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  1. Didn't he get voted England's best player at one of the world cups, or have I imagined that!! Let's hope Ahadme isn't one we Regret!!
  2. Could possibly argue RVW who has had a good career in top flights in the French,Dutch and Swiss leagues and Europe/champs league.
  3. Was very poor, in fact I would say the worst 2nd half at home since Brentford last season, But, on the plus side we could easily have been 4-0 up at half time and probably should have scored 2 or 3 more 2nd half in the end. We shouldn't really complain after a 3-0 to go top, its just frustrating that we don't yet have that ruthless streak Farkes sides had, and we gift poor teams good chances. Burnley away will be interesting!
  4. If called up and the US get to the Sf/final we could miss him for 2 weeks I guess depending when the squad get together pre tournament. World cup I think is between Nov 20-dec 18 Championship pause is Nov 13-dec 9
  5. Funnily enough it was only yesterday I was in my dad's shed and found my old Season review VHS tapes including Rosario. Think he was on the Goals Galore video too.
  6. Never prolific, but I think he was under appreciated by fans, but players like Robert Fleck benefited from his hard work,physicality and headers. Had a hefty shot, other than that goal v Southampton I recall him thundering a volley against the post v Man Utd, think it was on TV ( possibly a 2-0 win when Fleck Scored)
  7. Think based on previous sales it has to be £20m+ before I'd even consider it
  8. Just saw Danny Rose has been released by Watford. Recall he was poor v us last season but could be an option for a short term deal,maybe.
  9. For lower league, non league clubs I can see it happening, didn't Tranmere used to move home games to a Friday to try to pick up everton/Liverpool Fans? Would never happen in the prem, as earlier kick off times wouldn't suit China,US,etc tv schedules
  10. With option to buy. I always liked him, hope it works out for him as he has talent.
  11. You only have to see Leitners career now to see why he was cast aside. Seems more interested in holidays and meals with friends than football success. Nothing wrong with that life choice but it's not the dedication we needed. I don't think Letiner thought he was too good for us, I just think he no longer had that drive or ambition to work more than he had to. I think we may see a different rashica if he stays, after missing games, seeing sinani and Hernandez perform, hopefully he will come good.
  12. Wish I could blame most of my comments on predictive text! Yes, Barden has never been a burden
  13. I suspect Hugill will go, probably to Cardiff. Josh Martin too, or just released. Burden possibly out on loan. But in regards to ins, I was expecting a LB but not sure now, would like some defensive cover for both full backs and possibly for CB/CDM, would be great if we could find someone to cover all of those
  14. I'm just gutted I'd put Salah in my fantasy team, and made him captain yet not 1 goal or assist in a 9-0!!!
  15. Think I heard Smith say Rashica had done OK in the last game,but ok isn't good enough
  16. I'd be surprised if he would leave Sunderland for Stoke,Sunderland is a huge club,great loyal fans, fantastic potential and close to Scotland, seems perfect for him, but I guess it's a great opportunity for him to 'encourage' Sunderland to offer him a new improved contract which us how alot of these approaches end up
  17. I used to like Forest, or mainly from watching the soccer 6 tournament in 1988ish but I really want them to go down now. Along with Bournemouth who I hope get less points than us. Fulham however I'd like to stay up
  18. I'm sure you're right but wasn't it Stoke fans who basically got rid of Pulis for his old fashioned, strong,aggressive, defensively organised style.
  19. Didn't he score something like 7 in 7 on Loan? Also memorable for being loaned from Wimbledon and bizarrely was able to play against them and they tried to kick the proberbial out of him.
  20. How does XG help teams win Games? It's as pointless as Mark Lawrensons predictions were
  21. Some may call me petty but I'm also quite enjoying Liverpool struggling to fill their bench with senior pros, after 5 substitutes was pretty much brought in because of Klopp moaning
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