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  1. so let me get this straight....Club announces it has no money... club then announces if you don''t sit down you''ll lose your seat so the club can sell it again and make money... Club will not refund you season ticket cost so has 2 lots of money....anyone would think we had an ex shadow chancellor on the board...
  2. something as wrong as the official Facebook page has a completely different line up - Gunn; Pinto (c), Hanley, Klose, Stiepermann; Reed, Vrancic; Murphy, Maddison, Pritchard; Oliveira. Subs: McGovern (GK), Zimmermann, Jerome, Watkins, Hoolahan, Wildschut, Trybull.
  3. park in Lakenham, no on street restrictions and a 20 minute stroll to the ground!
  4. [quote user="dylanisabaddog"]Chase purchased control of Norwich City for £60,000 and sold to Delia for several million. [/quote]Watling... he sold it to Geoffrey Watling.. not Delia and MWJ.
  5. Maybe wasn''t a fan of Webber coming in. We played some decent football under him.
  6. Alan Irvine... His record as Norwich manager P10 w5 d2 lost 3 f23 a 12. 17 points out of a possible 30 only 3 times did we fail to score more than once in a game. And only twice did we fail to score completely. Why was he not given more consideration for the role?
  7. last season he was dancing whilst the team were losing. Nice to know his saturdays weren''t spent at Carrow rd but he still had a say in how things were done.Because of course not being there means he''s more than qualified...
  8. this is the same board/owners that gave us Roeder, Grant, Gunn and Adams....
  9. It doesn''t matter if he goes does it? The board won''t get the right man in... Does anyone trust them anymore?
  10. Because the past wasn''t his fault.B*****s to the past! Why isn''t he putting it right now?
  11. Is an absolute joke! Chancer hired by a clueless board who bought in a reserve team manager and 4th division players hoping he''d get lucky again. Farke might not be the man for the job (i''m not sure he is) but Webber is an absolute joke! Signed the players, bought in the coaches, changed the scouting set up and we''ve become a laughing stock. ''Webberlution'' my ar$e...
  12. webber signed the players and sourced Farke!Webber is also responsible. He can go and talk sh!t somewhere else.
  13. The only muscle we''ve got in the team...Trybull needs a minder and Reed is a runt...Tettey would have been perfect against Cardiff tonight...
  14. Why did the Smiths turn down Peter Cullum''s offer of investment then tell us there is no investment out there? Why have we not been told the real reason the Turners, who ran a similar business to Cullum, left around the time his offee was rejected? We spiralled into league 1 not long after.... #deliaout
  15. a UK  blackout.... if only there was a way for me to be in Brazil in about an hour.....I''ll have to Virtually consult my Private Network...
  16. [quote user="king canary"]Don''t we count season ticket holders automatically? So for it to be that low we''ve either got less season ticket holders than I thought or we''ve stopped doing it.[/quote]Not for a few years KC. The digital entry thing keeps numbers.
  17. One of the river end corners was empty almost. That must be a good 1000. There were 5 empty seats next to me and a few dotted around tge ground. We''re still a way off the 14000 gates of 20 years ago
  18. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Syteanric"][quote user="0"]We''re far too good for relegation this season.[/quote]no one''s too good for relegation...[/quote]I think Wolves might just survive this term[/quote]millwall were 2nd at this stage in 1995...They finished 23rd.
  19. [quote user="pete"]It was Murphy and I fail to see how you might confuse him with Oliviera, there is a blatant difference. I cannot believe you failed to mention Zimmerman''s failure to get the ball safe that led to the corner from which the equaliser came. Another example of the Zim costing us points needs to be axed.[/quote]agreed.I went today. Zimmerman switched off with the ball at his feet. Poor defending and the goal was his fault as he forced us to give away a needless corner.I was arguing with someone on here about him coming from the German 4th division.... He was solid mostly today but that was a 4th division mistake
  20. [quote user="Inch High aka Inchy.."]Do your friends call you"made it up Mike"?[/quote]is he brother to "good news Gordon"?''Shola is in the building!''
  21. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="Syteanric"][quote user="alex_ncfc"][quote user="Dean Coneys boots"]Our board are to modern football what Juliet bravo is to modern television. They are well beyond their usefulness and sell by date and are now holding the club back. Attempting to go it alone under a localised model of management in an era of global football is naive and we are seeing the fruit. So many wasted opportunities- they got lucky with lamber and have since taken us back to flirting with relegation to L1 having squandered millions on average past it players. They need to go. That some people cannot accept that is crazy. Next year we lose even more money and the few decent players we currently have go too. Then what? Not even sure there are three worse teams than us this year!! Board please sell the club and say goodbye. The early 90s called and want you back.[/quote] Spot on, DCB. They seem to think they are doing this noble practice of keeping it all local etc, whereas the reality is we are being left behind, way, way behind. There are probably clubs in Leagues One and Two who have more forward thinking boards and owners than we do, because apparently no one can invest in Norwich City FC unless they know all of the words to On The Ball City and live within the Norfolk borders. [/quote]indeed there are Alex.I wonder where the likes of Shrewsbury Town will be in a decade compared to us.[/quote]Still in Shropshire at a guess.[/quote]with the way the games going today they''ll be premiership champions and playing their "home" games in Beijing!
  22. [quote user="Capt. Pants"]Heart doesn''t seem in at all. Time to cut our losses in January?[/quote]that would leave us with just 1 striker at the club..That Striker is Cameron Jerome. Yesterdays man if ever there was one.the club have said they aren''t going to sign a striker in January (madness!) so both Cam Jam and Nelson will be here in May.
  23. originally posted as a joke this thread title is becoming worrying....
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