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  1. The 'Dominic Cummings' is now a golf term. It means a really long drive, that goes out of bounds, but there's no penalty.
  2. It's; Now you're nit picking..............
  3. Yep, they are trying to dissect the semantics of it all. It's meant to be so straightforward that any of the great unwashed could interpret the rules simply. Millions put the country before their own interests. that has been totally flipped now. Boris just doesn't appreciate what he could have in his lap (take the country forward, no credible opposition) as he seems on such self implosion. We were talking the other day that Starmer, if he plays it right, could push and push Boris and the whole country would eventually benefit from a robust political challenge. At this rate, he may just need to sit back in his deckchair, sipping his Pina Colada.
  4. Three quarters of the population and people from all aspects of the political spectrum think he did wrong and should go. It's not to 'get' him from any particular angle
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-52835982 Is it a breach? If it is, it doesn't matter if it is minor or major
  6. No one can categorically prove the eyesightgate to a legal definitive. It's just nobody I have heard in my life, would take their wife ( on her birthday) and child on a 50 mile round trip if I was testing my eyesight. I would not go that far, and take a break at a beauty spot, if I was that keen on getting back to support the Country. He makes 'critical' decisions every day, but please don't say that he would be emotionally overwhelmed with making a decision about his family. It doesn't take a couple of hours round trip to decide if you can drive 4 hours. Which doctor gave him the go ahead? Was it a zoom type appt? Diagnosis? Conversation? Was it his own doctor? I guess, with his position, he might not have to wait a fortnight like the great unwashed. Most people waited to hear what Cummings had to say before making their minds up, and most of us know when we are being taking the P out of, LDC. Like you said, the more you analyse it, the more stupid it looks. He himself said he makes lots of mistakes a day. He's in the wrong job with so much at stake, would you not think?
  7. Apologies if this has already been posted. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/26/dominic-cummings-boris-johnson-terrified-sack-him
  8. I didn't say it was a joyride. What I was implying was that he used it as a reason to give his family an advantage when he realised that if he had played by the rules he 'may', because he seconded guessed if his wife puking up that morning was getting Covid (If so, why did he return to work and risk people to exposure?) have to stay in London?. His niece was very understanding that the reason her cousin was brought up to her, for childcare, was because Cummings thought he and/or his wife have/or had symptoms of Covid. That morning his wife was ill, and yet he still drove her all the way to Durham that evening. the next morning Cummings was very ill (he said he clearly had Covid symptoms, but he's never been tested to confirm) . No one is immune from it, no matter what age. You'd take the same risk with your niece I take it? As has been said the child rules were not for those who 'might' get Covid. Durham was not Cummings primary residence, additional pressures on communities, etc etc. No problem with anyone wanting to put their kids first before country, but , on this unique situation, millions have put country before their kids.
  9. The child was used as a convenient excuse (as was the 'threats' outside his house). If the situation was much further down the path with illness etc then a hospital would have come in too play. He was happy to have his son and niece in a crappy cottage 260 odd miles away. If his son suddenly got worse, with Cummings back in London, what would have happened then?
  10. Well that is what the great unwashed were trying to do. That is what Cummings told everyone to do (even those with kids to try and get sorted). People were self isolating but also social distancing IF they HAD to go out. Cummings was taking a gamble on his nieces life.
  11. So, other rules were superfluous then? That's all people needed to do was to self isolate. The risk of having hundreds of thousands of cars driving up and down the motorways (one example) could, potentially have created a sheite fest for all sorts of people at the height of the virus. Not everyone can travel nigh on 600 miles with a 4 yr old kid with 'perhaps' one petrol stop and one toilet break and remained safe to all others.
  12. If you took one case/person then the risk would be minimal , but still present. If a few million other people decided to take similar actions, what would you have said then?
  13. What Cummings has done is put Family before Country, which , on the face of it no one would normally argue. But this is a global pandemic. Those rules (which Cummings was responsible for) were laid out to reflect the exact opposite of that. Other people have followed those rules and put Country before Family and suffered irreparable trauma.
  14. It would be LDC, if what he said hasn't been challenged with contradictions and exposes of what he said. Why not take a test drive round his family's large estate, rather than a public road? (That's just one example). Cummings said he makes lots of mistakes every single day (who doesn't make a mistake a day?) If he is that bad , then perhaps he is in the wrong job?
  15. If the senior Govt Advisor hadn't taken that journey, there would be no frenzy. The style of the frenzy (distancing) was wrong, but not the pursuit of the truth and the exposure of the hippocratic story.
  16. My tear ducts leaked at a Norwich game
  17. It'll be interesting to see how many Championship cases are announced today.
  18. Same here Kio. One of my best mates , is a Leeds fan, and a top man. I have had one particularly memorable 'social' weekend there, which has generated more stories over that 3 day period than most in my life. The thing is, Leeds know this is the last chance for them to get to the PL (Promised Land?) because they know their manager and 'star' players won't be in the Championship for next season and because it is looking shaky atm, they think the whole World is against them (yawn) and it's everyone else's fault. Tedious .
  19. Lowfields. I see that Bournemouth have a player tested positive for Coronavirus. Please, as I am sure you have done on many occasions already, go back on their fans forums and give them a piece of your conspiratorial mind
  20. I did have a small giggle at him cracking that morally superior pedestal.
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