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  1. I haven't read through every single thread on the membership thread, so this may already have been answered, but was anyone on here consulted as the Club have stated, about this new scheme? Does anyone know someone who was consulted? Trying to see on what platform people were consulted and how it (new membership)was presented?
  2. Crabbycanary3

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    Quelle surprise. We play Liverpool and Man City away. We also play Sheff Utd/Burnley/Southampton/Villa yada yada at home So does everyone else. Let's have a roight good goooo
  3. Even with a hangover he looks like he'll give De Bruyne the run around....................
  4. We might have a (small) chance of scoring more penalties next season (if little Norwich get awarded any of course) , with a new rule change https://www.90min.com/posts/6371766-premier-league-six-confirmed-rule-changes-to-come-into-effect-in-2019-20?fbclid=IwAR1TNoRiQeadlLgz69j7M_RpvWUol7EHBlDBSrrWjIlSd4sHpqTdzCvJ3Nc
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    TK has signed a contract and is stopping here
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    Sunday Supplement

    FLDC Love in. For those that do not know, the Sunday Supplement is a programme on Sky where Journalists sit around a table (which has a plate full of croissants/fruit etc, that they never are seen eating, but that is not the main point of this thread....) and chew on the latest stories in football. I haven't seen it for a while so I have no idea if they have previously been extolling the virtues of our fine team but what they have been discussing this morning is the play off final, and going on about FLDC and his powers of 'motivation' at half time vs Leeds (Some may have called it s*** or bust/tactical awareness or Leeds imploding but they decided to focus on motivation as being the turning point in the game and that FL is destined for bigger jobs than Derby, because of that. I don't actually mind if they talk about FL, but to base it on motivation is lazy journalism imo. The fawning of FL will happen again and again if Derby go up of course. That I actually do not mind , as long as they give credit to better performing, inexperienced, managers, who have had less to work with (Oh well, in my dreams). One of the journos said that the Leeds/Derby game was high octane (No s*** sherlock) and high quality (?) and looked like a top half Premier League game! To call that game the other night a top half Prem game, means I have already checked my passport to make sure it is in date for season 2020/21 as I see a european adventure coming on.
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    Penalties in the Prem

    Officials will be much more stringent when it comes to penalty kicks next season as keepers must have at least part of one foot on or in line with the goal-line when the spot kick is taken. In addition to this, keepers will also be prohibited from moving on the goal-line or from touching their goalposts.
  8. Crabbycanary3

    Perfect Season?

    Please post ONE thing that has made this season perfect. Please don't repeat what others have said, and let's see how far this can go I'll start with the obvious; Us winning the League
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    Anyone got an account on there and can share the thoughts?
  10. Crabbycanary3

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Yes, I understand that, but when our guys can find a Buendia/Zimmerman/Stieppermann/Leitner then are we forward thinking etc in digging these jewels up, and lots of other clubs are just not sharp enough at the moment with their recruiting?
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    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    So, it's either the 5th or 6th place team that gets promoted. The Play-offs are great for the neutral
  12. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    BREAKING NEWS The Premier League have launched an appeal against the result as they SO wanted Leeds back in the top league
  13. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Don't forget that Leeds hit the bar when they were 2-0 up in the 1st half. How unlucky have they been...............
  14. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Leeds fans looks like he had something in his eye
  15. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Bradley Johnson to score the winning penalty?
  17. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    That looked offside to me
  18. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Leeds ARE falling apart again!
  19. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Kevin Friend - 4th official
  20. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    LOVE IT!!!!!
  21. Crabbycanary3

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Keepers fault that imo
  22. Crabbycanary3

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Sounds good Bethnal. Regarding Cantwell, what do people think is his best position, also bearing in mind the way we play?
  23. Crabbycanary3

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    What about Christoph Zimmerman though?
  24. Crabbycanary3

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    Sources have said that our signing of Jordan Rhodes looked straight forward but it has taken a few twists and turns. At one stage it looked like they'd given it the green light, but it may have hit a dead end.