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  1. dont give worthy 15 games! if a new manager comes in then its going to take him 4 or 5 matches to bed in, get his way of thinking accross, get the players used to him etc.... By then its 21 games played.. nearly half a season.. it could be too late to mount a promotion push...

     Dean Ahstons new contract will count for nowt if he gets fed up of our rubbish performances and decides to fly the nest, same for Greeno.. the big boys will still be banging on the door in januray.. and the offers could be too tempting for a bottom of the table Canary..

    Worthy needs to go now! or atleast within the next 3 games...

     I dont buy this "who to replace him" rubbish... Worthy had no track record when we appointed him.. but he did well, now however hes taken a step back and wrecked a squad that took us up with players who dont seem as though they want to be here. Also, i feel that any manager will apply for the job, we are a good club with fantastic players and great prospects and the right manager WILL take us up and keep us there... Step forward Ian Holloway...

    Hucks has been off the boil this season, as has flemmo, but worthys golden boys wont be dropped, he persists with these "stars" in the hope they will do something amazing.. Hucks isnt undroppable.. Id sooner see Paul McVeigh trying his hardest to score.. not throwing himself to the floor like a prima donna then whinging because he didnt get a foul, walking back onside and delaying us attacking chances, or being forced off the pitch for a throw in.. like a certain "star player" does week in week out

    Get Worthy out now! dont wait until its too late.. forget Prudence with Ambition on this occasion, "Live by the sword Die by the sword" or "he who dares wins" are more appropriate


  2. Syteanric

    Resign Today!.

    whoever said they were going to bring Wizards post up in may...

     I hope you do, then we can see how the new Norwich manager (id like to see Ian Holloway, Paul Sturrock, or Martin Allen) has taken us from being a joke to a damned decent premiership outfit


  3. Syteanric

    Are we missing Damien Francis

    did worthy get rid of the right of the right player???? im starting to think no... we are missing the creativity, the hight, the weight, the goal threat, the ability to switch wing quickly and the ability to appear in the box pulling a defender away from ashton...

     Worthy should of got rid of McKenzie im starting to think and keep damo. too late now, and if we dont buck up it could cost worthy his job


  4. a few months ago i probably would of disagreed with you about this. now however im not sure, i was a big worthy fan and thought that maybe he was going to be the man to take us forward.

     However, the way i see it now he has lost the plot. he makes changes when its too late, the signings hes made dont seem to be up to it, he refuses to admit the squad is lacking, hes reliant on certain "golden boys" and picks them regardless of constant poor games where he will drop someone after 1 bad game (EG safri).

     He comes out with the same piffle after every game about his passion and commitment etc.. i think hes inuslting the fans intelligence... true when he says people pay good money to see the team.. but the people paying the money can also see when the team isnt performing and needs changing.. if 26,000 non-football managers can see it then why cant worthington?

     He''s too headstrong, up himself, and doesnt like anyone who questions him or stands up to him... its going to be his downfall


  5. Syteanric

    Neil Adams

    yes he is employed by teh club


    he coaches the kids.. under 12s i think??? not sure but i know he works for NCFC in a coaching capacity..


    ergo he cant slag anyoneoff... biting the hand that feeds u etc.

    Replace him with Iwan!


  6. Syteanric

    Why its time for change

    Some very very good points have been made about worthington here, and the "feel good factor" at Carrow Road.

    People mention the likes of Edders, Iwan, Malky all being gone.. good honest pro''s who knew how to play the game and all played crucial parts in our promotion season.

    Worthys complete lack of acceptance of either taking the blame, admitting the team isnt up to much, or changing things when it isnt going right point to someone who cant accept they are at fault.

     the first point of football is to learn from your mistakes, own up to them, and move on and try and put it right for the next game, not stick with the same tried and tested format in the hope that ytou will girnd out a result.

     He comes out with the same pish-posh as has been said by someone elsewhere, after every game.. the players must think its fine to not perform as long as they show "passion" and "good work ethic".


    whoever said we have a team of footballers and not a team is right. Worthington cant make them gel, its alright going on about "remaining positive" but positive isnt going to stick the ball in the net is it?

    face it, Worthy HAS to go. if we dont win monday then its 2 weeks for the usual rubbish to be spouted at colney and for the fans to start getting fed up, lose to plymouth or fail to beat them and we go into the Ipswich match with Worthington facing what could seal his fate.

    the clock is ticking


  7. Syteanric

    2 pm press conference

    Great news...

    we cant swear on this board which is good but what i will say is "go forth and multply messrs Pearce, Jewell and Pardew" lol!


