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  1. I suspect that Madders would want Man U to buy some more players before he would go there. They are in a  bit of disarray, and why go to somewhere like that at the moment? He's thriving at Leicester and you could argue that Leicester are 'better' than Man U, currently.

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  2. That's all well and good Gareth, thank you, and you have inadvertently highlighted some bad driving and I urge you to send this footage into the authorities at your earliest chance. At 1.16 you have a white van man recklessly reversing at some speed, and then at 1.45 you can spot some drivers going along at the speed of light. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, BobLoz3 said:

    I think we have to get over the Man City result and just concentrate on moving forward now.

    This Premier League lark is completely baffling to me at the moment, though. Here's a couple of examples... Firstly, we absolutely play Newcastle off the park and they put in an inept performance. But then later the same day, I watch Palace play and they were even worse than Newcastle.

    The very next week, Palace beat Man Utd and Newcastle somehow beat Tottenham???!!!

    We then put in probably the worst performance I've seen from us under Farke at West Ham. Have an international break (our favourite time) and come back to beat the Champions of the Premier League.

    It's completely bizarre and I don't think anyone can safely predict what will happen next!

    I don't think any team can take another for granted. If  opposing managers haven't done their homework on us thus far then they should not be Premier League managers. To suggest that they don't think we're dangerous or have good players is a bit daft. They will be more than aware of this. That's their job.


    West Ham 0 Man City 5

    West Ham 2 Norwich 0

    Norwich 3 Man City 2

    All within a month (ish) 

  4. 7 hours ago, KiwiScot said:

    Not being a regular match goer I didn't realise that(until I worked at Ibrox) a number of people do die from heart attacks at football matches. The tension and sudden excitements just lend to it.

    A sad day for the persons family and the result is immaterial. Try standing up at the funeral and saying that it is ok, because Norwich won. Football doesn't matter at such times.

    KS, my point was that the person (he?) was doing something they really liked doing, when their 'time' came, not because of the win.