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  1. Yeah, I’ve never understood why they aren’t considered as fouls and yellow-card worthy, they are potentially dangerous.
  2. I doubt anyone briefed the media. It’s not exactly hard for them to see he’s not playing and make up a story that Chelsea aren’t happy about it. Given that in the end they were happy for him to stay and Gilmour was happy to stay, did in fact knuckle down and rode it out. Fine, we know he did not get on well here, there’s no need to make **** up about it.
  3. I think the truth is the lack of money is starting to bite. Everyone points to the money spent last season but the truth is that Premier League teams spend that on one or two players, not 5 or 6, and they spend the same over a number of windows, not just one. I think the team is a bit stale now and it’s harder to get good players in to make the difference.
  4. It can be both things at once though, both parties can be to blame. Whilst it might certainly be the case that the organisation was poor and it’s bad management from the French authorities, whoever thinks that scaling fences, turning up with fake tickets and charging through gates is anywhere near acceptable behaviour, and didn’t contribute to a bad situation, needs to rethink. I think the problem for Liverpool is that whilst not all bad fan behaviour is caused by Liverpool fans, Liverpool fans seem to find themselves caught up in bad fan behaviour more often than not. The rush from the media to always try to protect and absolve them of blame only makes things worse - I’d have more sympathy with what happened last last night if they felt some responsibility for buying fake tickets and trying to charge into the ground.
  5. We have tried to compete but that’s the problem, without money you simply can’t. Everyone points to how we spent all that money last summer but the good teams in the PL spend that kind of money EVERY summer. That’s how you build PL teams, over time with one or two big signings every year. Because we can’t afford that, the one season we get money, we were trying to buy too many players to get proper quality - hence gambles on the likes of Normann who was injury prone or Tzolis who is very young. For all our failings on the pitch, at least we aren’t worried about whether our club will still exist next season, unlike Burnley who look ****ed.
  6. If you read the article as well, they have referred at league and international level (Champions league, AFCON).
  7. I think it’s much worse that you see women being selected and jump to tokenism tbh instead of thinking that maybe they HAVE earnt it.
  8. I am sure they are good enough to be there or they wouldn’t be. In the same way Taylor and Oliver are there and dross like Friend or Hooper isn’t. It would be worse for everyone if they turned up and weren’t up to it in some way.
  9. Few football fans in Scotland apart from Rangers fans, want a Rangers victory. It’s like cheering Man Utd or Liverpool in a Champions league final. Nightmare, will here about it for ****ing years if they win.
  10. Rogic is a good player but he never seems to be able to manage a full game. I always seem to watch games where he gets subbed - either on or off. The Scottish Prem is more physical than people give it credit for but if he can’t play a full 90 up here, he’ll never manage a full 90 in the Championship.
  11. I work in an area where people are measured with metrics in a not too dissimilar way. The one thing we constantly try to drive is that stats like XG should never be looked at in isolation but along with qualitative evaluation as well. Actually looking at the quality of what is measured is important because just looking at stats alone can be misleading. There was one game, Villa v Spurs, where Villa’s XG was a lot more than Spurs but Spurs won the game 4-0. Stats alone can lead you to make a lot of incorrect assumptions and bad judgements. So whilst the clubs will use these stats, they will almost certainly be looked at alongside other evidence as well. Never on their own.
  12. I think the main thing is that his style of football just doesn’t work well in the pL and that’s a big problem. What we’ve done is embedded his philosophy and then see it simply not work or need changed once we went up. This isn’t any use because players are in used to playing that style and are bought for that purpose. You need someone who can be pragmatic and win the Championship playing football that has some chance of working in the PL, not necessarily brilliant but effective enough that you can keep the continuity between Championship football and Premier League.
  13. Scotland have a qualifier at the end of a month and we have enough injured players already. Hoping it’s not a bad one.
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