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  1. Captain Clap himself....At least he tried...
  2. assuming Fulham and Preston don''t match us point for point.Win after win and Irvine becomes manager.. 12 months later the fans turn on him and we end up goingvround in a circle.Maybe 2-3 years mid table mediocrity might make our fans more patient...
  3. Another one we spent so much on who flattered to deceive... Won''t be missed
  4. Ahh Celtic. A team guarenteed to win the league and to play against Europe''s elite...Must be a tough call for average players to make.So... mid table championship then... what can we offer that Celtic can''t?
  5. good servant as a player but, as history has shown, an absolute "bawbag" of a person as they say in his parts.would be a sad day if someone with Malky''s "ethic" became manager
  6. [quote user="CJ"] He sorted this club out before and can do it again[/quote] Did he? I wonder what Alan Bowkett would say to that....
  7. maybe the manager they want doesn''t want to work with a DOF, or the Dof isn''t happy with the potential appointment.We''ll spend the next 3 weeks blundering before appointing Schteve...
  8. McNally''s bullsh*t caught up with him in the end.Lambert apart he didn''t exactly get it right did he?
  9. the swiftness of the Rowett deal could have been because they were talking before they sacked Schteve?I don''t think he was available by the time AN got the push
  10. forest in talks with Warbs, Rowett likely off to Derby and Pards ruled out. It''s going to be Schteve isn''t it?
  11. I''ve said before we should look abroad, different way of thinking, playing and coaching as well as knowledge of players we may know nothing about.Some may see it as a risk, but you could say that about Rowett, Warburton or anyone.
  12. Delia''s on the phone to Schteve as we speak....
  13. To be fair, all Balls says in the Radio Norfolk interview is we restruvture the football side post Neil.There''s no mention of wholesale board/club changes.
  14. [quote user="Barclay seats 4849 the 3rd"]Ffs are you that bloke who was on canary call all those years ago ?? " what do they do at colney Neil ?" No wonder you had to change your name , who are you "Jiz" the Barclay wan. King ?[/quote]The debate has only been strengthened with your contribution...i love how you continue the discussion succinctly and with valid points.
  15. If that had been a Blackburn player on Dijks the fans would scream blue murder.Clear red.. no debate. Lucky it didn''t break his leg
  16. chops and nightfly... put the hand bags away girls eh?Or take it to private message...Conceived at Mousehold - who said investment had to be foreign?And even if it was for every Pompey and Blackburn theres a Watford and Bournemouth....
  17. you don''t have to apply for something you''ve already got...
  18. [quote user="A Load of Squit"][quote user="Syteanric"]"Sack the board" sounded loud and many on the radio.Its begun and it aint gonna be pretty....The Smiths haven''t had this before. How will they react? [/quote] Facinating insight from the guy listening on the wireless.No wonder you''re no longer ''the Barclay king''. [/quote]Thank you for your valued and well thought out response, your wit is unparallelled and we simply cannot contest such intelliect...
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