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  1. What's the magic number which prompts the "Too many positive tests" conversation? I would start at 1, if it derives from football related activities.
  2. People haven't missed the point pearsos, it (people's safety) has been discussed on a lot of chats on here. It's just we are making comment on the PL's insistence to pursue a plan (which you can't actually criticise them for), it's more the substance and execution of it, which is what is happening here. Time will unravel all , very soon.
  3. I would presume that any (already done) deal would come with caveats, and those would be enabled. The TV companies are rightly precious about their investment,so marketing say, Aston Villa is a lot more fruitful than Burton Albion.
  4. Absolutely. A watering down of their product.
  5. Oh absolutely MP, I am just saying the amount won't be as favourable on first viewing. How would they EFL look upon it also with less teams (especially those being the 3 previous season's EPL teams) for their own income streams?
  6. I can't see that there would be 82 more live games. Where would they fit them into the (current) TV schedule? There may be a few more (odd midweek for example) but what kick off times could they add? They may clash with other games, possibly, but that would water down the other fixture(s) viewing figures . May be extra revenue, but not significant, I would say.
  7. Totally agree. Any court process (coupled with appeals) could delay next season by months The PL are blustering at the moment, thinking they can brow beat teams. Their arrogance will be the beating of themselves.
  8. 'They' being Leeds fans as well, but their self inflated reputation and status, won't allow them to concede this.
  9. Imagine the Leeds fan's concerns at the first Norwich player to get the virus. They'll be shouting for an independent (North Yorkshire) Doctor to do another test.
  10. I didn't realise that football is determined by hunches and who shouts loudest. Who knew?
  11. You're younger than I imagined........
  12. Bingo! FML. Should we all take a sentence each here?
  13. Where have I challenged/questioned you on any part of this subject? I'll save you the time, I haven't, so 90% of your post is irrelevant. It's YOU that we have sussed (had to highlight those words, as you patently have not understood) . Your narcissist behaviour is palpable, and your faux empathy is as transparent as the waterways in Venice.
  14. I haven't offered any opinion on this subject yet, so,as a consequence you can claim whatever you like in regards to substance. language skills or knowledge. Doesn't mean I haven't read it, understood German, or don't have an opinion, does it? The beauty of how social media works is that it allows everyone to have an opinion. I don't think you quite get that. I commented because other posters on here had sussed, and called, you out. So, it's not only me who has the same opinion of you, but is that because we are all xenophobic, uneducated, single language racists? To save you presuming anything else, for your agenda, I have worked in 2 countries already this year, many thousands of miles apart, and worked with Indians, Iranians, French, South Africans and Kiwis (I must admit, I was grateful that they all spoke English, phew!) and even though my Dad is dead, I bet he was bigger than your Dad.
  15. It's not abuse. It's calling you out for what you are. Smugly superior? The irony meter has just broken.
  16. Abuse? There are none so blind as those who will not see. People are just wise to you. I was, a few years ago. Others have joined the party.
  17. One not thing. Missed it again. Or did you choose to ignore it............?
  18. But some of your old habits just can't be shaken off though. Lol
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