  8. Syteanric

    the midfield and Jarrett

    Safri will only go to the African nations if Worthington lets him surely. He could do an Alex ferguson and Veto him dissapearing for 2/3 months of the season, although the african nations does take place in January when the transfer window will be open again for any team strengthening.

     as for saying someone in the youth team may not be physically ready, well you could ask the same question of Both Jarvis'', Shacks, Hendo, or last season Danny Crow. i admit i dont see much reserve or youth football but some on here do and im sure can put forward 1 or 2 suggestions.

     as for Dixon Etuhu, would Preston be wanting to sell their prized asset to a promotion rival? Gary Mcsheffrey at Coventry might be a good buy, or even Kevin Cooper from the other scum (wolves) we know what he can do from his time here onloan initially, and he''d be fairly cheap as well id think, and probably wont featuremuch for wolves this season


  9. Syteanric

    the midfield and Jarrett

    unfortunately i wasnt there saturday.. my cousin conveniantly arranged his Wedding, in hampshire, for the 1st game of the season.

    i still dont think we need to go spending money unnecessarily when we have the options already..and therews always the youth team, just because we have money doesnt mean we need to use it.


  10. Syteanric

    AJ on saturday

    get clever and get Louis-jean to pace him down.. no worries... ilaughed at getting the Comment about Getting Andy hughes to Scythe him down.. my kind of play!



  11. [quote]Bored at work, scanning the BBC website to find this---> On Friday Ellington''s agent Tony Finnegan confirmed Albion were interested in Ellington.


    the blokes a trouble maker for both his players and clubs, surely something can be done about this?

  12. Syteanric

    the midfield and Jarrett

    i cant understand how everyone is saying the Midfield is week.

    for a start the only midfielder we have out is Saffers (admittedly Marney is 50/50 but im sure he will make the bench tommorow at least).

     People are worrying just because worthy has put Simon charlton in themiddle, but the fact is we have Jarrett, Marney, Hughes, Safri, Colin, McVeigh is still here and lets not forget the ''petrol station rumour mongeror'' himself Jim Brennan.

    thats 6 midfielders, 4 in the center and 2 out wide (Colin and brennan) with the option of either hughes or marney wide then we have versatility all over the middle of the park.

     As for saying we havent got a creative midfielder, did anyone actually see Jason Jarretts passing vs inter milan???? he was spraying the ball out all over the pitch and he can run, tackle and score goals. he looks the part.

    our midfield is actaully no bigger this season then it was last when we had Jonson, Francis, Holt, Mullers, McVeigh, Helveg

    i see no reason to worry


  13. Syteanric

    Now this is loyality Francis!.

    if i was to leave my job and join another comapny that could pay me more would i be considered a disloyal money grabbing Judas????


    no, at kleast id hope not, Leave Francis alone.... he''s gone, he wants to play in the premiership.. fair play to him... I take it if we sell greeno he will get the same treatment? Supposing we dont go up and offload half the team to premiership clubs as thats where they want to play... will they be "judas''s" too?


  14. Syteanric

    time to get stuff off the chest

    does anone else think its a sad state of affairs that only 4 of those players are still at the club? Successful teams keep their players together for years.


  15. utter rubbish regarding shacks..... He is getting over the mumps, my mate was at Colney watching them train last week.. he still isnt 100% right and hasnt trained that much but will be back soon

    and id doubt Jim Brennan is going to tell any old Joe in the street why anyone has been dropped.

    Must say i do agree that worthy throws his toys out the pram tho, fell out with Iwan, Fell out with Edders, Fell out last season with Charly.... i wonder if he has a fall oput with a mr Huckerby or a Mr Ashton what the outcome will be?

     Worthy needs to stop sulking and be a better man manager.. Mike walkers Tact with Dave Stringers tactical nous is whats needed.

     I do thionk that managers should take a tough line on whingers and players who think they should be in the team, Dropping them maybe isnt the answer... but making them run a few laps round the training pitch on their ownfor an hour or 3 might be#

    if players are going to act like children then they should expecxt to be treated like them.


  16. Syteanric

    Team/Club Captain

    shacks... he shows leadership qualities already, i noticed last season he was waving the defence up, issuing instructions, pointong etc... our form imporved when he was in the team remember



  17. Syteanric

    Fans squad number

    it was rediculous! like that competiton some teams had 2 or 3 years ago where u could of won a contract with your club for a year and train with them etc... your never likely to get a game.. Preston had this chap listed in their squad in the programme and everything.


    but having "13 - the fans" i thought was stupid... we know how much of a contribution the fans make to a club by how many bums are on seats every week.. giving them a fictional shirt is not going give them any sort of uber powers



  18. Syteanric

    Dive, Dive, Dive...

    im not so sure.. the referees at this level know all about him from his Birmingham and Palace days and will be keeping a close eye... he wont get so many penalties this season...

     and if he gets 40 goals then i''ll streak at the last home game vs Wolves! (oo err!!! :crazy



  19. Syteanric

    How Many Times?

    spot on there Louie!

