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  1. utter rubbish regarding shacks..... He is getting over the mumps, my mate was at Colney watching them train last week.. he still isnt 100% right and hasnt trained that much but will be back soon and id doubt Jim Brennan is going to tell any old Joe in the street why anyone has been dropped. Must say i do agree that worthy throws his toys out the pram tho, fell out with Iwan, Fell out with Edders, Fell out last season with Charly.... i wonder if he has a fall oput with a mr Huckerby or a Mr Ashton what the outcome will be?  Worthy needs to stop sulking and be a better man manager.. Mike walkers Tact with Dave Stringers tactical nous is whats needed.  I do thionk that managers should take a tough line on whingers and players who think they should be in the team, Dropping them maybe isnt the answer... but making them run a few laps round the training pitch on their ownfor an hour or 3 might be# if players are going to act like children then they should expecxt to be treated like them. jas
  2. shacks... he shows leadership qualities already, i noticed last season he was waving the defence up, issuing instructions, pointong etc... our form imporved when he was in the team remember   jas
  3. it was rediculous! like that competiton some teams had 2 or 3 years ago where u could of won a contract with your club for a year and train with them etc... your never likely to get a game.. Preston had this chap listed in their squad in the programme and everything.   but having "13 - the fans" i thought was stupid... we know how much of a contribution the fans make to a club by how many bums are on seats every week.. giving them a fictional shirt is not going give them any sort of uber powers   jas
  4. im not so sure.. the referees at this level know all about him from his Birmingham and Palace days and will be keeping a close eye... he wont get so many penalties this season...  and if he gets 40 goals then i''ll streak at the last home game vs Wolves! (oo err!!! :crazy   jas
  5. spot on there Louie!  People go on about Damos "non existant" performances but lets remember that it was his goal that sunk WBA in february, it was his cross that led deano to score vs Palace in March, it was his committed display at Newcastle at home that led to our fight back...  Infact last season i thought there was a period between October and December where Darren Huckerby was pretty much non existant for us and was putting in lethargic displays on a weekly basis, yet not one murmer of disgust was raised at "golden boy" was it?  any manager worth his salts would of dropped him, unless of course his head was right!!!!  I notice that the hipocrytes who were booing Francis vs inter were the same ones who were applauding him as the game went on... i made that point to these people in the barclay only to be told where to go... as they then continued to applaud francis after readily booing him just minutes earlier. Good luck to Damo if he does join Wigan, yes he can be a bit lazy at times, but he was one of the reasons we went up, and one of the reasons we almost stayed up too... Fulham wasnt just his fault, which the local press seem incapable of comprehending, theres 11 players in a team and 10 of them (excluding Ashton who did well) let this city, this club, and its fans down.  All too often Norwich fans have to find a scapegoat, a player who doesnt fit in, a player to riddicule and cajoule when a pass goes astray,  Llewellyn, Henderson, Francis etc.. if you want these players to do as u ask then try encouraging them not slagging them off!  If Damo does decide to leave then good luck to him, I hope he does well at Wigan, if he stays he will continue to give the good performances he has given in the past.  Also, it seems to me that certain individuals in the Local media, Press and Radio seem to want Damo to leave just so they can find a critical story to write.  Rather than reporting on the fact, and the event when, and if it happens, they write or speak (in the case of TV) that it has already happened. This isnt professional and turning the fans against Francis, No wonder his head is messed if external influences are turning people against him. jas
  6. i have got Pictures of upton park, Goodison, White hart Lane and st Andrews...   i can write about a few aways and pretty much all the home games (have missed only 2 this season.. the 1st 2 i have missed in 8 years ) i would expect an acknowledgement or a writing credit in the blurb or cover notes, or on the first page. jas
  7. i have got one, has anyone else?  I payed for mine by direct debit last year and have the receipts for the next 5 seasons worth which i got when i payed for them. However, i have not heard anything else about when i should expect next seasons card automatically. i received the renewal forms in February or whenever it was, and emailed the club (couldnt get through on the phones at the time) but they never replied to my questions.  Did any other 5 year holders get the forms? im getting a bit panciky that come the first home game of next season i might not have my usual seat! im going to the beam back tommorow so might pop in the ticket office and ask. Im just wondering what everyone else has received, or even the 3 year season ticket holders, did u all receive renewal forms when u still have 3 years left to run? jas
