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  1. Games should go ahead. Import security from across the commonwealth If need be, ban away fans, or play behind closed doors as a last resort.
  2. Plenty of parking now.. In regards to rearranged games, I presume the World Cup break is to protect teams with players unavailable on intnl duty like a normal intnl break but presumably if both teams agree, games can be fitted in between Nov 13Dec 18
  3. Apparently looking at Knutsen too. Part of me would like him to get a job like this to see what we might have missed out on, but on the other hand I don't want him to get a job like this and see what we might have missed out on if successful
  4. Basically it's those in charge at the FA,EFL and Prem seeing an opportunity to show their respect, hoping to be remembered in future honours lists whilst taking away the chance from 100000s of us ordinary fans to show our respects
  5. Although I disagree it's the right thing to do, I can understand tonight's game being postponed, I can understand the weekend games being postponed I can even understand if they postpone all games until the period of mourning ends But what I don't understand is why the Prem/EFL have to drip feed decisions day by day and update further in the coming days and leave match going fans in limbo. Nothing will change in the coming days, so why can't they just make a decision now, especially as it seems to be their choice not the govt.
  6. I'd say this is not showing respect, infact it's the opposite as to show respect it has to be visible. I expect all games will be cancelled this weekend, and I suspect next weekend for her funeral, but I'd like the midweek games at least to go ahead so we can all actually show respect together, rather than having to stay at home alone watching others claiming to be respectful on the news.
  7. Depends how long for,if its postponed until her funeral that could possibly be 3 Games? Fitting them in will be hard, unless played during the scheduled WorldCup break which would mean we lose Sargent. And possibly Krul. Anyway, what will be will be.
  8. Maybe it was just during halftime out of respect they switched to blank screens. I'm not even bothered to watch these games now! Hope the games go ahead tomorrow and weekend but will be surprised if they don't get cancelled.
  9. If she has a ticket for the away end we are ok
  10. Only just realised BT sport aren't showing tonight's games even though they are being played. Even if tomorrow's game goes ahead will SKY show It?
  11. Remember following Lenny Johnrose on Twitter through his fight,often with great humour,but was also heartbreaking at times, think he died only recently.
  12. Part of me would like to see how Potter gets on at a big club challenging for honours and it would be good experience with England in mind. The only issue is I'd want him to be successful, but I want Chelsea to fail miserably.
  13. That's probably true, at times last season he was our most attacking player, and drove us forward with some good runs, but his best moments tended to last 10-20 minutes and he was invisible or knackered the rest of the time. I think he's just one not suited to the English game, like RVW will probably do ok in other countries top leagues like the Dutch,Portuguese or french, not too sure how we wld do in Turkey which can be quite intense
  14. As much as we look at the Prem as a division we can not compete in and unlikely to ever compete in barring sudden large investment, the majority of the championship must look at the top 6 with similar thoughts. Parachute payments due give us an advantage over other teams, although it's also fair to say we earned that money, it wasn't just given to us by a billionaire or through dodgy dealings. Personally, I'd prefer the parachute payments to be scrapped and replaced with a new promotion bonus so that promoted teams receive an extra £50-70m to help them compete in the prem, rather than to cushion the fall after relegation. Parachute payments just protect those that have not planned for relegation, with relegation clauses in players contracts etc
  15. Ofcourse, got my Hu teams mixed up. Not a great weekend for Var/ goal line technology...I have a feeling the world cup may seem some dubious decisions with the 'new and improved' technology
  16. I actually don't mind it, but I think when any atmosphere or crowd noise is orchestrated it loses its impact so wouldn't be adverse to no music.
  17. Or the theme to Channel 4 Italian football followed by us screaming Goallllllllllazzzzooooooo
  18. Apologies if already mentioned, but apparently Huddersfield had a perfectly good goal ruled out v blackpool due to technology failure. Similar to the Villa incident 2 years ago I guess.
  19. Football, at its best is alot like making love to a beautiful woman, all those emotions, anticipation,excitement,love,lust,passion,etc Football with VAR is like necrophilia
  20. Most of the teams I see are strong,athletic,quick and hard working but lack quality We have an abundance of quality at this level but then again I think we were top under Neil Adams at this stage before falling apart .I think we do still miss a CDM, someone to do the nasty ugly stuff but that's been true a while now, but hopefully gibbs/hayden can be back soon but it's disappointing that still hasn't been addressed properly, instead we took a gamble on an injured player and a young player playing beyond his years
  21. To be fair he was only off side with the initial ball in,then fouled krul and was offside again standing directly next to krul as the shot went in..krul probably wouldn't have saved it but a player standing next to you offside has to be a distraction.
  22. Hate VAR. The VAR officials seem as reliable as boxing judges. It also doesn't help that,other than off side, hand ball and fouls can be subjective so in those cases VAR shouldn't get involved. Was good to see Oliver stick to his decision (although personally I think it was a harsh handball) Maybe it should be limited to teams having limited reviews, like in cricket, so it's only used if requested but the biggest issue is we moan about it taking 5 mins in some cases to reach a decision, yet this morning there are still disagreements on what was the right decision
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