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  1. 4 minutes ago, Greavsy said:


    Sorry Lessingham, but the minutes clearly state it would be a club appointed musician, so not sure anyone would think it would be the same drummer as randomly appeared at away games - who is part of the City Elite (Delia Out banner (sheet) brigade I understand. 

    It does also - as stated previously, seem strange to have gone from a lot of H&S checks etc to be done (rightly so) to it suddenly appearing with no consultation, or even an announcement to declare its happening, location, and to get behind them too. 

    Just seems a but half ar$ed to me. 

    Greavsy that's absolutely fine, i take your point made, i have heard the drum at away games but no idea who he is, my point was around as much as it would be nice to know when these things are happening the club isn't going to consult the OSP on every single thing it looks at, and there will be things where they may consult and the OSP  don't agree but will still be introduced, we discussed the drummer but nothing was discussed beyond what was in the minutes. 

  2. 2 hours ago, ncfcstar said:

    We were consulted about the drum.  I think the general opinion was it could be good, but needed to be done properly.  I made it clear that if they were going to do it, they shouldn't put it outside of the crowd, but in the Barclay or Snakepit, because you need people around the drummer to actually generate any sort of chant from it.  That's why it seems to work at away grounds.  I'm not sure whether that is covered in the minutes though.

    I'm sure the general atmosphere is something we could discuss at the next meeting.

    It was discussed, we didn't know the club were trialing it at the Coventry game or if it would be same drummer as has appeared at away games this season, it is certainly one of those initiatives that would be labelled in the "damned if they do, damned if they don't" categories, I took this pic on Saturday, not anyone i have seen at matches, could it be he is a former poster on here, a man of many names. ? 😎


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  3. 1 hour ago, Robert N. LiM said:

    We've come a long way from painting the away dressing room pink. Perhaps the idea is that the opposition's testosterone levels will be reduced just by looking at it.

    Maybe if we had wore it at home against Wigan, Dimi and Max wouldn't have had such heavy wacks 😉

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  4. Happened right in front of us, the scream showed how bad it was, the Wigan manage signalled to the ref straight away, he was 2-3 yards away and new it was bad instantly, there didn’t look like any intent but the Wigan player got the ball and his trailing leg got Dimi full on the ankle, doesn’t look like a quick fix and will be surprised if he is back much before Xmas.

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  5. 33 minutes ago, Greavsy said:

    Just to be clear next week's fans forum has been arranged by NCFSC, with assistance from Dan Houlker at the club. 

    The OSP (who Wolfie represents) had nothing to do with this, and it would appear nor the Hibs social either. 

    Not bashing the OSP, as now they are more established, am looking for some continued good work from them, and am keenly awaiting the agenda (possibly?) / minutes for their upcoming meeting. 


    @Greavsy, well said the fans forum has been arranged by the NCFSC with support from Dan Houlker, and has absolutely nothing to do with the OSP same with the Hibs event.  Im sure the club once the new man gets settled in will announce their plans about future fans engagement forums / meetings. i believe the club have already started to meet with various fans groups /representatives. Big steps already.

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  6. 1 hour ago, TIL 1010 said:

    Huckerby used to be in The Gunn Club before the match and give the team news at 2pm just as it had been announced but this new chap whoever he is turned up in there at the last game at 2.30pm just as everybody was leaving to go to their seats in the stadium.

    Was Robert Fleck at last match, which was a 2.00pm kick off ? Thought Flecky was well received ? 

  7. 2 minutes ago, cambridgeshire canary said:

    Look I get the dedication and I do appriciate the effort and all but.. Do they really think he want's to stay at this clown show? He has United waiting for him, and given he's said to have been stalked and harrased by some of our very own and all..


    The Irish Canaries, at most matches home and away a great bunch of lads that love the club.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, essex canary said:

    Thanks Lessingham. A good Annual Report and good to see that the Panel has been able to impress and really make its mark at the last meeting. 

    From my perspective the frustration is with senior Club Officials in that some of this stuff didn't just happen and may have been far better managed if the Chief Operating Officer post was still there or perhaps with what I suspect were much more modestly paid senior admin staff of 20 or so years ago.

    Understand your position fully Essex, you situation is one that is more unique and personal to yourself, and of course you have communicated it well with various people within the club, personally i can see both sides of your issue, and as previously stated its not something we can get involved in, the upside (if you agree) is that you do have a line of communication, even if its not your preferred option and can at least agree to disagree until such times something changes.

