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  1. Unfortunately Josh reminds me of a certain young Ryan Jarvis at that age, showed so much promise but never seemed to quite get to the next level, and the clock is ticking as Jack Flash said, 20 next month, no longer considered a fledgling. So much want to see these young home grown players come through and establish themselves, a loan spell now would only benefit him IMO.
  2. [quote user="GPB"]I thought Redmond was outstanding on Saturday , and I agree completely that the partnership with RM was superb. Seems to me that NR is now receiving balls to run onto, which before were coming to his feet. So he had to create momentum. On Saturday a couple of passes inside the full back allowed him to use his pace to get in behind. On that display I would be gutted to see him go. [/quote] Well said GPB, sums it up, and he will only improve in time.
  3. Sounds like wishful thinking? haven''t seen or heard anything since the rumour about Liverpool before Christmas, though personally I would love Redmond to stay (not sure Liverpool need him anyway) as the best is still to come from him. Thought he had a great game Saturday with RM linking up well, we looked good down that flank, and Redmond was unlucky not to get on the score sheet.
  4. Sounding more like its going to happen, Garido is a very capable option, but any spend this window sounds like we need a CB and a LB, may have to get rid of one other with Olsson to fund.
  5. If footballers don''t suffer with a confidence thing, can someone explain what happened to Torres at Chelsea ? football is about skill and any skill can be practised, can be taught, and you cant confuse skill with natural talent. with competition for places players can over compensate and when things go wrong for them as individuals confidence (or self belief) can drain quickly. If it can happen to a Torres it can happen to anyone ? Grabban will be back.
  6. Would prefer to keep him for rest of season, then maybe, however he is one of the ones struggling with confidence, maybe AN can get that back into him, he has a great work rate but touch lets him down. Why would Eddie Howe want him back ? because he knows there are goals in him i suspect, keep him please, competition and cover for injury / suspensions...
  7. Accies wrote at 11.37am ps. don''t know if any of you guys caught the good luck at the Canaries message on the electronic pitch side advertising boards at our game yesterday I saw it good luck Alex and the canaries and good luck to Alex and Norwich, a real touch of class, well done to the Accies, hope we can send a couple of the young ones out to help, may do them good to gate game time in a fairly physical league that is not dissimilar to mid championship standard.
  8. my little girl called him Ruddy, she couldn''t make up her mind between Howson or Ruddy, so its the ruddy dog who makes a mess of things every once in a while, but he is getting better !! but had no offers for him this window...........
  9. We need Ruddy back on form, to me it just seems like a confidence thing, if that is the case then surely AN and co will be making that priority ? If he has other issues then they need to be understood by management and if affecting his game he should be dropped, has he closed his twitter account ? i was following him, but this morning can''t find him or anything about him, hope he is ok, we have named our dog after him........
  10. And he knows where the onion bag is, Sign him please Delia, we could all benefit from his gallic flair....
  11. Marshall wasn''t as good against us down there earlier in the season, and what else I have seen this season he hasn''t been as impressive as last, we will be fine 3-0 c''mon you yellows !
  12. That''s a shame !! tomorrow is all about us, start strong and finish strong and getting this season back on the right path, IMO
  13. I think Lafferty may start on the left, as he did ok when came on at Bournemouth, and didn''t get booked ! also I would not be surprised to see Bassong on the bench, so my selection would be; Ruddy SW RM MT MO NR AT BJ KL CJ GH But also sort of expecting maybe at least one surprise amongst the overall selection, cant wait for 3.00 Saturday !!
  14. "How many other new managers on their first day would have had the courage and confidence to come down to the touchline when things were getting awkward, having already said they wouldn''t get involved and leave it to people who knew the players? It is almost certain that is the reason we won that match. Start as you mean to go on - and he did. Inspiration from the word go" The paragraph above say it all for me, I cant recall a manger of any club doing that, most would have sat in the directors box, commenting on the sending off as bad luck or poor discipline or the like. No Mr Neil, he new it was a potential game changer and had the confidence that he could help, even though he hadn''t yet taken a training session with his new players, just a few words at the hotel the night previous and before the match. Once the game was won, he went round and thanked / congratulated the bench (other than one who was straight up the tunnel, and i''m sure that happened in the dressing room later) then came over to acknowledge the fans, and I for one felt something different at that time, from the players and the fans there was a feeling that was many levels above Cardiff earlier this season or even against Boro at Carra Rd a few seasons back when we came back from the dead, We are now a whole week into our new manager, he is yet to have his first home game, but I have heard, read or been told nothing that changes my mind, this man exudes confidence and passion in every interview and that is hard to ignore, he does it clearly and well measured, this could be the perfect package, he just may have it all !!how does that song go "and I just cant get enough,,,,,,,,,cough Ipswich"
  15. Haha like shadowy, not so sure about syndicate and betting, you are not running a book on it are you Purple ?
  16. Thanks, I will be doing everything I can not to mention that man again, tears even thinking about it.......
  17. Just signing in to say hello. As a huge City fan and season ticket holder (City stand, row H65/66) that also goes to majority of away games, I''m an Scot who is massively excited by the arrival of Alex Neil, although I wont pretend to have known anything about him before he joined, I am really looking forward to us having a real go in the 2nd half of this season, my belief has risen to levels not experienced since our last braveheart. So please no binner or plastic jibes as the newbie on here, I have been an observer on the forum for a long time and read most posts with interest, but felt it was time to start contributing.
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