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  1. [quote user="Darth Canary1"]Yeah let the Delia out chants start you gonna buy her out JF?[/quote]Thats a silly thing to ask, it''s like me saying you''ve never played professional football so you can''t have an opinion.
  2. [quote user="Ginja"]Pritchard OFF, Whitts ONIrvine clearly as clueless as AN then.[/quote] Defender sent off so he brings a defender on witj us winning 1 0. We can see why you''re angry on a message board and not in a dugout somewhere...
  3. pritchard off...Irvine out!Our fans booing are stupid... what should he have done down to 10?
  4. Wont be pardew because he''d stand up to the board.Cheapy cheapy cheap cheap... (Irvine or Martin)
  5. The job centre i expect... Do these people ever need to sign on?
  6. I am indeed Duncan. Time will tell on that one. By ''this board'' you know full well who calls the shots and full well who I mean. Rioch Hamilton Grant Roeder Gunn Hughton Adams Lets get excited now....
  7. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]I love the notion - even now - that people believe that a little old lady in her seventies is some kind of omnipotent, power hungry despot. [/quote]https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Thatcher
  8. [quote user="Ray"]If this happens, then you will see players unrest.[/quote]Or they''ll just get Sold.Lambert and Worthy (first 2 years) apart when have this board ever got it right?
  9. What the hell has it got to do with Delia? If the new manager deems Wes Surplus to requirements, will this be vetoed? Will he be told who is deemed ''untouchable''? Seb Bassong must be rubbing his hands at this! A N may not have been the man for the job but its glaringly obvious we need the clean out he spoke about, regardless who ot is.
  10. Because a chapter has closed. Not just A N but the knowledge of the next few seasons of 12th and 13th place finishes looming.
  11. What if Warburton want''s his own people and none of them are Holt? What evidence do we have of Holt wanting to go into coaching or indeed come back here?
  12. More chance of someone on this message board than Wagner
  13. who was the credible alternative to Robert Chase?Didn''t stop the fans forcing him out with no saviour obvious did it?
  14. Yes... because our board wil REALLY take the risk and not give it to a pal won''t they ?
  15. if long ball football and average players is your thing then Warb''s is yoyr man!
  16. so...  he''s gone.The board have dithered, dallied and done it all too late.AN had threatened a clear out of the ''old reliables''.. players who time and time again failed, will likely now be given a chance to impress... do they deserve one?The ruthlessness of Bowkett (and maybe Davey Mac) are long gone. Our board resembles that of the Doncaster years where cheap and safe options were appointed rather than managers with ideas and drive.Like last season, the whole thing has been avoidable, sacking A N earlier would have given the new guy a window to get in quality, not a loan signing who won''t be here next year (good as he is) or an average player from a poor Wigan.Do we trust Delia and cronies to get it right? To ''scour Europe'' to get the right man in? Or do we simply wait weeks just for Ricky Martin to get the gig?Don''t happy clap tomorrow, don''t let the board off.. if you do we''ll all be here again in 18 months as they hang the next guy out to dry.Let them know it''s time to go too...
  17. Music and film are accessable and affordable.Football isn''t...Kodi is a free and legal service and if the authorities could stop streams they would do.If I put 2 identical pairs of designer jeans infront of you, one I daid you could have for free and one I said were £50 which would you take?
  18. There won''t be a waiting list after a couple of a seasons
  19. Do you really have any confidence in the board, Baboon?
  20. JonesPintoBennettKloseDijksJosh MurphyPritchardHowsonHoolahanJacob MurphyJeromeSubsRuddy Martin Oliviera (if fit) Mulumbu wildschut GodfreyWhittakerSeasons petered out. Time to experiment.
  21. *tin hat on*Wes is 34 now, struggles to play 90 minutes and still goes missing against more physical sides.if there is someone better, younger and affordable we can attract to the club then we should.. Thank Wes and wish him well before moving him on.Still a fantastic player but the club is at a cross roads now and we need young, hungry players who can do it now... not the old guard on one last pay day
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