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  1. I think that Carlton Morris has a bit more about him. Fairly decent in the air, can play with the ball at his feet and is bloody strong. It''s hard to compare because they''re totally different players. In English football it''ll be Morris who will go furthest.
  2. I''d go for Turner & Bass (If Seb''s fit) with Martin out at RB. Other than that, i''d keep it the same. Charlton have only won twice since they beat us? But as we know - they''re a stubborn nut to crack. Some of the football we played on Saturday was top notch (Yes, I know it was Blackpool), so if we can maintain the fluidity and speed of our play then we should create enough chances to win.I''d keep Jerome on the bench whilst he recovers, because the last thing we want is him out injured.The midfield conundrum will get every more bit interesting when Vadis is up to speed though.
  3. Ruddy, Martin, Bassong, Turner, Olsson, Redmond, Johnson, Tettey, Hoolahan, Hooper, JeromeGive the diamond a crack. Tettey at the base, Jonno left, Redmond right, Wes at the tip. We need to get the ball down and play, not that horrendous hoof ball cr&p. They''re going to come at us so we have to be prepared to attack.
  4. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they were talking about transfer targets in the summer. Snodgrass, Surman and Pilkington - Out, replacements in? None. A mystery like you say. We need to act quickly, we''ve hardly got anytime left. Although I can only see us picking up one or 2 from the SPL, which will be disappointing.
  5. I guess it''s not much of an admiration, it''s just we''ve got what we have, so if we can''t improve the squad without weakening it, I guess we''ll have to make do?I''m just dreading that AN will go the same way as Adams in the market. No (so to speak) big budget experience, with Gary Holt & McAvoy to turn to. A raid on the SPL may bring a future gem, but it is not what we need.Hooiveld, Bunn and Becchio are probably the definite outs. I could also see Miquel going on loan somewhere? But that would need us to bring in another CB as extra cover, alongside the one we arguably already need. A left winger in the Pilkington mould would be a very good acquisition. We are so unbalanced on the left yet are persistent on continuing the way we are. Our only threat from that side is Olsson, and the gaps that are left to be exploited when he attacks are massive. Previous experiments with Murphy (When he''s started) and Bennett have been ineffective on the left side, so if we fail to get somebody in, what do we do?However, the ''hoof'' ball has to stop. Ineffective and horrendous to watch, If this is Alex''s ''Stamp'' then we can Ruddy well rub it off and buy a new one.
  6. So, we''re back at the all too familiar cross roads. How do we react after a very poor performance?I''m of the opinion that if you can''t play your ''first choice'' team, you change the shape to fit the players you have available. Not persist with square pegs in round holes.Brentford came to play football Saturday and were very impressive. It looked like we just turned up to boot the ball up in the air and chase shadows. Regardless, we were comfortably beaten, leaving us scratching our heads and staring at that all too familiar blank whiteboard.The case for defence is back upon us - Turner was sloppy, Cuellar very clumsy, Russell Martin weren''t at the races, leaving Olsson as our best defender on the day. So what do we do? Cuellar was fairly impressive for a handful of games, but has nosedived a little. He''s been quite clumsy and doesn''t win as many headers as turner IMO. Do we replace him with Bassong Saturday? Or should we stick with him & Turner? The Russ/Whittaker debate is unquestionable, Russ had an off day so shall retain his place. My back 4 for Saturday: Martin, Turner, Bassong, Olsson. Midfield: Whittaker and Johnson was always going to ask for trouble, so I shall say no more. It made sense in theory, but never was going to work in practice. We were crying out for someone to impose and shut down their attacks - we missed Tettey. Therefore, we must be careful & wrap him in cotton wool this week. Redmond was our best player Imo, the only one who took the game to them and kept going. Playing Lafferty as an out and out winger was another one that didn''t come off. He didn''t do much going forward and he didn''t defend. It still doesn''t work. My thoughts for our midfield? : Redmond, Tettey, Johnson, Hoolahan. I know Wes isn''t a winger, but that formation can interchange into a handful of different shapes, so that may be worth a try. It allows Wes to either be behind the front 2, out on the left of a diamond, or on the left wing. Failing that, should we put Bennett out on the left?Strikers: Jerome & Hooper remain our best 2. Although he''s offside a fair bit, Jerome still has the knack of being in the right place when a chance comes up. Unfortunately on Saturday, he hit it straight at the keeper. I''d stick with these two and play to their strengths, it wins us games. If we want to knock it long, we have to play Lafferty centrally. That''s the only way that it could work. Grabban is still best suited as an impact sub at present for me. He''s like an Earnshaw who takes 1 in 3/4 chances that fall his way.These are just my ramblings during my Monday morning procrastination, leaving me to wonder as to whether or not we should dip into the market for some new blood. Only 5 days to go...So, as we''re all armchair managers, what would you do?
  7. He was our best player by a country mile. One of the only ones who got his head down and took the game to them.Tad unfair, as said above if you ask me...
  8. Enjoy yourself bee, the unpredictability of this division is what makes it special! If we can''t breach the runners at the top, do us a favour and take second from Ipswich please. Don''t be nervous, a year in the prem will be plenty of £ in the coffers. You''re run sensibly enough to not over exert the financial circumstances.As said before, I''m another one who think that our casual ticket prices are horrendous, and that they need addressing. However, aslong as the home and away tickets sell, then our board will keep pricing them the way they are. My season ticket works out around £21ish a game, so it''s not too bad for me, but I have mates who come and go when they''re back in the area and get absolutely stung on the pricing.Good luck with your quest for safe standing, keep at it and you''ll eventually get somewhere. No complaints about Saturday, play like that and you''ll pick up points at a canter.Good Luck....Ps, can we have Jota?
  9. Indeed Hairy, and it''s about time we kicked it into touch!!
  10. I''d imagine that they''ll be baying for blood. We can''t afford a slow start at the weekend or we''ll be punished. I''d like to think they are worried, but I think they will be fired up. Afterall, the winner either remains in the top 6 or gets a spot in the top 6. Providing we''re not as sloppy at the back, I think we''ll be okay.
  11. It will take a lot, but it''s do-able. We still have to play a handful of the top 6 at home including those down the road. It will be a big psychological advantage if we manage to break into the top 6 on Saturday.
  12. You''re a team of grafters PK who have the knack of shutting teams out and nicking a goal. That''s what a McCarthy team is, and that''s what I was effectively saying. Thoughts on Sears though? Strange signing to make for a team pushing for top 2, given his Championship record before.
  13. He needs more playing time. All of the raw attributes are there, he just needs to work on his decision making. I think we can put Saturday down to stage fright in front of the new manager. If only we had some more wingers so we could loan him out...
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