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  1. Can't watch it at work. I work it a pub and I'm on the bar and it's obviously gonna be busy being a Friday night. I don't have sky or a sky box. If I pay for a sky day pass on my tablet I can't watch it afterwards can I?
  2. So basically I'm working 5-12ish tomorrow evening. I reckon I can get home without finding the score. But where can I watch the full game without any score spoilers? I'm looking for a site like fullmatchesandshows but with championship matches? I often use r/footballdownloads on Reddit but this week couldn't get the steel city derby so I fear i may find the same for our game against Swansea Any ideas?
  3. That link gone down for everyone else?
  4. Jarders

    QPR v West Brom.

    ffs never been so gutted to win a tenner
  5. Jarders

    QPR v West Brom.

    I stuck a tenner on Brom. Either I get £22.50 back or they drop 2 on more points. Still gonna cheering for QPR. Don't suppose anyone has a link?
  6. Jarders

    Deluded Binners

    Watched the game and saw the sign then heard the commentator mention twice about ipswich being in our shadow. Pity whoever was holding up the sign probably won''t be watching the game back to hear it.
  7. Jarders

    Arsenal v Norwich

    I had got in my head that this game was Wednesday as us and arsenal played today does this happen very often? Seen like there''s no reason to not have this game on Wednesday?

    Anyway as for up front surely Jerome won''t start as we need him at his best for the league and with Oliveria still injured who else can play up top?
  8. Jarders


    Anyone know if this game is being broadcast somewhere i cant seem to get the video on ifollow using my vpn
  9. Jarders

    Best winning bet with norwich?

    Not really a betting man but at the playoff final I put 2 quid on 2-1 to us and Cameron Jerome to score first at 48/1 had to go halves with the mate I went with as that was the deal but that pretty much paid for the best day out I''ve ever had.
  10. Jarders

    Try this

    That VIPBOX one is working for me but I can get rid of the f***in'' ads
  11. Jarders

    iFollow update

    I have an add-on on my browser that makes it think I''m in another country to watch other countries netflix programmes. I wonder if this would work for iFollow or not?
  12. Jarders

    Stream for tonight

    How does the beamback work? I''ve never been as I''ve never lived in Norwich so when ever I go its for a home game. Surely they cant just use some dodgy stream?

    If there''s a stream on this stream2watch website I wonder if it''ll be available on my kodi box.
  13. Not looking good this second half. COYY!
  14. I was wondering which Murphy was which on the new Fifa. I thought Jacob was 66 but I never knew for sure as they both just say J.Murphy and I can''t tell from the photos.
  15. Jarders

    canary player

    JUst worked out that mines working off my phone but not my laptop/tablet.