, this squad in my opinion is already premiership quality throughout every position and could hold their own with the likes of Stoke westbrom ect to stay up but what positions do you think we would need to strengthen to stay there. There is no doubt grabban and Jerome have done exceptionally well for us but I don''t know if we can afford two strikers that take 1 in 3 of their chances, hooper on the other hand is more clinical but doesnt seem to fit into Neils set up, be interested to know your views on areas we would need to strengthen to succeed under neil and possible players you would like to see come or go to give us a chance of progressing this club and comfortably finishing in the prem each year
  8. Huge game today win and we are back in the hunt, lose and we will be scrapping it out for a play off spot, I am confident in Neil and feel he will put any lingering doubts to bed with a confident wolves esque performance and a 2 nil win each game from now till the end of the season is a cup final and we will do it! Otbc
  9. After having had a chance to calm down and reflect all is not lost but I really do think with the form of Watford and certain others above us we have made this an incredibly tough job to go up in the autos, Neil has done a terrific job recently but the change in team most weeks cannot be helping us for me hoolahan needs to start every game hooper doesn''t fit into the system we want to play, if we are to salvage anything this season we need another 6, game winning run but sadly I think we peaked a little bit too late a few weeks ago and the playoffs are calling now, its a shame as are squad is better than anyone''s in this league by a mile but mistakes are costly and there''s 2 teams currently making none and putting teams to the sword very quickly and consistantly
  10. That is all I have to say to that didn''t even celebrate either goals, a point is absolutely useless, poor display again, 5 points of the top 2 is too much at this stage, completely gutted once again oh the joys of being a Norwich fan, hooper was terrible once again and tonight ultimately showed how much we miss grabban, the playoffs beckon I''m afraid
  11. With the run in and form Watford and Bournemouth have I really can''t see beyond them two as to who will go up in the automatics, I have a gutting feeling that the 2 points dropped Saturday could be the difference, if we can put a string of results together we could make it but I also have doubts about how we drop our game against the so called lesser teams , either way I am confident we will get promotion via the play offs if it were to come to that but it would probably be the death of me considering how nerve racking I have found games in recent weeks
  12. Gutted is all I can say about today''s game better team by far, one lapse of concentration by ruddy and an extremely poor derby team get a point, don''t want to be a doom mongerer but the 2 points lost here today could be extremely costly at the end of the season with how tight things are, none the less its not a disaster but I don''t think my nerves could handle the playoffs, any optimistic posts are more than welcome feeling pretty down right now
  13. Huge game tomorrow for both teams with us being at home I think we will get the win predicting a 3-1victory, are squad is looking stronger than ever but tettey and howson holding with bj Redmond and hoolahan playing off Jerome, from what I saw of hooper in the Millwall game he doesn''t suit the fast pace and intensity Neil likes to play at, defense obviously picks itself, huge game and I am nervous but have confidence in Neil to get the win and get us out of this league now
  14. Now 6 points of the automatics with a few crucial games coming up against teams above us, I have to say Neil has more than impressed me, proving the Brentford loss was merely a blip. really got the team pressing and playing to our strengths. Will go down to the wire but I really do think we can get promotion under this guy
  15. Both got goals today reopens the debate as to who should start I still feel Jerome is our best all round striker at the club but competition for places can only be healthy I guess
  16. What do you all make of Neils decision to drop Jerome arguably our best most consistent striker, grabban is a good championship striker but there is no chance he has the pedegree or goals to chance ratio to step up to the premier league. I personally feel the Jerome hooper partnership was working well so why change it ? Jerome is just as capable of the high pressing leading the line game I feel
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