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  1. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"] Here''s my second-biggest football-related fear - after going down of course: The final home game of the season ends at Reading and after the game we''re 4+ points clear of the drop or 3+ with a vastly superior goal difference. The players come out for their lap of honour and everyone cheers and applauds. The players get a brilliant reception, Gunn is given the freedom of the city and a brand new contract and everyone leaves the ground with a warm feeling in their tummy. Basically it''s a fear that survival by the skin of our teeth from the third tier of English football is a GOOD thing. The bench-mark is set ever lower, the fans adjust their expectations and the board adjust their wage availability. After the season ends, we must still push for some accountability - whichever league we''re in. [/quote] Good call.  I fear people will just forgive and forget everything that has gone before.  The same happened at the end of last season when Roeder kept us up, the season before when Grant kept us up, etc.  Looking at the bigger picture, there''s no guarantee it will be any different next time and I don''t think that''s a particularly negative outlook.  
  2. [quote user="IBA"]Mighty Wrath is right This might as well be a Liverpool or Brum forum the moaning is so consistant. [/quote] No its like the forums of all 92 clubs.  That''s the nature of the beast.  Deal with it.  
  3. I doubt we''ll see much of Cort again.  Has done his best but has never reached full fitness in his time here.    
  4. Nice to have a physical presence up front, but I think he was a bit lucky on Saturday though.  
  5. Doesn''t tell us anything new really.  That amount has been quoted before, so its a bit of a non-story.  
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Louis"] I might be in a minority here, but I think it would be a bad and expensive move to bring him back. I loved Huckerby when he was here and he is one of my favourite ever Norwich players, but what are the chances of him "tearing defences apart in this division" if he returns? The way he left stank (Roeder!!), however for long periods of that last season here he drifted in and out of games and was inconsistent. I thought at the time it was probably a good time for him to leave. I really think it would be a backwards move to bring him back, though obviously I would get right behind him. I don''t think it would work out. Now, I sit back and await the inevitable abuse - I''m probably in a minority on this one. [/quote] agreed.. Huckerby was injured for most of hi last year here and drifted in and out of games at a more competitive level than the MLS... sure thered be the huge pomp regarding his arrival, but if the injuries flare up and he sits on the bench/in the treatment room instead of playing some fans would get on his back for him not being the saviour he was a few years ago... Lets not forget he will be 18 months older and 18months slower by the time next january rolls around since he left the club.... hucks game is all about Pace, he cant pass, cant head, cant tackle... once the pace has gone thats it im afraid and what you have got is a pretty poor player.... i loved hucks when he was here but lets not get all misty eyed about a possible reunion..... lets assess the situation in January and go from there..... it could all end in tears. jas :) [/quote] I loved Hucks in his prime, but I fear too many people are letting their hearts rule their heads.  
  7. Funny day.  Seven draws out of eleven.  Fortunately, our point was a good one, and at least two of the ''non-draws'' went against our rivals. Hasn''t changed the table greatly as a whole though.  
  8. I don''t usually like to run down other team''s support (especially during difficult financial times like now), but Birmingham are not new to this.  When they came to Carrow Road in 2007, they were top of the League and only brought a few hundred fans.  I can remember they had some fans complaining what a bad job Steve Bruce was doing, yet they got promoted! Just wish that big crowds guaranteed big rewards.  We can dream eh?  
  9. Think that''s it for them.  If they can''t make the bench for a big game like today then they''re finished.  I''ve no problem with that.  
  10. Interesting stuff and very believable.  It was certainly noticeable that we tailed off further once Clark had left.  
  11. We were also really close to signing Gareth Taylor from Burnley, but he turned us down and went to Forest instead.  How different history might have been if he had joined. David Connolly is at Sunderland now and has barely played in two seasons.  Only 31 - what went wrong there?  
  12. [quote user="tribes"][quote user="singing canary"]i thought there was a limit to how many you could have in one season ?[/quote]So did I and thought it was 14 but that was obiously incorrect. This loan system is just ridiculous and it makes you wonder if there is any point in trying to build a team nowadays.[/quote] It seems out of control now.  The fact that Norwich and Blackpool can have over 30 loan players between them is ridiculous.  
  13. [quote user="Andy Larkin"]Just my two penneth worth, but I think he will play Gow in the centre with Clingan, and Lee up top with Mooney. Carney taking Hoolahan''s place on the left. Gow then becomes the playmaker we have been craving for sooooooooooo long! Makes perfect sense to me? [/quote] More than likely, but one of the loanees would have to drop out from our previous squad.  We would have too many - even if you don''t include Gow we would have six.  Probably Leijer.    
  14. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="lappinitup"]Poor Curo! [:''(][/quote] I guess this could be the end..... [/quote] Think the end came in the 50th min of the Coventry game.
  15. There''s always a lot of hot air when anyone from down the road gets linked to us.  When we got Bates in from Middlesbrough, people were screaming blue murder (especially as he had crocked Chadwick while at Portman Road) but I don''t remember him getting any abuse once he was on the pitch.  
