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  1. Agree sonyc. I also have not looked at the Brexit thread for a few years now.
  2. You think I am more concerned about style over substance, just because I haven't given you some answers? Like I said before, you have one eyed view of things, to suit your pseudo concerns for the UK. If you understand my messages, don't use the substance argument to try and curry points scoring, as you have previously. To use your own words, perhaps, myself and others are just 'punters' and others may know more about subjects (Coronavirus?) than some, and we 'may' not have any thing of substance to what has already been commented on. There's one train of thought for a start, hey? You show your total ignorance in that last paragraph. Don't presume. I have said, you're probably an ok person really, but you desperately crave validity and recognition to bolster your own self worth. I presume (?) you are a member of a lot of other (non football) forums where you would get a wider response to subjects such as Coronavirus and Brexit, than you do on a Norwich City FC fans forum?
  3. FML, here you go again. I can't keep pointing out the same things over and over again but you don't actually read what I say, because it doesn't suit your agenda, and you are too far down the track with this to change it. Get your numerous intelligent humerous friends and colleagues to try and explain. You know, I did ignore how you were talking a few years ago, as I genuinely thought you were too young in Worldly ways but having seen some of the stuff you have put out recently, I choose not to ignore this, as you have not progressed at all (again this is NOT about your views). I've underlined and put into bold, the word NOT to try and get it through to you. I have not challenged/agreed/disagreed with your views. That , I know, will dilute your rant somewhat, but that's your problem, not mine. You have no idea, but make numerous presumptions, on mine and others views as some of us have not given you substance, but we don't have to (you don't comment on certain other posts, is it because you agree with the poster or accept 'superior/informed' knowledge?) , but bizarrely that seems to give you the right to form an opinion on what we must think. Not everything is black and white T. You have no idea what we do away from this message board in our lives, but this hasn't stopped you making accusations, derogatory remarks and sweeping statements to try and validate your thoughts, but you go too far with these and that certainly takes away your credibility. You could choose to ignore me/scroll by, of course, that is your perogative, but that would go against your remit of always striving to seek further enlightenment/education from others, would it not, or have I got that wrong? If you feel you are not getting much support on here or you strongly feel you are dealing with a lot of racists, xenophobes etc etc, then there are plenty of other forums for people of similar views to yours, which you may prefer. You have this overwhelming desire to spread your word, which you are entitled to do, but a football forum, that a minute percentage of the British population uses, may not be the best platform for you, just saying. Having been on here for a few years, you really must be pulling your hair out?
  4. I've asked that very question before, and (s)he doesn't want to name anybody because (s)he know what that could lead to
  5. No, that is not what I have ever said or even hinted at. For you to say anything approaching that is a perfect example of the person you are. You know, fundamentally you might be an ok person in real life, but you are desperate to be recognised and when people don't immediately climb on board , or throw up a challenge, with your opinions, you can't handle it, and push the limits, and step over them at times. I'm just calling you out, I am not the only one. When you resort to comments like "Clearly a lot here would rather just people died than hear the truth", you clearly have no moral boundaries, and you lose the respect you pursue with other opinions, so do not give me this faux lecture on who or what you think my problems are with.
  6. That's a fair comment CG. I haven't (to my knowledge!) had any problems with anyone on here, and I have knocked around here for a few years now. I do not have a problem at all with people's views differing to my own, but this is not what my, and now other's, issue with T is about. I have never crossed swords with Bill for example, not even come close (sorry Bill but I am using you as an example of someone who has had their fair amount of 'ding dongs' on here, but there are others of course) . That is not, patently, because I do not want to challenge him/them, on the contrary, I am a person who will happily stand up for good values, common decency, respect and morals, and I will stand, face to face and challenge anyone whom I can show is betraying the most basic of human behaviour. T lives in a bubble and despite his/her protestations that he/she is a person for all people, regularly shows him/her self up as one eyed and contradictory. I am just one , of a few on here, who have spoken against that.
  7. (1) Oh I see, do you mean people that don't agree with you and challenge your opinion and ask you to justify those comments? Who exactly are you talking about btw? (2) Because they call you out and will make your original comments look silly? "Clearly a lot here would rather just people died than hear the truth" Wow, what sort of intellectual level are you on? That is an all time low, even for you. You are so desperate to have people join you on your self appointed pedestal, and when people don't match your views, you resort to some incredible retorts and personal insults of your own. I thought you would have realised from a few years ago. You have learned nothing.
  8. T, I know you are busy old boy(girl?) but try and find time to answer the questions. It adds substance to your pov. As you have said previously, debate is healthy.
  9. Perhaps not free , but not at full whack. It's the kudos I was thinking of. Easy to say when it's not my skill set that needs paying for. Minor details I guess. The legal process, and potential appeals, will swallow up time, which, seeing as we are in May already, will delay the start of next season. Get the games played will be the 'perfect' solution, but when?
  10. How can they get round this? As has been said, individual clubs just cannot afford it. Money shouldn't be the only barrier to this (but I appreciate it currently is). A Lawyer needs to set aside the financial gains and be prepared to step up to the professional 'challenge' and set legal history perhaps?
  11. I thought (s)he said that (s)he works with 'risk'? James Bond (s)he ain't. Could be the German version of Aviva?
  12. Absolutely Purple. It could be about the least number of losers, but there should be no 'winners' (as that would naturally create losers) and who could 'justifiably' and for the integrity of the game, lose out as things currently stand? I feel the legal side of this may have the largest say, in the end.
  13. (1) Who? (2) Who? (3) At your level maybe, but not at top level sport. (4) They are never going to be great coaches. (5) What a pathetic thing to say
  14. You are right GPB, I am as guilty as any, but it's been going on for a few years now. (S)he so wants to be taken seriously but still hasn't learnt how to interact, even after all this time, so his/her age/ability/thought process must be questioned, which a lot on here are doing. I don't feel that City 1st and T are the same, because it would take a special type of stupid to deliberately insert numerous grammatical errors for such a sustained period, to try and deflect that theory.
  15. Like I said before, and you still don't admit it. It is NOT about the Germans or the country (no body on here has said anything to the contrary, unless you can name and shame) , it's about YOU, but, again, that doesn't suit your rhetoric
  16. Oh look T, history repeating itself. Thirdly again I’ve explained before all the research is that humans are inherently biologically racist for survival reasons so everyone but some clearly decide to act on these emotions and express hard right xenophobic and islamophobic views. Immigration was a key topic in Brexit which doesn’t stand up to scrutiny as we can clearly see in this crisis. I think it is up to individuals to decide for who is a ring racially but if you are saying racism isn’t a problem in society and on here then I think you are being naive quite frankly. There a lot of people getting hung up on the German comparison for a start because it’s Germany rather than what is important is what are the lessons we can learn. Immigration isn't racism,. Who, on here, says racism isn't a problem in society? It is in the UK and it is in Germany. You're saying stuff to suit your agenda.
  17. He'll blame his cheap phone again (He did a few years back). Which countries are you visiting again, next month T? Do Germany have more fat people than the UK? Look at world news Follow quality news sources with different points of view listen to what different experts have to say Read up on basic economics risk theory and decision making Exercise eat a healthy diet learn a foreign language interact with people from other countries and cultures Yes, I do, so does that mean I get it also?
  18. Does that mean there are more fat people in Germany , than there are in the UK then? Which countries are you visiting next month T?
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