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  1. I think it''s very difficult for young players to get the experience they need unless, of course, they are exceptionally talented and it shows from an early age. Harry Kane didn''t look anywhere near the player he is now when he came to us a couple of seasons ago, but had the luxury of going back to Spurs and training with their stars. Our youngsters on the other hand train in and around a very good and capable group of players, I think it is fair to say that we don''t have any out and out stars, who we can''t afford to drop for a game or two in order to give the younger players the necessary experience. I think good young players shine when they play in a side with other good, experienced, players with the ability to cover for their mistakes. When we send our youngsters out to play in poor lower league sides I don''t necessarily think that this helps with their development. It is, unfortunately, your typical catch 22, they need the experience, but they also need to be playing alongside better players than Yeovil have to offer.
  2. Ok, so that was an epic fail! There was a very nice picture on there when I pressed the post button!
  3. You mean these two,Looks like they''re heading off for a night down Prince of Wales street!
  4. I think that we have the players in the squad to make this system work. It''s a system that does require at least one of the three central defenders to be comfortable carrying the ball out from defence and into the midfield. That player for me would be Martin, however, based on current form I wouldn''t like to try and find the other 2 centre halves to partner him. As for wing backs, I''d pick Olson and a fit E Bennett (I think this role would suit him, he''s more capable defensively than Redmond whilst still being able to carry an attacking threat from the wide position). Playing this system however does mean that you may not be able to play the likes of Redmond, Murphy or Hoolahan, but it certainly offers food for thought.
  5. Hi, this is my first post, so go gentle please guys. I personally think Elliot Bennett would make a good right wing back and think that we have the players in the squad to play a 5-3-2 system with Olson as the left wing back. This would also allow Martin to continue as more of a central defender with any 2 of our myriad of centre halves partnering. It also allows for two strikers, which seems to work better for our players, and the likes of Howson to break from midfield. We''ve tried it a couple of times this season but more often than not out of desperation rather than design.
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