  8. i feel a bit sorry for Edders, he clearly wants a new contract, i dont think its a case that he didnt sign straight away, i think its that worthy stalled over offering him a deal, and his Game suffered as a result which has led to him being dropped.. and sadly possibly off loaded, theres goes my 60/1 bet for a goal every week jas
  9. sounds a good idear.. give it a shot!   sadly i dont buy a programme and wouldnt see my name in there so would miss out on some prize   jas
  10. its not up to me if i allow people to have a laugh or not... feel free, do it, im not going to stop you..   and i was there when we were poo too, and before then, i have been there every season since 1991 when i attended my first game, have a season ticket every year, i was there when we beat Torquay in front of 3000 people in the 1st round of the league cup.... i was there when we were rock bottom of the 1st division after 5 games in 1999... i was there when we lost 4-0 to Charlton infront of just 9000 people... (where were the other 12,000 we get every week now, back then?) post on there if u feel free and whip up "banter", which calling people "ignorant idiots" isnt..   u werent one of those fans who tried getting us all thrown out at Villa away were u? jas
  11. i know the Owner of the place, hes alright... dont go on there and show a lack of intelligence and make NCFC look stupid... its fans like u that give us a bad name and it only invites fans of other clubs to come on here and do the same for us, show ur a respnsible adult and just enjoy the fact we are a division higher and will be next season too.... jas
  12. lets look at the situation..  This season we have lost 4-1 to Arsenal, 4-0, to charlton, 4-0 to chelski, and 3-0 to villa.. With the exception of Arsenal and Chelsea we have rolled over and died in the other games..  Villa was perhaps the worst showing i have seen this season yet not one of the travelling 6000 upped and left.  On saturday i was one of the peopel who started the loyal supporters chant, we were getting flack from those leaving for doing it, personally i dont care.  When we got promoted we all knew what task was ahead of us, and i think its clear to all to see that we arent rally good enough to stay up, much as id love us too i think we need a defender or too to shore it up at the back. If we do stay up it will be a fantastic acheivement though.  the way we have played in almost every game this season has been a credit considering we have been up against it from the start, we have 1 or 2 bad perfromances and thats enough for people to decide "im going home".. i have been supporting this club for 13 years...  I have seen us get spanked 6-1 by Portvale, 5-0 by the scum, seen us lose 4-0 to charlton infront of just 9,000 hardy souls at Carrow Road(where were some of the fans who left early then eh????)   I have sat through the rubbish that Rioch and Hamilton inflicted on us, and i have never had the inlking to leave early despite the score or the performance... i have paid for 90 minutes of football and thats what i expect. Also, i will support my team to the bitter end.. i dont care if we are 11-0 down and down to 8 men, i still would believe we could get a goal out of it...  the players need our support, a few of them are playing WAY above their station, and lets remember only a few have prem experiance....  Leaving early just deflates the players even more, as does booing.. i have never booed.. if we dont play well i wont applaud but will never boo...  The fans who left have to get up and turn their back on the pitch to get out... turning your backs.. appropriate eh? no doubt you will all be there vs WBA, if we go a goal down in the first 10 seconds will u all stay?   jas
  13. the 2 people Either side of me in the barclay left early... i shall making that point vs WBA  I thought the noise in the last 10 minutes was deafening.. just think how intimidating we would be if by some bizzare miracle the River end, South stand, and City stand all joined in? jas
  14. Jonsons performances are getting better and better by the week.. until he got injured vs Tottenham on boxing day he was all over them....  he has pace and skill and there isnt anyone better on the right at the club currently than him... goals arent far off i feel..  he is a Winger for Sweden, not a striker, and is doing very well in that position for us, im a Jonson fan and a few of my fellow Block D regulars are also singing his praises weekly..  I cant see how anyone can slate a tryer off, i remember people used to slate Iwan for being "too slow" and that was their only arguement for 7 years...  I personally dont care if Jonson plays up front, on the wing, in goal, or wherever, hes growing into English football every week and is getting better and better and better. jas
