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  1. Staying up wouldn''t have changed much.  The board would still be in place, Gunn would still be in place, the money still wouldn''t be there, and I think we''d have gone down with more to spare than this time.  Staying up would have meant we would have been in slightly less debt, but only delayed the inevitable. Would have loved a trip to Newcastle though, and pitting our wits against Keane''s Ipswich.  Shame.  
  2. Would never have him back in a million years.  Looked rubbish even when he was fit to play.  
  3. [quote user="Larry David"]It is relevant because (correct me if i''m wrong), Lupoli is actually on loan from us! What a great decision that was.. [/quote] I''m not sure he is.  Pretty sure the loan deal got terminated full stop, so Sheff Utd have him directly on loan from Fiorentina. Obviously a slow news day yesterday.  There''s going to be a lot of stories like this until August.  
  4. The only time Green got ''slaughtered'' was in his last season (2005-6) when we constantly resorted to long balls under Worthington.  It came to a head against Leicester when he''d had enough, turned round and gestured at the River End fans. I hope he doesn''t base his whole opinion of City on that one season.  
  5. I''m sure the EDP will have their daily article about him tomorrow.  As we''ve had every morning for the last year... Great player, but time to move on now.  
  6. [quote user="Karl Pilkington"] People always look to Fulham away but just before that we also threw away a healthy lead (3-1) away to palace and drew and also a lead away to Saints and lost(??) [/quote] Fulham was the game where it all imploded, but I agree that the signs were there in previous games such as the ones you mention.  I remember when we beat Birmingham 1-0 the week before Craven Cottage, we absolutely stank.  It was an incredibly poor, nervous, lucky victory so the warning signs were there.  Everyone looked spent, but the effort was there.  There were strange things going on at Fulham like Steve Foley getting ill before kick off and the fact that several players just blatantly stopped performing.  I remember Rick Waghorn saying in one article that we''ll never find out the full story of what went on and I wonder what he knows? Have to agree also with other posters that the initial catalyst came from the Walker/Chase/O''Neill era, but in recent history, anything from 2005 seems to have set our downfall.  
  7. [quote user="Spineless Fooks"]When we were 2-0 up against Man City at Carrow Road and blew it. If we''ve held on to those 3 points, we''ve stayed up. [/quote] That one too.  The Southampton 2-2 game this season reminded me of that.  
  8. Fulham away.  There were mistakes leading up to then (Malky leaving, etc), but something about that day tore the heart out of everything both on and off the field, and accelerated the decline.  
  9. [quote user="hogesar"]Why are people making such a big deal out of this? You all say you don''t care about him leaving, then there''s a story about it and it''s all fuck croft he''s shit etc.. And why complain that he wants to play at a higher level? If Championship clubs are interested in him then clearly thats a decision which is fair enough in my opinion. Sure he wasn''t fantastic, but no one was complaining about him after he score that goal against Ipswich. Oh, and i wish people would shutup about how they ''have no idea how Croft got player of the season''..the truth is, more people clearly thought Croft was the best this year! I''m not saying i agree with that statement, but still. [/quote] Hallelujah!  Well said Hogesar.  
  10. [quote user="Destort"]Doubtful as he''s already made his international debut.[/quote] I suspect if any money is due, then it would only be in a qualifier like with the Dean Ashton deal (Green has only played in friendlies).  But I''m pretty sure there''s no clause anyway, so doubt we are going to get anything.
  11. I think Pattison has burned his bridges with Gunn and I''d be surprised to see him still here. Wouldn''t be unhappy to see the back of Cureton.  I think Glenn Roeder for all his faults had that one absolutely right.  
  12. I was naively beginning to wonder when Doncaster went, that it might have been because he disagreed with the managerial choice of Gunn or the way the club wanted to go forward under the majority shareholders.   His principles just appear to remain the same though (and I suspect, so do Munby''s) and I am quite glad he has gone.  I just fear that Delia and Michael will appoint a carbon copy in his place, making the whole issue of him and Munby going pointless.  
  13. I heard good things about Clark, and its noticeable that our form worsened considerably once he had gone.  I''m not sure he would have kept us up, but I would have felt more confident of him taking the reigns in League One than Bryan Gunn.  
  14. [quote user="Mello Yello"] [quote user="SPat"]I hear that the caller was one Karl Minns [/quote] Yep, could of been him.... [/quote] Probably why it wasn''t very funny.
  15. Interesting that Doncaster says that investors "always want something valuable in return".  Absolutely.  In Delia''s case it is her name plastered around the ground, increased media publicity, increased sales of her books, and a stack of shares (the latter which has backfired on her now).  She''s had plenty in return and could still get some. One of the main reasons the Turners left Norwich was because the set-up was too cosy and too much of a clique (fact).  I don''t think even they (as regular fans) would have been naive enough to hike tickets as much as people are alleging.  
  16. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]I tell you what, i wish one of us 2 had been the rant on 606 anyway, our club is seen as a complete joke now up and down the country and needs help, not idiots like him reinforcing everyone on the outsides opinion of us. I do agree however that we should get behind gunn, as there is no alternative but to, and maybe in time we will be lucky and he will turn out good. [/quote] It was awful wasn''t it?  Trouble is that people round the country are daft enough to believe it was genuine.  
  17. I don''t think Croft could win.  If he had left in January, he would have been accused of jumping ship and not staying to help our cause. He wasn''t our greatest player, but he put more effort over three seasons than some of the losers we''ve had.  He''s got every right to look for another club.  Good luck to him.  
  18. [quote user="dejanstenfanovic"]What an absolute pointless post, thanks for that pearl of wisdom ![/quote] Makes a change from another "Gunn in" or "Gunn out" thread.  Why reply to it then?  
  19. [quote user="Canary Pirate"] I just thought I''d wait til after the deadline as I was pretty sure we would go down after the 2 - 2 draw with Southampton so there would be no rush.  [/quote] This bit still doesn''t make sense to me.  I genuinely thought the original post was a wind-up.  
  20. [quote user="Barlodona"]why were we clapping that shower at the end of the game?? we should of been laying in to them and letting delia know that we didnt want gunn to remain as manager... but know we decided to applaud losing 4-2 and applaud the clubs worst squad and Manager for along time...  i bet Jon Ostemabor is out clubbing tonight thinking this is easy i get paid over a thousand pound a week to play like a donkey and the fans love me.... that is all[/quote] Not everybody was thankfully.  It was a weird mix of cheering and booing.    
  21. Never go to friendlies anyway.  They''re just training games at the end of the day. I''ll quite happily miss the Man Utd game and let 15,000 plastic mancs fill our coffers thank you.  
  22. Brilliant post Scot-e-dog and one which highlights how a lot of fans feel, in the sense that they don''t hate Bryan Gunn, have wished him well, but don''t think he (and Team Gunn) are the people to take us forward.  I think the problems will carry on whoever is manager because of the people in control of our club.  
  23. I think everyone just assumes he will leave.  Would love him to stay but will be surprised if he does.  
  24. Great post.  Sad to say that the problem lies with the ''Big Two'', but unfortunately we''re stuck with them!  
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