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  1. One of the best things for some to realize is that you can't bully a virus. That applies across not only to Virgil, but the whole social spectrum, but some numbnut's testosterone levels still attempt to do just that.
  2. I presume people have seen the Leeds fans who are playing the emotional card that the likes of us are using the Covid as a ready made reason to duck out of relegation and yet conveniently forget that they completely disintegrated , last season, in a similar position to where they find them selves now. They act like their season has finished and they must be declared champions now.
  3. It's truly pathetic and downright shameful, some of the things the authorities are coming out with.
  4. Would it help if they had jumpers for goalposts also? It may help in the containment of the virus. All it would need is an honest goalkeeper, to judge if shots went in, or over the 'bar'. The player's Mums could take it in turns to be the arbiter of time (they could bring their own spoons and pans to bang), thereby cutting down on essential staff at the games.
  5. Blimey kg, I know it's parochial down there , but I can't remember either Redruth or Camborne supporters having two heads or just one eye (actually, that last bit may be true, especially when they are playing at home )
  6. Ditto Til. I have seen the odd retro game on BT/Sky and that's been ok (saw Coventry v Spurs 87 Cup Final the other day, and that was good) , but I haven't been pining for them at all. Isn't one of the channels showing Euro 96 some time soon?
  7. I think we would have had a great chance of winning it. It would only have been Newcastle, I'm sure.
  8. Even on this forum, there have been a few solutions put forward, and each of them have shown they have pros and cons. That alone shows there is no correct solution, which, and it would come to it if necessary, in legal terms, means the only winners will be Lawyers! The virus is in the driving seat here, but we all know , that because of today's date and fixture/tournament schedules over the next 12-15 months means that the only way forward is to scrap everything, thereby everyone 'loses' and there are no 'winners'. In this current scenario you can't have winners AND losers
  9. And as if on cue; https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52475052
  10. I think you could replace that word with 'money' or 'arrogant' and it would be more appropriate.
  11. We're not going to roll over and conform to being 'Little Old Norwich' or a 'lovely' family Club. Aside from all the other Clubs who are in relegation positions etc (Bournemouth are in the relegation zone, by 1 goal difference) just because we are bottom, we are not going to stand aside without a fight, and if we (all teams) fight , then the EPL will not want any legal fight, as that will cost time (which no one has in football terms, or money). I would be surprised if they got to a situation where the 14+ teams decide who will go down and the future impact/relations that particular decision would have (The title is another thing)
  12. Again, cannot disagree with that sentiment king, but the key word here is 'likely'. It cannot be used to determine anything.
  13. Can't argue with that kg, but imagine if you were in Villa or Bournemouth's shoes with any formula? What about this also; https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52493894
  14. A Pools panel type decision cannot be made. Too much money/potential personal liability at stake. Someone told me (I haven't checked this myself) that Villa wouldn't have got promoted last season (at a similar stage)if things then , had to be worked out PPG? There are too many examples of Clubs going on a run etc, for it to be just taken as such. I am not necessarily talking about us btw, but anything is possible. Football is not important, and the sway of money is the only thing that is delaying the £ hungry authorities the balls(and morals) to make a decision. It's May the 1st and we are a long way away from ensuring that football can go ahead, with all necessary safety processes in place.
  15. Oh please. This is not a nursery. There was plenty of scope for Theoklitis to rectify a high/bouncing ball. Otsemobor was not his minder.
  16. I have always disliked canned crowd noise on any football report. Even when Carlisle are playing away at Plymouth and score, you'd think they'd just won at Wembley. The thought of watching my team, in a near empty stadium, in a game that is supposed to mean something, just doesn't get the excitement juices flowing. The only reason I'd watch is for an initial morbid curiosity, as opposed to a foaming at the mouth fan (like what I normally is ). The pitch microphones would also have to be at their sharpest, to cut out fruity language.
  17. It's not the fact that they may well respect social distancing, it's the message it sends out to many other people around the country and the fallout from that. Here's one of those classic 'I hope I am wrong' posts but the lockdown is until next Thursday (atm) , so I hope that this easing that people are obviously undertaking, will not be too soon and the virus will come back for a 2nd wave. People need to take personal responsibility and not pass the buck onto the Govt, and look for loopholes. Just because you can, doesn't mean you 'have' to
  18. Disagree. Even watching Theoklitos hesitate because he didn't know if Lisbie was going to get the first touch, there was still time for him to adjust. His miscalculation was horrible for that standard.
  19. I had been working that weekend in Manchester and had to stop off at THE Farm Shop, on the way back, to try and get the score.
  20. Of course, LDC, it was an impossible back pass, that no goalkeeper in the World could be expected to deal competently with.
  21. Did you measure the person pre lockdown?
  22. Bloody stupid. The thing is that (akin to Trump's bleach speech) the great unwashed will think it's ok to go out and do 'exercise' in numbers, because Arsenal are doing it, even though they won't be aware of all the restrictions around it. We are in the middle of a 3 week lockdown. Why do arrogant Arsenal think today is the time to go training? Why not last Monday? Why this particular day? What do they know that the rest of the country don't ? Set a bleeding example and stay at home.
  23. I have an adult ticket stub for the Jarrold Stand (one of the more expensive areas?) for a game in Oct 2006. It was £18. I guess the Barclay and N & P would have been slightly cheaper (say £16?) for that day. If so, that narrows the gap between what a season ticket holder saved, against trying to get a casual ticket, in those days (obviously a lot easier than in the Prem), so the gap wasn't as big as you perceive.
  24. On a similar theme (I wasn't born when the Leicester game took place btw), I was there; in the Barclay (and in line with) Fash's goal vs Liverpool What other NCFC related "I was there" moments have people experienced?
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