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  1. It''s hard to see any real legends or heroes in the current squad. But then you can''t buy or create heroes they just become heroes over time with performances. Godfrey maybe if he becomes as important as tettey has been in a holding midfield role especially if he can add some hard but fair tackles and a few more goals. Kenny McLean looks like he could become a cult figure but when iv seen him one minute he reminds me of Mark fotheringham then the next a cross between Ian crook/James maddison
  2. Got it.will be in the post tomorrow mate.
  3. I got a spare if you want to pm me an address to post too...dont worry about the stamp
  4. Anyone else watch Aberdeen v hearts tonight? McLean looks a good player, great eye for a pass, long paases with the outside of his left foot or a slide rule pass assist, and great touch and can turn to create space. Not quite in hoolahan or maddison class maybe and admittedly hearts looked piss poor, but looking forward to seeing him next season. Was also good to see joe Lewis in goal not that he had much to do with naismith and lafferty to contend with..
  5. Is it just me or is he just copying what we have done? More emphasis on bringing through players from the academy because rather than spending money on seasoned pros Change of style to build from the back and pass more Manager to concentrate on football playing side leaving other parts to specific departments Highlighting Huddersfield as an example Be interesting to see where we both are this time next year
  6. Should be a good signing for the future, hopefully sign 1 or 2 sms for the first team to depending if tettey stays or not.
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