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  1. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]Think this may be an alias of the individual on the other thread stirring up nonsense. P.s. He hasnt even been in charge at Hamilton for 3 years (he took over in 2013) so how you know hes had one good season and two struggling is probably difficult to prove.[/quote] Mate, 3 years going to every game.. 2 years under Alex Neil have been a struggle. Im not belittling him, he''s done well, but he''s not my style of play. Young guy so hope he is given time to prove in the Championship
  2. I''ve been looking forward to this day. Congratulations to Alex Neil for being linked to such a high profile job. I go to every single Hamilton game, home and away, for 3 years. 2 of those years have been a struggle. Alex Neil; A hard talking manager who knows how to get average players to over perform. He has no knowledge of how to deal with big players, and there have been a few bust ups between him and few of the non-scottish players at Hamilton who haven''t toed the line. It''s his system and I worry for you Norwich fans, your team will be selected on ethic rather than ability. Alex Neil''s appointment mean Whittaker will be a Norwich City mainstay for the next 3 years. He plays direct football and many of our goals come from knock downs from the big man, I hope he leaves because I have come to realise one thing... I would rather watch football that excites, than football that wins, just... All the best, Your friend from Hamilton
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