  15. I got back an hour ago... Excellent performance!!!!! the best i have seen in 13 years of supporting the club.... i dont think there was anything wrong at all with our passing.. Utds was far worse than ours... Agreed with the comments about Holty.. sadly he''s starting to look a Liability... which is a shame as we all want him to succeed... i fear unless he gets a good showing under his belt soon then he might become a target for boo boys... once Safri;s fit then holt might find the reserves beckon... Cant fault Helveg.. true he chopped down Giggs (who, lets face it, went over like he''d been shot) but his overall game was excellent... Damien Francis is god!.... i have got his name on the back of my Home shirt and think hes one of the best players we have.. he does that week in, week out its only when he does it against Man utd does it really get noticed though... u watch him boss it against the gooners next week too... itwas an awesome day out though! im convinced if Bentleys shot had gone in we would of won! Ratings for today Greeno - 8, made some superb saves, particularly a double froma header from Smith in the 2nd half Helveg- 7 Solid perfomance blighted by a silly challenge. Drury - 8 Showed that he can hold his own in the prem... led from the back, passed well and made countless tackles Flemmo - 7 should of cut out smiths goal by closing him down (Hucks had a right go at him.. not sure if it was shown on TV). Charlton - 7 Confident showing... did well in the air Bentley - 7, Hit the bar, but needs to show us what all the fuss is about and quickly. Holt - 6, Oh dear.... much as we want Holty to succeed he was out of his depth today... as said above he needs a good performance soon or things are going to get uncomfortable for him. Francis - 10, Absolutley Faultless! world class perfomance! Jonsson - 6 needs more games to get fit Svenners - 5, A waste of time today, as he was last week.. he went 2 years without a goal in the premiership for Charlton... and he played almost 60 times (40 starts) in that 2 years.. he''s not going to do it for us im afraid... Huckerby - 9 Excellent as always... terrorised Gary Neville and Roy Keane... Mcveigh - 8 well taken goal.. worked so hard for it, good well force Bentley out... Docherty - 8 looks, runs and plays like IWAN!!!! did realyl well and could of scored himself if he had the service. McKenzie - 8 looked fired up... why bother with Svensson when we have Leon.. almost made the dream come true with an equaliser but was unlucky... if he doesnt start on wednesday then somethings wrong.. by the way, i got on TV.. just after we scored they showed a group of Norwich fans.. i was standing in a state of disbelief with my hands being my head.. wearing the old away shirt and wrapped in my banner.. did anyone see me?? jas :)
  16. i wouldnt of thought any team will lose points... itwill be like when Aldershot were dumped out of the 3rd division in 1992... the points teams had accumulated against them stood.. and the pools panel predicted the results of other games... i imagine this would happen again.. jas :)
  17. time to be a bit contriversial i reckon... Greeno Edders Flemmo shackell Drury Briggs Holt Francis Brennan hucks McKenzie Subs: Crichts, Iwan, Malky, Hendo, Mullers Reason i have dropped malky: we all love the big fella, he scored against Ipswich not once but twice.. but it has become apparent over the course of the season that Malkys days are numbered... he gets skinned far to easily now and resorts to grabbing hold of strikers as they brun past him.. pulling them over... which will lead to needless free kicks/penalties and red cards... also, Shacks can pass a ball, he doesnt hoof it aimlessly.. malkys distribution has been better this season.. but the aimless punt still comes into play.. also.. Shacks needs to be blooded into the team at some point..best he gets a run in division 1 so he can find his footing.. rather than being scared witless in the prem. Why briggs on the right???? well why not.. we have tried others there this season who maybe havent worked... hendos young and cant play evbery week.. but is still a fantastic talent... i say give Briggs his chance.. as for leon up front... u see why id drop malky now.. no target man means no punt up field... there fore we keep it on the deck.. pass it round, get it out wide.. then get in the crosses... the way football should be played... also.. his goals tally and his commitment mean now is the time... jas :)
  18. Iwan is a legend.. no doubt.. true he may be getting in years.. he is 35... but he''s out of contract at the end of the season anyway... we should give him a coaching job.. he conducts himself the right way both on and off the field and is a great ambassador for the club... young players could learn alot from him... he wont play next season.... but i think the club will be cutting their own throat if they dont keep him on in some kind of coaching capacity... jas :)
  19. yes i had a dream about Norwich last night oddly... it was that greeno Scored with a header against a team in blue... sadly it wasnt cardiff... but listening to the game today i was willing us to get a corner right at the death just to see what would happen.. lol!!!! jas :)
