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  1. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38542127?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&ns_source=facebook&ns_linkname=sport Can any of the more senior posters remember him?
  2. Our board are taking the pee with our prices aren''t they?
  3. [quote user="wcorkcanary"]Its not his fault though. Can''t blame it on him this time.[/quote] Yes it is.... he farted on a Thursday 9 years ago... look how it ended up!
  4. Jerome started the season well but lost his way, Nelson has hit form and deserves his place. Lets not bash Neil simply for the sake of it..... dare I say it but he''s got it right striker wise
  5. We aren''t going to trouble the playoff places this season so lets see how far we can go in the cup. Few quid in the bank and a giant killing might tempt a potential new signing.
  6. You share gate receipts in the fa cup. 12000 fans paying £25 is going to pay the gas bill i''m sure
  7. [quote user="Number 9"]Dave, a quick tip for you. If it''s football related and you say "why why why" then you are obligated to put the name Delilah at the end. Thanks[/quote] Picture of Delia....r ;)
  8. Tg not around?? Be thankful Just be thankful!
  9. I''ve often thought it doesn''t need tv replays, just some Refs to swallow their pride and talk to the lino who is often better placed.
  10. If this was ''Football Manager'' then A N needs to use the ''guard against complacency'' option now. Lord Nelson!
  11. Is getting fed up it seems... https://mobile.twitter.com/sergicanos/status/814160551458865152
  12. Lessingham, no way in hell will Hucks take the job
  13. Vanwink... that''s a scary thought isn''t it?
  14. We''ve lost 10 games already this season. Pretty much non existant playoff hopes now. It would take title winning form to get anywhere near. Brighton and Newcastle will both amass at least 85 points I think. You''ll need 75 to hit the playoffs.
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