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  1. like it or not the rot started when they gave Dippy Dave a bonus for "hitting targets" upon relegation when Hughton was manager...if you reward failure then failure is what you''ll ultimately get rewarded with.... Alex Neil apart (who took us up) its been disaster after disaster under McNally, Moxey and now Webber....

  2. [quote user="Crafty Canary"]You are quite right the board is not to blame. The sycophant general, Dick Mennis, made it clear that the current set up was all Delia''s idea and she wasn''t having a majority vote on it.

    Now we shouldn''t blame Delia either at this stage with just 4 games gone. It may well turn out alright but we need to give it time. This includes possibly more than one season. Mid-table or better should be acceptable this season.[/quote]I think Dick Mennis made that up...No way i  hell did Delia plan Webber and Farke up.

  3. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Baldyboy"]Apparently Barnsley are in talks with some Chinese investors with regards to a takeover.

    I wonder how many of their fans are saying we don''t want any foreign investment like a lot of posters do on here![/quote]Using Barnsley as a stick to beat our club with is a new low even for Baldy.Who will it be next? "I wish we were Chesterfield"?[:''(] [:''(] [:''(][/quote]

    Fa cup Semi Finalists who forced a replay 20 years ago.....

    Us on the other hand....


  4. if he is the new manager then lets all welcome him with open arms.I''m excited about a foreign manager, different way of coaching, thinking and hopefully this will improve the team.no guarantee any manager will be a success but until he''s in the role none of us are going to know!Dortmund are an established top level side and I doubt very much they hire bad coaches.

  5. Not the best player we''ve ever had but certainly not the worst!

    Scored a few lets not forget and filled in unfamiliar roles when needed.

    As a few have already said he''s a good honest pro who never complained, did his best and never shirked. Theres a few who could learn from him at all levels!

    Good luck Whitts!

  6. 36 years old, playing in the scottish equivalent of our league 1.

    Great player for us but with Nelson and Jerome ahead of him do we want to waste wages on an ageing player who''s best years are gone, for sentiment, or do we look to get someone 10 years younger who can bring more to the table for longer?