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  1. I think the fans initially will get behind the lads and in fairness, the majority did last season until things went belly up towards the end of the season (and in lived in other parts of the country where fans are less less patient than ours). However, i think the patience threshold won''t last as long this time.  An awful lot of people have invested season tickets expecting a ''big push''.  If its not forthcoming after 6-10 games then i think the tolerance levels may snap.
  2. Hardly surprising.  With the exception of its Saturday program (and even that''s not brilliant if Waller is commentating), Radio Norfolk is a waste of time if you want decent football coverage.
  3. Its very very frustrating, but the hope is that squads in the championship that look good ''on paper'' aren''t necessarily the victorious ones.  Ask Wolves, Palace, etc.  Its a league that doesn''t always go to form. The Arsenal situation is bizarre though.  Weren''t we told that they would wait till pre-season was over before releasing any youngsters?  Someone is telling porkies here.
  4. Good post Herb.  I don''t always agree with everything you say but you''re a passionate fan and you''re spot on with most of this. Lets give it our best shot.  If its all going horribly wrong by the Autumn.....well who knows?
  5. Don''t be sorry.  If you love football, then you have to feel some sort of buzz about the new season. The twist this season is that I don''t think there can''t be any middle ground.  We either do well and everyone''s happy or we don''t and the **** hits the fan.   It won''t be like last season - something will happen one way or another. Despite the strange atmosphere this summer, nobody can really predict how it will all pan out - and that''s what makes it all the more intriguing and exciting.
  6. For this game, no.  I don''t think his injury is a problem in this case because (i) It is unlikely he would have started in the centre anyway.  (ii) He''s not an exceptional right sided player (we have Croft, Henderson and Mcveigh who will be more effective). However, if Safri, Etuhu and Robinson were also struggling with injuries, then yes we would be in trouble.  Hughes has fallen in the pecking order for central midfield, so for this particular game it shouldn''t matter too much.  That may change later in the season if and when injuries strike. For me its not a case of wanting him injured.  Just a case that we probably manage without him okay for this one.
  7. DOC, you are so right.  The topic has worn itself out.  Get over it everybody, whether you like Sutton or not, HE''S NOT COMING!!! Now lets get this bloody season started!
  8. Drury on top form would be there (as would Green, Safri and maybe Shackell) but realistically I would plump for Earnshaw and Huckerby every time.
  9. I heard this rumour last week on a rival board the day before the Newcastle game.  Worrying that it has resurfaced and hope its a load of rubbish.  Can''t figure why Drury would want to go and why we would sell him so i doubt anything will come of it.
  10. I think we''ll put in a brave and decent performance but Leeds will nick it 2-1 (Earnie to get our goal).  However, with Nicholls out and Livermore already departed for Hull, it could be the chance for our much maligned midfield to take control.
  11. Definitely should be 7 or 11.  Call me old fashioned but that''s a proper winger''s number.  Brings back memories of Jimmy Neighbour, Mark Barham, Dale Gordon, Ruel Fox, etc.  Aaaah, happy days!
  12. Realistically, how many of the kids were going to start anyway (Spillane on the bench?  but that''s probably it).  I can understand Worthy''s point in the long term but in the short term it does expose what little cover for injuries we have got.    
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