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  1. from reading the guardian article you have to wonder if Due Dilligence was done on Sampson when he replaced Hope Powell in 2013.We will most likely never know what the allegations are, however the FA are pretty clear on whats gone on and have acted.Sampson seemed pretty cocksure of himself during the euros and his while attitude was "we just need to turn up to win" which spilled into the team mindset for the Semi''s vs The Netherlands.Prats like him give us coaches who do work in the female game a bad rep.

  2. [quote user="A Load of Squit"][quote user="Let the wookiee win"]Still available as does not currently have a club. Be a great option to come off the bench. If the wages can be agreed by both parties a one year or pay as you play deal could suit.[/quote]Do pay as you play deals exist?

    [/quote]https://www.inbrief.co.uk/football-law/pay-as-you-play/Apparently so Dicky...you do wonder who REALLY benefits out of them...

  3. [quote user="Syteanric"][quote user="Clint"]It''s amazing what a bit of confidence and playing in a team that suit your game, can do![/quote]its amazing what 5 managers in 3 different countries all with very contrasting stuyles of quality can decide too.the Dutch league is about league 2 standard (Ajax apart) Ricky has found his level.[/quote]even more so now he is at Switzerland.

  4. you make fair comments Indy.Little bit harsh on Mbokani who genuinely wanted to be here and was head and shoulders ahead of any of our other strikers that season...If we''d had him last season i''d wager Alex Neil would still be here and we''d be a top flight club...we''ll never know!the appointment of Webber is to take the heat off the board and Farke is the fall guy. the sooner fans see that all Webber does is protect Nepotism Tom from any flack at all the better.

  5. [quote user="Jools"]Frustrating that Farke plays his prefered formation and chooses to field Hoolahan on the right of a 4-1-4-1 that requires wingers, then leaves Watkins on the bench and Wildschut doesn''t even make the squad.I take it Wildschut''s injured?[/quote]it says a lot about the club if you thunk Yanick Wildschut should be anywhere near the starting lineup...