  9. On 03/05/2022 at 19:00, Diane said:

    Good to see the minutes were posted on here , looks like a lot of ground was covered, so well done to those members who contributed to that.

    I'm fully supportive of these guys my only suggestion would be that the 12 panel members need to advertise when they have meetings and post the minutes on all the social media outlets & various message boards, so that more fans are aware/involved, rather than just updating the pinkun posters, maybe they will take that onboard for the future.

    Hope they've enjoyed their first season & can build on that for next season.

    @Feedthewolf @ncfcstar@Lessingham Canary





    Thanks Diane, a lot of ground has been covered, but barely scratched the surface so far, guess that was always going to be the challenge for a new panel, not that anyone needs reminding, in our first year we have seen too many changes in club staffing within roles that interact with the OSP, we have had BK8, winter wonderland, Tap Gate, The Crouch Report, Mountaineering announcements and less than satisfactory football to watch, in many ways it has been a baptism of fire.

    Agree we could possibly do more in keeping the wider fan base aware / involved, also agree that it should not just be on here, we are planning to have our own meeting as a panel ahead of the next meeting with the club in July and can certainly add that to our list, as well as having a social media expert on the panel, we have a PR guru, an ex FA employee to mention but a small selection (all true fans) that make for a really committed and supportive panel of members that represent many facets of the NCFC fan base.

    With the new head of supporter engagement imminent and a clearer line of responsibility within the club in terms of Zoe Ward and Sam Hall for ongoing involvement with the panel i believe that the 2nd year will be a lot better structured and therefor more productive.

    @ncfcstar @Feedthewolf will add anything they feel i have not mentioned that is relevant.

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  10. 40 minutes ago, Jambomo said:

    It’s strange because I was thinking this earlier reading another thread, no fans are really happy because everyone has a “place” and there is no real competition anywhere. 

    From what I can see fans at mid-table EPL teams aren’t happy either because every year is still a battle to either a) not get relegated or mainly, just to finish a place or two higher than last year - in the knowledge that there is a ceiling as to how high they are likely to go.

    I live in Scotland and am also a fan of a club up here. We have seen for years the damage the lack of competition can do, the financial dominance just leads to gloryhunting fans, that leads to increased financial dominance because they buy into big teams and not local side.

    The result is that outside Rangers and Celtic, utterly nobody up here gives a toss who wins the league and virtually all interest in it is gone. The best thing to happen in recent years was St Johnstone’s cup double. 

    When you leave nothing real to play for, what is the point? I felt that some of the better times as a Hearts fan was when we were in the championship and actually had something to win. Mid table mediocrity is actually very dull.

    I guess winning without risk of really losing can also be that way but I wouldn’t know, all my teams are basically rubbish 🤣

    This, by a PHM ! football in Scotland has suffered for years at the hands of the ugly sisters, we are now seeing it in England and the threat of implosion in football is real, Leicester winning the league was akin to St Johnstone but alas will be a very a rare occurrence.

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  11. 19 minutes ago, NewNestCarrow said:

    "SH explained that a person does not have to have committed a criminal act for the club to issue a ban if the behaviour of the fan goes against club values."


    I think the club needs to be especially careful in this area.

    Example, someone (or more) clearly went against club values (please show me wheree these values are formally codified?) by making a commercial partnership with BK8, yet we are unaware of any sanction taken against those who were responsible.

    Meanwhile, apparently, supporters that mock other football fans are subject to sanction.

    @NewNestCarrow Maybe a read of the supporters charter on the club website will explain ? 

  12. 40 minutes ago, hogesar said:

    Surely with your experience you'd be more aware than most that these guys are volunteers, and perhaps don't have the time available on top of the commitments they've already got, to reply to each individual on a public forum? Especially when my understanding is they'll publish minutes as and when, which will give everyone access.

    The minutes should be on the club site later this afternoon. 

  13. 8 hours ago, Greavsy said:

    Thanks as always @Lessingham Canaryfor your response. 

    I will reserve my judgment until the minutes come out, hopefully Monday. I tend to find though the larger the organisation the quicker the minutes are issued, having worked for companys far larger than NCFC over the years. It's a fans forum, you're not setting the next 5  seasons club objectives.

    As Wolfie has said we are all passionate about our club, even those that arent in the privileged position of being on the OSP and being more ITK. 

