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  1. [quote user="Greavsy"]Blimey how many secret footballers are there? It''s almost a team, which would make the team sheet interesting reading!!!![/quote]its David Kitson...all the books are a fantastic read!
  2. [quote user="Greavsy"]Syteanric wrote the following post at 11/05/2017 6:26 PM: course they were.. course they were... :) because the club wouldn''t meet in a location half way between Fleetwood and Norwich to do business... they''d instead do it just off the ring road in a public location for everyone to see... Whilst I''ve never been interviewed for a football manager/coach job, I''ve never known an interview where the prospective employer meets the applicant half way![/quote]read " the Secret Footballer".. you''ll be suprised just how it works at the top level of the game.didn''t we interview Alex Neil away from Norwich?
  3. course they were.. course they were... :)because the club wouldn''t meet in a location half way between Fleetwood and Norwich to do business...they''d instead do it just off the ring road in a public location for everyone to see..."Uwe is in the building...""he''s signing tomorrow..."
  4. Monk to be offered a 5 year deal at Leeds according to various sources, including this very website.he''d have been my first choice.Schteve is still available....Surely Webber wouldn''t.. would he?
  5. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Pathetic post djc. If we were comfortably winning then yes, if not we want more of a specialist.[/quote]how many goalkeepers do you see miss penalties?The technique of kicking through the ball for goal kicks is perfect for penalties, hence why so many keepers score them.
  6. [quote user="Ginja"][quote user="Syteanric"]or theres Kodi and TVturk... which are free...[/quote]...which don''t have every game for your club in the Championship and in HD. This will and I''m happy to pay, shame it won''t be available in the UK, not that geo-restrictions have ever stopped me [;)][/quote] Yes it will be on Kodi for free... because someone will just stream from the channel through all the services available.
  7. I personally think it will be a ''Landslide'' victory in the playoffs for them.
  8. They said it wasn''t ability and down to finances with Ruddy. However he''s been loyal to the club and something tells me he''d have been willing to negotiate. I think it''s a mix of Webber potentially seeing Rudd as 1st choice, plus the fact JR''s heart just isn''t in it anymore. The Everton injury had a bigger impact than we know. Interesting McGovern and Jones are both kept ahead of him...
  9. John Fashanu is a horrible man and poor excuse for a human Watch the documentary by his daughter, Amari, Justins neice for further evidence. R i p Justin... hero to many for many reasons..
  10. where in the rule book does it say you have to play your best side every week?Huddersfield broke no rules... fair play to them.
  11. i said on here a couple of months ago that Norwich is a grave yard of ambition. A place players who are no longer good enough or simply don''t have the hunger for it come for an easy pay day.Yes I would include Howson, Wes and Klose in that too. Any quality is snapped up but at every transfer window we fail to attract quality.Many of the players have been here for years, we seem lumbered as no one else wants them.I agree re Ruddy - a shadow of the keeper we first signed, he crumples rather than dives for saves. No longer seems to have the command he once had. I wouldn''t be suprised if he''s either 2nd (or 3rd) choice next season or even not here.The first thing Webber needs to do is change the ethos... from costa del Norwich to "work or you''re out".The shameful thing for me is that the board allowed the club to turn into the graveyard it is.
  12. Its a crazy stat. With todays computerised entry it''s not hard to get official figure. What if only 16''000 turn up one day?
  13. it seems so Flashman.Why haven''t the same players (mostly) done it for the last 3 managers?There''s not going to be a comfort zone anymore
  14. for some it will be too little too late today.For others they need to show this kind of form more often.A wake up call for the players. Lets hope Webber can deliver.
  15. he''s basically playing league 1 standard football...The eredivisie has been shocking for years.Found his level...If he''d stayed with us he''d still not have scored.Utter sh*te.
  16. lack of discipline, something we''ve struggled with all season.
  17. [quote user="Fraz"]Also as the role of ''Head coach'' would be generally seen in English football as a more junior role to the conventional manager of a football club.[/quote]this to me seems we are going down the leagues and trying to get someone without "big club" experience. the DOF or Head of football or whatever they are will be basically baby stepping them through
  18. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]Who will have final say on player recruitment?  Managing Director?  Sporting Director?  Head Coach? A N Other?[/quote]I would imagine the sporting director...and here''s where it could get difficult"i''ve signed you a striker on loan, there''s a clause he has to play 30 games a season.."or"i''ve got you a centre back to strengthen but the downside of it is i''ve had to sell Johnny Howson, listen I know he''s been your best player but you''ll get by i''m sure"the "head coach" will be a yes man.
  19. [quote user="keelansgrandad"][quote user="Rogue Baboon"]2 things. 1. Fair play to Burnley. By far & away the club with the ''least'' money in the Prem, they have had a brilliant season & the yoyo-ing has finally paid off. 2. Ipswich, Marcus Evans, 625mil! Just shows how meaningless an owners wealth is. They haven''t even got any more players they can sell![/quote] As an aside to Burnley, I guy I played golf with yesterday is a die hard Claret and said apart from his free kick, Brady has done nothing to improve the team and in fact was on the bench last game and did we want him back?[/quote]Average players in poor teams always look good.Brady was just that...
  20. They wanted Rowett...They are now desperately trying to find a plan B.Once again they''ve insulted our intelligence and made themselves look stupid.You really couldn''t make it up.Smith out.
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