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  1. Tom's dad is still a season ticket holder and regular at Carrow Rd, you can take the boy out of Norwich but never Norwich out of the boy.
  2. He spent hours in his Qushqai following Jez, real man love i guess Alex.
  3. I think his Wiki page was written by none other than True Grit.
  4. Congratulations to Diane and Wazzy, well done both on an awesome season. Wazzy, i suggest Serie A and a home win for Atalanta v Genoa (Sat 2.00pm) Diane, Scotland and home win for Cove Rangers v Berwick (sat 3.00pm) Good luck to you both
  5. League 1 for me and Bury, to well bury Port Vale please. City i see a 2-2 draw and the title coming home! Have a great bank holiday all, and good luck to our pickers. Also a big thanks to Nutty for another season of amazing work in pulling this thread together, never misses, always positive and his hard work has allowed us all to contribute in a small way that makes a huge difference to the boys and girls. Well done Eddie you are a credit to all and your efforts are appreciated by everyone on here. OTBC
  6. I do believe there will be an announcement very soon, as deal is done to sign Jordan (from a reasonable source) so he will indeed "be one of us".
  7. West Brom to beat Rotherham please. For the City bet, i fully expect Zimmerman to score anytime, after picking up his POS award. Good luck all especially FTW and ZLF. OTBC
  8. Sorry 'im late, but i will also go for a home win for Lazio. For the City bet i think Zimmerman to score last goal. Have a great easter all, and best of luck Splutcho and Hammond, OTBC
  9. Italy and Serie A, away win for Napoli (2nd) at struggling Chievo (bottom) For City a 2-1 win and Vrancic to score the last goal. Good luck all especially GMF and Daz, have a great weekend. OTBC
  10. Sunderland for me please, to win away at Struggling Rochdale. For the City bet 2-0 and Pukki to score. Best of luck to Lapps and Mr Apples. OTBC
  11. League 1 for me and a home win for Bury v Swindon is my pick for Kiwi. For Diane think this is going to be a tough game so going for a 1-2 win. Best of luck, and safe travels to those heading up North.
  12. Celtic to beat Dundee for me please. For the City bet, Pukki to find his scoring touch again and get the last goal as City win 3-0. Have a great weekend all, OTBC
  13. Really surprised so many fans getting on McLean's back, without him last night we wouldn't have won the game, his pass to Emi for the 3rd goal was sublime, couldn't see anyone else picking out that option last night, obviously the Emi flick was sensational, other than the first ten minutes when he had a slow start thought he barely put a foot wrong. Trust in Farke has to be the mantra for the rest of the season.
  14. Its Holland for me also, and Eindhoven to beat struggling Breda, seems a popular one so could be a banker (or banana skin) For city bet draw h/t City f/t Enjoy the match tonight all, and best of luck to our pickers. OTBC
  15. In hindsight i could agree with you Creative Midfielder, but at the time i accepted that we were not too concerned on the cup, strange how we can look back to a specific moment (Newcastle) and say "that's when it all changed". Was the same for me with Hughton, Southampton away made me feel it had gone on too long, the football was dire and he had to go.
  16. Scotland looking popular this week, so i will go for my home team Hearts to win v St Mirren. For the City bet, i cant see anyone beating us at the minute, so a 3-0 home win. Good luck to JF and LDC, we are in good hands. Have a great weekend all (when it comes) OTBC
  17. BYG it is on another thread "think some are looking at us with envy" but a good watch and very balanced, obviously done their homework.
  18. I think that drubbing at Newcastle destroyed his confidence, it is easy to forget he is still a young manager, finding his way in the game, timing was right for something to be done, i don't think he has been damaged by his experience and either have we as a club, so i thank him for Wembley and wish him well, i'm sure he will be around for many years to come.
  19. Scotland for me this week ! Home win for Aberdeen against St Mirren. For the city bet a hard fought 2-1 with Pukki to get both. Good luck all especially Crabby and Swindon OTBC
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