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  1. Let's not get all romantic people. Getting back any of Brady/Pritchard/Murphy(s)/Reed/Grabban/Bennett/Ashton/Holt is anything but a forward step. The most hyped of those atm is Reed but let' see if he is a regular starter in the Prem, and where Fulham finish. Redmond did go missing in his last season with us, did not want the ball, hid from passes etc. He needed an arm round his shoulder and a shot of confidence. He seems to have had that at Saints. Madders? Well..........
  2. If Burnley sold him now, what would they get for him? They paid a lot (£13M) for him 3 and a half years ago. That would translate into what these days, upwards of £20M? He's not near that valuation at all I would say they wouldn't get anywhere near £13M at today's prices either. Burnley fans were not too impressed with him at the beginning. I have a friend who was a Burnley season ticket holder, and he was desperate for us to take Brady back and definitely thought they paid way too much for him. Has never shone in an average team. Yes, he has had injury problems, as his appearance record over 9 seasons shows, but he will be one of those footballers that you will soon forget about.
  3. You have the 'a' in the wrong place. A floating what.................?
  4. Pontus Jansson has had a good 12 (15) months. He's an unlucky charm.......
  5. Todd's picture tried to look 'cool' until you saw a stalker peering through his window
  6. I guess we don't know our reply yet? There is a World of difference in a reply that says "Not for sale at all, don't bother asking again" and "Not for sale at all, but out of sheer curiosity what price were you thinking of offering"
  7. Also, any tips for how to make your helmet fit more comfortably? Looser cycling shorts?
  8. Morrison the Cardiff C/H looks ok................
  9. Check the Wiki page! On 30 July 2020, Dowell joined Championship big boys Norwich City on a three-year deal. Maddison v2 said he is "ready to score 70 yarders for fun" on his first day with the club and reportedly nutmegged everyone he walked past whilst being given a tour of the facilities including Head Coach Daniel Farke and Sporting Director, Stuart Webber. Alex Tettey recalls a time where he was making cups of tea for the entire squad and when he would pour the milk in, Dowell would hit volleys low and hard just above the mug and let the air of the ball mix the milk and tea together. {[29]
  10. Everton's sights are higher than ours ,plus they only saw him play twice in the Prem and to see any player make a massive impact at 20, in the Prem, is deluded. He may well eventually, be superb.
  11. Tbh, that move had completely passed me by. He is a good player and will work his socks off, with intelligent runs. Not a bad shout, but I'd suspect as he was in his last year at Leeds, and they couldn't agree a further contract (Bielsa said he'd not be happy if Roofe left) then high wages may be at the heart of all this
  12. Not forgetting that approx a third of that is sleepy time. then there's food prep and eating time. haircut, loading/emptying dishwashers (or washing and drying up), shower/bath time................ The list goes on for taking up valuable player signing up time. WE NEED TO GET A MOVE ON!!!!!
  13. Am I missing something? What is the point in referencing 2018/19 wage bill with 2019/20 points total, and across 2 different divisions at that? I get if we did it on this years wage bill we would look worse, but even so.
  14. There are plenty of players who have been in that same scenario and been binned by the promoted Club, that is a natural step sometimes. Marco would be another season maturer but into his 31st year so may not have any complaints if he is asked to slide down the squad rankings (or may actually go for a 'final' career move at that age).
  15. It's been mentioned by the commentators, probably no more than 10 minutes into every game we've played, since lockdown was eased
  16. After a sorry old season , at least some good will come out of it with money raised from this thread. Time to pay up. I'll work out what I owe Nutty and get it over to you.
  17. Ok, let's bump this up now. Feel good factor already flowing through my veins Can't wait for the fixtures. Who will we get 1st game? I'll go for Stoke at home
  18. One goal for Bournemouth and one for West Ham and Villa are down
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