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  1. Oh dear. I hear that Delia loves her haggis and she really picks the team at norwich. This cook will win you the leagueand take you into the top 4. There needs to be more strong women in football. Long live Delia and all that sail with her. Good luck Giss a kiss Xxxxxxxxx
  2. In all fairness. I hope you guys come up with us. I have always liked you. we have had some good games over the years. It would be nice to force the media to show east Anglia some attention with us battling it out in the PL. Who would you like as your new boss?
  3. I can''t spell it. But we are closer to it than you Ha ha ha ha Adams is our king ho Giss a kiss Xxxxxxxx
  4. I''m Ipswich till I die, I''m Ipswich till I die I''m gonna tell you sad bunch that I''m Ipswich till I die. We are premire league. Neil Adams will be the next mayor of Norwich. After he goes back to playing records. Hellllllooooooooo nnnnneeeeeil. We played well today. Giss a kiss Xxxxxxxxx
  5. I hear that Barry Scott will be the next manager, he will cilet bang his way into your sad hearts and fill you up with so much joy you may post something positive for once. I''m so sad my team loses. Dry your eyes we have up times and down times. All players are over paid and underworked. They don''t care about our club like we do. Stop bitching at each other pull together to get this team back to where we belong league 1 I am not a Binner I bleed yellow and green. If you didn''t know that makes red and that is the colour of blood. I love you all. Giss a kiss. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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