    I just think, personally, that customer interaction either direct or via the OSP is poor to non existent, and that's exactly what the panel was set up to eradicate. I was at the initial zoom meeting when it was discussed. 

    So what was discussed at the `atmosphere` meeting the OSP attended? 

    Have there been other undeclared osp meetings? 

    And if so are the minutes freely available? 


    Oh Dear @Greavsy you really are passionate about our club, i'm not convinced of that, you seem to be looking at every possible way of having a dig at the club, and with regard to the OSP im not sure if its jealousy on your part against the people who are on it, or just another attempt to undermine and discredit the club? if you feel you would be up for joining the OSP then your chance will come, as you know.

    you said "I just think, personally, that customer interaction either direct or via the OSP is poor to non existent, and that's exactly what the panel was set up to eradicate" that is not what it was set up for at all, in simplistic terms, it is purely to act a sounding board for the club, which is why i guess when you hear quotes from other fan groups on topics, such as the drum, we are not part of it, and wouldn't expect to be.

    The "atmosphere" meeting you mentioned was a meeting for several of the fan groups to discuss fans returning to the stadium in full numbers, and how flags were not allowed owing to restrictions at that time.

    Like the rest of us you will see the OSP minutes on the official website soon, where everyone will have access and i'm sure you will in your own imitable style critique. 

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  14. 27 minutes ago, Greavsy said:

    Dare I ask you too share what what discussed?  Had the issue of the drum not been raised we, the fans, the people the OSP represents wouldn't have known about the meeting. Makes me wonder how many others there have been. 

    I stand by my closed shop comment. 

    Thanks for the reply Gordon, but I really caanntt see why minutes take so long to be issued.. 

    Patience @Greavsy just waiting on Sue Gray to sign off for distribution, regarding timescales most large organisations take longer but I’m sure they will get quicker as we move forward.

  15. 10 minutes ago, TIL 1010 said:

    Gordon the article today published by Archant was specifically about the drum and they turned to their usual suspects for quotes on the matter but then the club went on to bring the OSP into the mix .

    Til, I hadn’t seen the article until about 15 mins ago, not sure why or who at the club mentioned OSP as we haven’t been involved in that one, will ask the question. 

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  16. 9 hours ago, Greavsy said:

    The article states....

    the club is working with its supporters panel and fan groups to create a better atmosphere at Carrow Road on match days.

    are @Feedthewolf @Lessingham Canary @ncfc star able to comment on this, in the continued absence of the minutes.

    @Greavsy I can confirm the drum was not on our agenda, we have been at a meeting a while back where the atmosphere was discussed, but the drum was not in the mix.

    The minutes should be out over the weekend / Monday, just the task of getting the relevant sign off.

  17. 9 minutes ago, Greavsy said:

    Thanks Lessingham, appreciate the insight, and look forward to seeing the output from future meetings. 

    From the outside you must admit it a complete sea change where prior to the  last meeting (the OSPs first one) there was pages and pages of questions and issues that people wanted raised, instigated by a thread an OSP member started and had pinned, to now, when no such request for items to be raised has been made. And indeed when the question of 'have the OSP been involved in ST renewal discussions' it was met with a 'I can't answer that'. Not the way, I as an outsider, feel a representative body who claims to represent the fans should be acting. 

    As I said I do appreciate your response and clarity, however it's just a shame, in my opinion, that the OSPs actions have only been publicly declared following a discussion on here. 

    Anyways let's move on, and I look forward to seeing outcome of the next meeting when the minutes are issued, together with any further comments the panel can make at that time. 


    @Greavsy , i'm sure all things will come in time, the challenge is the OSP is simply a collective of people invited to be a sounding board, which could be argued is progress. Since its formation the panel as a whole are keen to offer more than that, as they feel such a channel can add real value. Unlike other official groups where there will be a constitution in place which  gives them a framework to work within, in simplistic terms they have a good governance practice with all the parameters agreed in writing, which of course brings responsibility and accountability for all.

    We are a long way of that, and maybe we will get to that (maybe we wont) and that in turn will give a voice as well as an ear, and of course an opportunity to have communication flowing between all.

    I would stress, its not a reluctance of the club or panel members to make this work in everyone's interest, we are 6 months in (2 full meetings) changes in key personnel at the club, pandemic etc, we are it seems to those watching not moving anywhere at any pace, but on reflection both with our set up and what we have seen at other clubs, we are making progress (albeit slowly) and that is a credit to those who are on the panel and the club management. 


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