  16. [quote user="singing canary"] for what its worth , how much were the fees for 10 strikers on loan . this is pure crazy , im sure we could have bought someone good and saved money .   [/quote] They weren''t all loans.  I was including Cort and Mcdonald as well, but point taken.  Scary when you think that we''ve also had Cureton and Martin on our books too, plus the kids. At least the ones Gunn has brought in seem decent so far (except Killen), so fingers crossed for Lee.  But we can''t have a situation like this again next season.  
  17. [quote user="Northern Canary"]probably better than Carl Cort i suppose.[/quote] Probably is.  If Lee signs, I doubt we''ll see much more of Cort.  Shows what a waste of money Killen was too. That''ll be 10 strikers signed or loaned since last summer.  Sums up the whole season really.  
  18. ? - I didn''t mean to offend - I''m in a bit of a mood today.  However, I always got the impression that people (not just on this forum) were expecting a bit of progress - however play-offs and beyond was definitely a bit insane.  I genuinely thought once we were snapping up the likes of Hoolahan and Lupoli that we were moving in the right direction.   Its a shame you''ve been pretty much spot on with your predictions, but I still think in good faith that people weren''t wrong to expect more. The sad thing is, if we stay up then I think 21st next season (at least under the current circumstances) will be a success.  
  19. [quote user="rjwc22"] I think Lita will never be full time NCFC. As has already been stated (so forgive the repitition) would rather have mooney and Gow and pay them a reasonable wage and not have the ego to deal with. I get the impression Mooney is happy playing first team football again and would come to us if Reading let him leave. [/quote] Leroy Lita is only interested in Leroy Lita and he''s hanging out for the biggest deal possible, whether its with Reading or another high flying side who can pay it.  He''s hardly looked lethal in the last few months though. He came here to get fit.  He did that, scored a few goals, played well and left.  I don''t think he''ll come back.  
  20. How can anyone come on here and say its "not the club''s fault" for unrealistic expectations?  People''s expectations weren''t great last summer, but considering we finished 17th a year ago, I don''t think it was unrealistic to expect a mid-table/top half finish. Its absolutely the club''s fault for where we are.  What a ridiculous comment.  
  21. [quote user="thefutureisyellow"][quote user="IncH_HigH"] Who is distracted? I''m sure everybody here has realised this is yet another relegation battle. Yes the club is in deep decline(still) but as football fans it is natural to celebrate a win.   [/quote]   I think we`re all distracted. The point I`m making is if we were lower half of the table,but pretty much clear of the relegation threat,there would be a lot more posts on here expressing concern at the very least about the long term decline of our club. However the relegation fight, the joy of a couple of wins and the  possibility  of  staying up has inevitably united most peoplle behind the club, it would be pretty churlish not to get behind your team in these circumstances. If we do  then stay up there will be a feeling of euphoria, almost as if the season had been  a success and this will let those to blame off  the hook with a  large section of our support.    [/quote] Good post.  This season cannot be considered a success, considering that last summer we were looking to improve and consolidate.  Instead we''ve had significant people jumping ship (The Turners, Cullen, Clark), people getting the bullet (Roeder, Stephenson, Sadler) and a ridiculous turnover of players coming and going (15 loan signings).  The last two games have been brilliant but its in danger of glossing over the bigger picture.  Wherever we finish its been nothing short of a shambles.   
  22. [quote user="lappinitup"]We''re definitely doomed I tell ye, doomed, DOOMED! [:''(] [:''(] [:''(][/quote] Even Frank Carson and Jimmy Tarbuck have catchphrases that sound less tired than this one... [|-)]  
  23. As well as Gow played, I also thought Doc was a better contender for MOTM, along with Shacks.  He''s actually playing better than the season he won Player of the Year. I wonder if he''d stay or be sold if we went down?  Surprised I''ve never seen that come up on here before.  
  24. [quote user="The Pot"] [quote user="ricardo"]No game this season would be complete without a poxy Ref and and Mr. Jernan did not disappoint. Luckily it didn''t cost us any points but you have to weep for the quality of officials nowadays.[/quote] I completely disagree. Today''s ref was the best I''ve seen this season. He got nearly everything right and allowed some good advantage at times. I can see why people will complain about the red card, but I even think he got that right. In Russell’s first challenge he clearly won the ball but went in with his studs up and got a lecture from the ref for it. He then went and did exactly the same thing again - he won the ball but went in hard with his studs up; this was a fair yellow card seeing as he had already been warned. Before the second yellow, he brought someone down in the centre circle and should have been booked for it - he got nowhere near the ball - but the ref waived play on as Plymouth had a good attack going. The challenge that brought the second yellow, and ultimately the red card, was perhaps a bit of a harsh card but it was consistent with the other challenges which had brought cautions in the game and Russell was lucky to still be on the pitch by that point. He should have been subbed earlier. Stupidity on his part, not the ref''s.[/quote] Thought the ref seemed okay, although I''d like to see the tackle on Hoolahan again as some people said it wasn''t good. I remember in the second half seeing Russell mouthing off at the referee and thinking, "Shut it Rusty".  Perhaps a little unlucky but he does bring it upon himself sometimes - that''s why he''s never likely to be captain while he''s here.  
  25. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]She''s a bird.[/quote] I know. [;)]  
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