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  1. It's like a competitive reserve game so worth staying in to get minutes and confidence in players to keep them ready for the league
  2. It would be interesting to know what the 'mistakes' he admits making were that weren't sexual and physical assault.
  3. I understand moving the game is out of the clubs control but I would hope they would make some announcement about showing the first half in the stadium if not on the big screen if they can
  4. Can't help thinking this might be a Leicester/Danny drinkwater scenario with a career best season in a team vastly over achieving leading to an over rating of their ability
  5. It's easy to beat the club when we sell players at a fraction of their top valuations. Aarons and Cantwell the best example The problem is if the club sells the players at top value ie Buendia they are criticised with no ambition.. If Aarons ends up £12m that is great value for a good reliable but no more player with less than a year on his contract
  6. Assuming this goes through and it seens pretty certain Aarons has gone, just uncertain of where.. Do we think we will reinvest or are we "well covered in that position" Where would we strengthen with the money? I
  7. He's been good and consistent for us but has never given a match winning performance . Its not like selling a 20 goal a season striker. Or losing a pukki or Buendia.
  8. I like Aarons. He's consistent and never lower than a 6 but then I'm not sure he's ever much higher than a 6. It's harsh to judge him defensively as he was often left exposed but he was encouraged to get forward and hardly has any goals or assists even in the champ winning seasons so won't be a big loss. He deserves better than Southampton though.
  9. Put him in charge of the economy instead of the BoE to bring inflation down.
  10. Assuming we are lucky with injuries should be 4th. Otherwise 9th
  11. Eventually every Club will be Saudi owned then they'll vote to relocate the clubs to Saudi Arabians
  12. He's a good player. Has the quality to win games at this level. And is probably our best winger. But he doesn't want to be here. He will be a waste of space if he stays because he won't care
  13. Didn't he play one gave v QPR looking very quick and exciting ( if chaotic) style and then soat at the QPR fans. Not a player but can anyone remember the streaker in black underwear from around 1989 or 90 v QPR that's pretty obscure.
  14. I remember getting excited about Henrik Mortenson being our new striker. Think he only scored once in the Zenith Data systems cup in 1991 v Brighton. (A 5-0 win?) Also remember Colin Woodthorpe sxore in a 3-0 win v Liverpool, who didn't play may but was from an Everton supporting family Simon Charlton was just completely obscure and somehow ended up as our central defender in the prem
  15. Did we hire recruitment experts to advise us on the best recruitment experts to hire
  16. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.norfolklive.co.uk/news/norfolk-news/tearful-tributes-pour-woman-whose-7127347.amp
  17. There was. I think they may have been twins who lived in Cobham?
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11709/12463297/norwich-shortlist-frank-lampard-dean-smith-and-southamptons-ralph-hasenhuttl-for-new-boss Irrelevant now as I can't see Smith being sacked before the WC unless boro beat us 3 or 4-0
  19. We were definitely linked to him. I think it may have been on Sky sports suggesting he was on our shortlist as I recall thinking it was **** and no way would he leave them for us bottom of tge league. I always quite liked him.
  20. I really can't see Southgate taking a player he's ignored for 2-3 years now Unless he learns to play as a full back.
  21. There's a few. Waiting until Jan to but Ashton Not backing Martin O'Neil My biggest regret is the 1992 Cup semi. ,Robert Fleck ,I think broke ribs in the QF and was touch and go whether he would make the SF. Lee Power had done OK in the league, was excellent v Liverpool just before. Then we start an unfit Fleck, but don't even have Power in the bench. Maybe he was injured but I dont think so. I just see him being the hero:( if he had played ( I may be wrong but could never look back at the details too painful)
  22. Fleck and Gunn were in Scotlands 1990 squad that lost to Costa Rica I think.
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