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  1. What''s green, juicy and really, really really long? The grape wall of china. If that doesn''t cheer you up then suicide really is your only option.
  2. I like the idea of Neil Adams as a sort of superhero. Like Super Loan or something. -''Christ lads, we can''t wrap up these contracts'' -''You know, this might be a job for Adams'' Then they wheel in old Neil and he wraps up a loan deal. Then he goes back to sleep in his box.
  3. Oh, well, maybe..... (change the setting, maybe a butchers) DM: I want a leg of lamb, and I''m willing to pay under the odds for it Butcher: Sorry gov, everyone is currently spending so much money on my meat. I think it''s probably because Meat is watched by several billion people every week. Prices have become ridiculously over inflated, but still everyone''s paying, because that''s what Meat is all about these days. DM: Oh yeah? Well I''m super crafty and I''ll be back and you''ll sell me that lamb Five minutes before transfer window closes. DM: Okay, you were right boss, what have you got? I''m willing to pay anything for literally anything. Butcher: Sorry mate, there''s nothing but this old manky rotten bit of pork (yuk)....It showed promise once, but you can borrow it for a year or so. DM: That''s a done deal, good man yourself. THE END Oh, am I the village idiot?
  4. McNally walks into the corner shop. Goes to buy a bag of crisps. Starts haggling with your man at the counter. DM- I''ll give you 10p YM- Er, nah mate, they''re a quid DM- I''ll give you 15p YM- Nah mate. DM- Well sure, keep the crisps, you can have one of our best players and we''ll toy with relegation instead. Ok, I''m really bad at satire. Anyone got anything better?
  5. Perhaps it would be worth organizing a meet up if we make it to the final. I for one, would not be able to afford to get over to London.
  6. It''s a bullshit term. Tickets should be made priority for the people who go to most games/spend the most money, but the constant dismissing of others who for various circumstances, simply cannot, is silly. I have no ties to Norfolk, have been to one game, but have supported Norwich since I was a hopper. If I could magic the money (Football is barley accessible to the working class), I would chew off a baby''s hand to see Norwich play Ipswich in a semi final. But I''m not a plastic. Teams like Norwich don''t have many plastics. And we should welcome extra support. It''s nice.
  7. I imagine the game(s) will be shown in the pubs up here, but wondered if there were any City fans concentrated in Dublin or Galway. T''would be lovely to watch us steamroll that lot in good company.
  8. Yesterday''s game reminded me of that match. We won the league that year. We (probably) won''t this year. But oh well. We might. And it''s only football innit.
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