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  1. A club with a history of upsetting the big boys, playing attractive football, if not always winning and getting results when unlikely.Used to be a staple of the Norwich City ''way'' before the life was sucked out of us.Someone on Canary Call said we''ve got players here who''ve been here a long time. Nice to see loyalty? Well it us, but the fact no one wants these players, we make no attempt to improve them and they don''t work indicates to me they no longer have the passion.We''re a team of nearly men and players who''ve realised they aint gonna make it in the game anymore. No passion, but a steady pay check and no effort, they don''t want it enough... not any more.The club is happy to maintain the status quo, "family club" "friendly club" scared of the money men and hoping to prove them wrong with a fading dream no longer acheieveable in the modern game.A new manager will make little difference unless he''s backed to sign a beand new starting 11 next season.Jerome said it himself.. players who have played at international tournaments, the champions league, wembley finals and the Premiership.If they wanted it enough they''d still have it.So..change the sign, instead of "welcome to Norwich - a fine city" make it "welcome to Norwich... grave yard of ambition"Didn''t they used to be some body?
  2. Look abroad for the next manager.Different way of thinking, coaching and playing.Board won''t ever take the "risk" though.
  3. I''ve said on here before at some stage history becomes irrelevant as people move on. The last 5 years have been mismanaged and the warning signs are there as to how its going to end. I predict we''ll be down to 18000 crowds in 3 years.
  4. [quote user="Jamie Witherspoon"]But they don''t.[/quote]where would you like to see the Football club in 5 years?and from there, where do you think it will be?
  5. 20 years ago the Evening news ran the headline "Let Chase know it''s time to go"...are they feeling brave enough to do something similar for Delia now?
  6. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"][quote user="Syteanric"]Be careful what you wish for....[/quote]Why?[/quote] Do you really think our board will be brave and hire a decent replacement now it''s delia and Tom calling the shots? Or will they give it to Ricky Martin?
  7. Pritchard out for the last few games, would he better fit ahead of Wes on Saturday?
  8. think of the bragging at work in the morning!!!Ard men.... one and all.
  9. Most throw ins are foul throws at the top level of the game. You could give nearly every single one.
  10. Its not about how many we get but if the teams above us are going to slip up. Wednesday are 7 points ahead. Could be 10 by the end of the day. Barring a cataclysmic side by 3 teams (ensuring we overtake and pick up enough) then it''s time to give up dreaming this season.
  11. Wings of a sparrow. Cheer up Georgy Burley (cheer up Mick Mcarthy fits well too!) Hand grenade. Someone needs to educate the kids in the barclay on the classics!
  12. Lambert took a side too good for league 1 out of it then rode the crest of a massive wave in the championship. He left before he got found out.... but then isn''t that what a savvy manager should do? Redknapp and Allardyce are 2 examples
  13. Yes because the players will party the night before the game with the manager, coaches and club officials all watching.... The person who wrote that tweet needs to really consider where their life is at the moment
  14. Nearly 2 0..... not even 5 gone. If they get another before 15 minutes we might be asking how many.
  15. Someone needs to maintain the site for it to appear. Do Archant even remember this place?
  16. Jack should get a wider spread of opinion from fans rather than just sticking to his mates pointless rambling. That Chris doesn''t half spout some sh*t!
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