  20. who reckons he''ll be off in may??? a crying shame if u ask me... we signed a player who had just won player of the year for stockport, and had a pretty good track record, only to dump him in the reserves and pay his wages for doing nothing. there is a burning issue to address the right wing, people saying we should spend money, or get someone in on loan.. Briggsy played on the wing for Stockport as well as at full back, he must be dying for a chance to impress, if i was Worthy i''d take the plunge.. go with him.. makes sense to give him a chance instead of paying him to kick his heels at Colney jas :)
  21. why cant hucks and Leon play upfront together???? they had 1 game upfront earlier in the season (Bradford????) but didnt do to well together.. but they need time to gel.. 1 game together isnt ideal.. Mckenzie may not be a "target man"... but to be fair i think playing a big player like Iwan or Svensson upfront still means we have a tendancy to hoof it.. with Mckenzie and hucks up front u have to keep it on the deck.. which is the Norwich way of playing.. we wouldnt lose anything in the air as has already been seen McKenzie is pretty good winning headers... that is one thing Hucks doesnt do.. i dont think he knows how to jump.. lol.. Give them a game together, maybe tuesday, see what happens.. 6 goals in 7 games now for McKenzie, i agree with what the previous poster said, he must get frustrated about it... jas :)
  22. why is everyone so quick to have a go at Francis...???? if "golden boy" mulryne was up to the task wouldnt he be in the team??? Francis is a box to box midfielder... the same as someone like Paul Ince.. the role of a box 2 box player isnt to pass the ball 60 yards down the flank to the toes of a winger... its too swicth the play.. which francis does... box 2 box players swicth play from left to right with short snappy passes, usally win the ball in midfield and get forward and back at every possible oppurtinity... Look in the premiership at the box to box players.. tell me how many of them are passers??? hwo many of them chip in with goals every week???? its not many.. Francis brings to the team what Holt and Mulryne simply do not. Holt doesnt score goals, and Mulryne has been very poor this season in my opinion, with perhaps Derby at home being the only possible exception. anyone who saw Francis at the away games at Sheff united, Everton and the home games Vs Wimbledon, sunderland, Sheff utd will know that we have a quality player here, one who scores goals, gets forward and makes it difficult. for the opposition.. he also wins the ball in the air, holt and Mulryne do lack height and therefore we lose out in midfield. Lay off Francis, perhaps if u tried getting behind him and supporting him instead of having ago at him then he might improve in ur eyes. jas :)
  23. the Times have always been Complimentary to us.... i have no idear why.. i have to say last season i agreed with Lawros comments about the Dagenham game.. we were woeful!!!!... however Crooks quite clearly didnt watch the game and only saw the 5 or so minutes we got Saturday night... in the second half i thought we had the measure of play.. and if it wasnt for Ludacrous refereeing i really think we could of either beaten them or nicked a draw... unlucky on Iwan.. i dont think Either was a penalty... Crooks said how strikers shouldnt defend.... well find me 1 team that doesnt bring back their tallest striker to counter the threat of an inrushhing center half???? its basci tactical Knowledge, we werent exactly going to put McVeigh on Stubbs were we? jas :)
  24. I have never heard any racist chanting at Carrow Road... I too am a season ticket holder at the club, i sit in the barclay, i join in with all the songs... i would NEVER join in with a racist song.... if i heard racism at Carrow Road i would stand up, and inform a steward or police man... Beelsie is talking Rubbish as far as i am Concerned.. so we call Wayne Rooney a porker.... do u think Wayne Rooney goes home and cries about it???? or do u think wayne Rooney goes home, looks at his 40,000 a week pay check and Laughs at us all????? if it were me i''d choose the latter option.... If i was a footballer and on a huge wage then i dont care what people chant at me... i get in a week what some of them get in 4 years, and im only working 90 minutes.... i didnt hear anything whatsoever though directed at Yobo... i know a chant of "we shoot burglars" started up a few times... thats not racist... but if the word "gippo" was used at all, then some people consider this to be a racialist comment... I was sitting lower Tier about Row 8, and neither me nor my mate heard anything untoward. i would certainly report anything immediately if i did... jas :)
  25. lets not forget, Derby at home... we come back from 1-0 down to win 2-1 with 10 men, and not a single loan player, on the pitch... that to me suggests alot about the current squad, the gutsyness and determination... i said on another message board if we dotn sign them permanently it wont be a disaster... what we needed last season was a kick up the backside and to be more attacking, and thats precisely what we have got... the most affordable loan signing would be Harper, i dont think Hucks or Crouch will be signed permanently, as transfer fee and wages could bleed the club dry :( jas :)
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