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  1. Good question Chip. If a managers out of work then they weren''t very good... why should we hire them?
  2. Good to see Adrian Forbes ''my lord'' still involved... Oooh Lord Adrian Forbes!
  3. Ever get the feeling this has been planned from the start?
  4. I was 11 in 1992 and didn''t really ''get'' it back then.... i knew it was special though. My dad said we''d never have it again... he was/is right...
  5. Ahh yes. The man who oversaw 2 avoidable relegations and took a bonus for one of them after making the fans look like idiots with his ''relegation is worse than death'' t*rd he came out with. I''ll keep with the silence thanks.
  6. Wildschutt has signed. Still no centreback, still no striker.
  7. Indeed it Seats... But streaming is not downloading hence no copyright infringement. If they could stop it they would have by now.... time to change the PPV or subscription model and take advantage of ''tailored TV''
  8. Olsson and Brady gone. Just Dijks in (on loan). Supposing he gets injured we still have no left back. Will we bring in a further loan once the window shuts?
  9. I don''t... Kodi, Mobdro or good ole fadhioned T''internet! Anyone paying for sky is a fool
  10. New signing, they say he''s so good we won''t even know he''s here...He''ll be announced tomorrow morning by Jez, along side our new foreign import "gowith Whatwehave"
  11. it restricts freedom of movement, which Bosman was bought in for.I''m suprised no player has challenged it through the courts.Take Payet, if he''d been unhappy in September why should he wait til January to move?In any other walk of life you can leave your employer whenever you like!Payet must have had an impact on the entire squad which would upset game plans etc... surely for everyones benefit just move him on?
  12. You''ve got more chance of some random punter signing than Grabban coming back
  13. We''ve lost a few notable people over the last year but John Hurt was one of the first to make me very sad. voice that just grabbed you, A British legend and one of the best acting talents we ever produced. He loved Norfolk, and Norfolk loved him. R i P John Merrick/Ollivander/Kane/Hazel/Aragorn/dragon in Merlin and the War Doctor - "great men are made in fire, it is the honor of the lesser man to light it"
  14. Or are we papering over the cracks with no transfers arriving and (seemingly) no depth coming to the squad?
  15. Welcome aboard! As a long time readef you''ve probably seen how some threads can be.. Strap yourself in!
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