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  1. Crabbycanary3

    alwight my ole son

    Calm yourself Herman

    I feel it is a coded message to our new manager to not sign any player with ''son'' at the end of their name

  2. Crabbycanary3

    come on Southampton!!!!

    Even with tickets at £10, a full(ish) house, and the chance to knock out a Prem Team, they can''t raise anything more than clearing their throats.
  3. Crabbycanary3

    come on Southampton!!!!

    I''ve just switched over, and thought my volume button had gone, then I heard Mark Lawrenson say "There''s no quality".


  4. Crabbycanary3

    Carnage at Bradford tonight

    Blimey - 30 minutes in and 2 goals, 5 yellows, and 1 red card!

    Holloway may not be manager at Millwall for much longer

  5. Crabbycanary3

    Should Aston Villa sack Paul Lambert?

    Are there subtle differences between a copper''s thumb, as opposed to say, a Fireman''s thumb?
  6. That is a big wow.

    I had heard they were swapping Defoe with Altidore?

  7. Crabbycanary3


    These days the ''physical'' (and I''m not talking Chopper Harris) tackle, seems to warrant a card. Not every tackle requires punishing by a free kick, or a card, and once that is resolved, the game will be a better product.
  8. Crabbycanary3

    Should Aston Villa sack Paul Lambert?

    I''ve seen Andy Marshall sat next to him at a couple of recent games. When has Marshall suddenly been the ''go to'' man for all things Premier League football?
  9. Best of luck guys


    Nuneaton vs Gateshead - away win

    Norwich to score 4

    (btw Nutty I am the one and same Crabbycanary, if I manage to get any predictions correct!)

  10. Crabbycanary3

    Bid For Olsson Rejected

    I have found it a little surprising that we are two weeks into the Transfer Window, and this is really the first bid/rumour for one of our players, that has hit the press.

    I''m not saying (or encouraging!) that all our players should be pursued by top (or any other) Prem teams, but it''s unusual that it has been so quiet

  11. Crabbycanary3

    Should Aston Villa sack Paul Lambert?

    [quote user="Herman "]"Villa are not even taking the scenic route to mediocrity and have recently been dubbed the most boring team in Premier League history."[/quote]


    Randy Lerner should really keep his mouth shut.

  12. Crabbycanary3


    FFS grow some balls


  13. Crabbycanary3


    I can''t see us offloading him, the poor sod has been injured, and has, fleetingly, shown some very positive moments.

    We wouldn''t recoup anywhere near the money, so it would be a dumb deal to do.

  14. Crabbycanary3

    Dejected lambert

    Nobody has said they never expected Lambert to stay, he was always going to leave at some point, it was the manner in which he left, which has stirred the pot up, and subsequent ire
  15. Crabbycanary3

    Neil Adams

    Also, as a side issue, seeing as Bryan Gunn has been mentioned on this thread.

    Is it just me that has a slight problem listening to Gunny''s analysis on RN sometimes? A great player, yes, but a terrible manager, and yet RN seem to be happy for him to comment on the current team. I just can''t seem to want/care to listen to his thoughts, as it seems a bit awkward taking it seriously. I want to remember Gunny for his playing contribution, and not the disaster that followed

    I like people like Darel Russell, and would have no problem with Neil Adams (although that will probably ever happen again), but Gunny? No. 

  16. Crabbycanary3

    Neil Adams

    Adams has left with dignity, and I feel, if we had a bit more luck in those 5 or so home games in a row, where we outplayed all of the teams, but the ball just didn''t end up in the back of the net, then he wouldn''t have left. Now, whether that was ''written in the stars'' for us to get a great new manager in Alex Neil, remains to be seen.

    Adams, seemed to need some of his decisions ''tweaking'' and he may be a very good manager in a  few years time, but at this moment, the gamble of promotion to the Premier League, and what was required to get us there,may have made the inexperienced Adams step aside.

  17. Crabbycanary3


    According to a Binner mate of mine, who went, that there were cheap tickets as well, yet they still can''t fill it.


    Btw, I haven''t heard back from him since after 5 p.m Saturday...................................................

  18. It''s the same in the Daily Mail, where there is a great write up about our game, yet they give the Performance of the weekend to Derby!! What''s that all about?

    Going down to 10 men, away at the League leaders, and then take the lead, and win the match, ending a long unbeaten League run, over a tight victory over the team directly above you?

    Opinions hey?

  19. Crabbycanary3

    Dejected lambert

    But Cambridge, it was Lambert''s decision to go, and to Villa at that.

    I was never going to think that Lambert was going to stay with us (a la a Sir Alex Ferguson), but it was the manner in which he left, that makes me have a little glow inside, at his plight.

    Some would say that his principles of attacking football, were allowed to be, with us, in the Divisions, we were in, after all there certainly was an element of ''nothing to lose'', yet now, in the Prem with Villa, the need to stay in that Div are obvious, and he is being found out, through financial restrictions, and tactical ineptitude perhaps? 

  20. Crabbycanary3

    Post match video - AM faces press

    Yep, Seb needs to get on Google before tomorrow!