     People go on about Damos "non existant" performances but lets remember that it was his goal that sunk WBA in february, it was his cross that led deano to score vs Palace in March, it was his committed display at Newcastle at home that led to our fight back...

     Infact last season i thought there was a period between October and December where Darren Huckerby was pretty much non existant for us and was putting in lethargic displays on a weekly basis, yet not one murmer of disgust was raised at "golden boy" was it?

     any manager worth his salts would of dropped him, unless of course his head was right!!!!

     I notice that the hipocrytes who were booing Francis vs inter were the same ones who were applauding him as the game went on... i made that point to these people in the barclay only to be told where to go... as they then continued to applaud francis after readily booing him just minutes earlier.

    Good luck to Damo if he does join Wigan, yes he can be a bit lazy at times, but he was one of the reasons we went up, and one of the reasons we almost stayed up too... Fulham wasnt just his fault, which the local press seem incapable of comprehending, theres 11 players in a team and 10 of them (excluding Ashton who did well) let this city, this club, and its fans down.

     All too often Norwich fans have to find a scapegoat, a player who doesnt fit in, a player to riddicule and cajoule when a pass goes astray,  Llewellyn, Henderson, Francis etc.. if you want these players to do as u ask then try encouraging them not slagging them off!

     If Damo does decide to leave then good luck to him, I hope he does well at Wigan, if he stays he will continue to give the good performances he has given in the past.

     Also, it seems to me that certain individuals in the Local media, Press and Radio seem to want Damo to leave just so they can find a critical story to write.  Rather than reporting on the fact, and the event when, and if it happens, they write or speak (in the case of TV) that it has already happened. This isnt professional and turning the fans against Francis, No wonder his head is messed if external influences are turning people against him.


  20. Syteanric

    Please help!!

    i have got Pictures of upton park, Goodison, White hart Lane and st Andrews...


    i can write about a few aways and pretty much all the home games (have missed only 2 this season.. the 1st 2 i have missed in 8 years )

    i would expect an acknowledgement or a writing credit in the blurb or cover notes, or on the first page.


  21. Syteanric

    5 year season tickets

    i have got one, has anyone else?

     I payed for mine by direct debit last year and have the receipts for the next 5 seasons worth which i got when i payed for them. However, i have not heard anything else about when i should expect next seasons card automatically. i received the renewal forms in February or whenever it was, and emailed the club (couldnt get through on the phones at the time) but they never replied to my questions.

     Did any other 5 year holders get the forms? im getting a bit panciky that come the first home game of next season i might not have my usual seat! im going to the beam back tommorow so might pop in the ticket office and ask.

    Im just wondering what everyone else has received, or even the 3 year season ticket holders, did u all receive renewal forms when u still have 3 years left to run?


  22. Syteanric

    Who is leaving?

    i feel a bit sorry for Edders, he clearly wants a new contract, i dont think its a case that he didnt sign straight away, i think its that worthy stalled over offering him a deal, and his Game suffered as a result which has led to him being dropped.. and sadly possibly off loaded, theres goes my 60/1 bet for a goal every week


  23. sounds a good idear.. give it a shot!


    sadly i dont buy a programme and wouldnt see my name in there so would miss out on some prize



  24. Syteanric

    scummers msg board!!

    its not up to me if i allow people to have a laugh or not... feel free, do it, im not going to stop you..


    and i was there when we were poo too, and before then, i have been there every season since 1991 when i attended my first game, have a season ticket every year, i was there when we beat Torquay in front of 3000 people in the 1st round of the league cup.... i was there when we were rock bottom of the 1st division after 5 games in 1999... i was there when we lost 4-0 to Charlton infront of just 9000 people... (where were the other 12,000 we get every week now, back then?)

    post on there if u feel free and whip up "banter", which calling people "ignorant idiots" isnt..


    u werent one of those fans who tried getting us all thrown out at Villa away were u?


  25. Syteanric

    scummers msg board!!

    i know the Owner of the place, hes alright...

    dont go on there and show a lack of intelligence and make NCFC look stupid... its fans like u that give us a bad name and it only invites fans of other clubs to come on here and do the same for us, show ur a respnsible adult and just enjoy the fact we are a division higher

    and will be next season too....