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  1. Assuming we get enough money for him (and assuming Gallagher has made the no.1 jersey his own).
  2. Am I right in saying that he is on the verge of another goal milestone? Something like 200 or 300 career goals. I''m sure if he had got his 100th for us he would have broken another record at the same time. Or did I imagine this?
  3. I think Newcastle could be the one. They are not a happy club at the moment and Hucks will want to stick one past them for kicking him out all those years ago. I''m convinced we''ll get one result from the next three.
  4. I thought a draw was a fair result. There was always the danger that the two teams would cancel each other out. I would rather have one point on the board so we don''t have the potential stigma of being classified ''pointless'' by the media if the next three games go wrong. We''re not really gonna know where we''re going until about 10 games in. In any case, I really believe we are gonna get at least one good result from Man U, N''ewcastle and Arsenal. Bring it on!
  5. You get the feeling that Sven is always finding a reason to exclude Greeno. Now it is because Kirkland is back but when did Kirkland actually last play a competitive match (and how many has he actually played in the last couple of years?). Anyway, come 2006 Sven will be gone and Greeno will be England''s No.1. Lets just hope he is still at City...
  6. Here we go. Blame the fans if things are going well. Of course, people are gonna be deflated after the goal. That''s football. I certainly didn''t think the atmosphere was all that bad and if it wasn''t for the likes of the Snakepit (where I sit) and the Barclay then there would be no noise at all.
  7. Mine was against Everton in November 1980 when I was aged 7. We won 2-1 and I''m ashamed to say I was supporting Everton (pressure from northern relatives). To think that the first Norwich goal I ever saw left me disappointed. Luckily I saw sense and thanks to my dad I kept going that season and stuck by them ever since (even though they were relegated the following spring). Sat in the South Stand. Remember finding it really weird and intimidating when the goals went in. Had no idea what you were supposed to do or say.
  8. Don''t worry because he''ll be out of a job next season. Soccer Sunday will have no decent footage left to show now that we''re going up!
  9. If you want something to make your blood boil then check out the piece by Pete Gill this morning on the Football 365 website. Patronising rubbish. Makes you yearn to stay in the Nationwide League. http://www.football365.com/opinion/f365_opinion/story_105363.shtml
  10. On top of that, Moore was also on Radio 5 earlier in the week with the spitting allegations and so forth. Again, no Norwich perspective was given and the reporter seemed quite happy to take his story as red.
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