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  1. Syteanric

    What's happened to Ashton?

    he''s waiting for January where he can bid us all a fond farewell


  2. i hope they play this clip regularly.. Several people would of course have heard it and on monday morning it will be a topic of debate at work for lots of us...

    Tuesdays game is going to be very interesting, i wonder what reception worthy will get????? I hope he gets loads and loads of flack.... i think he is capable of snapping like a spolit brat and saying the worng thing completely... HE will oen his mouth and put his foot in it!


  3. Syteanric

    time to take action

    ok... talking on an internet message board isnt going to make a jot of difference to the current situation.

     The fact that worthington has lost alot of supporters now suggests that the wheels are in motion to oust him.. in order to do this fans must be solid and together....

     This rubbish has gone on long enough and now its time to act.. we need to sing for worthington to go... Not the players... i cant fault the players at all in this... they played badly today because of a clueless manager who doesnt know what hes doing..

     We need to sing loud and long to show the board we are united over this... WOrthingtons dragging us down, any fool can see that...

    At hull on Tuesday we should see how the game starts.. if its as rubbish as today then sing long and loud to oust him... Id like to see what pap he spouts then! he''s taking the mick out of us all as it is anyway.... And even protest after the game.. the board say they wont sack him but will have little choice should we get our backs up over the situation.

    For the good of Norwich City Nigel Worthington must go!


  4. The topic starter says he is a barclay boy through and through.. yet claims he listens to games on the radio.. i do wonder just how long hes been a city fan considering it was only 6 years ago that Adams played for us??? or is he another bandwagon jumper?

    Neil adams was a good player, he was no Ruel fox or Darren Eadie but he could cross, worked hard, and chipped in with a fair few goals.. both from the spot and open play.... we could do with someone like him today i thought!


  5. Syteanric

    Anglia News

    u missed the NCFC stuff on the news... the reservoir story was after the football

    I can confirm we were on it at 2:30 and 6:30... and i was on both news stories... when they interview the fans.. i am the 1st person to speak, the shorter one in the black hoody with the city shirt over the top! i got on TV and talked!


  6. Syteanric

    Is Ashton Overrated?

    before today ashton and McKenzie were the only 2 players to have scored for us this season. He isnt over rated... im sure some people only post on here to get a response!

    very few strikers will actually score 1 every 2 games... Rooney doesnt, Van Nistelrooy doesnt, Henry doesnt.. they might gor 2 or 3 games without scoring then get 2 or bang in a hat trick which keeps their average goals to game ratio up.. but very few, if any, players will ever score every other game...


  7. Syteanric

    Turning Point

    I thought we rode our luck at times but a win is a win and we will take it!

    1 game hasnt changed my opinion of Worthy, Lets see how we do in our next 3 or 4 games, starting on Tuesday against Northampton. We have a record of coming a Cropper in the cups against lesser opposition and whilst it might not matter so much this time round id like to see us get a win.

     Next Saturday will be a test against Reading, followed by Hull, we need to play those games in the same manner we played today, take it to them and force them into mistakes and rash clearences/challenges etc and then reap the rewards.

     If we dont build on todays result then its all for nothing as its only bought Worthy just a few more weeks.. the board will point to todays game though as a "saving grace" for him if the rest of the season doesnt go the way we want it to

  8. id sooner have worthy stay then El Tel as manager!!! the mans a long ball advocate.


  9. Syteanric

    The silence is deafening!

    possesion counts for nothing... id sooner we had the ball once in a game, scored and won 1-0 then had the ball all game and never scored.

    but then im of the school that thinks, play badly every week and win is better than play well every week and lose


  10. Syteanric

    What is wrong with Shackle?

    just to point out im a Hendo fan and always have been... i have never booed him... sadly his confidence takes a bashing because certain fans MUST have someone to criticise... and a fast, skillfull player with a dangerous cross who gets stuck in, gets that flack


  11. Syteanric

    Talking sense - let's all try it

    while i do feel Flemmo needs dropping he doesnt need constant flack all the time.. dropping him proves that maybe he isnt up to the standard.. and its either up to him to raise his game or move on...

    Heranguing him for just breathing is a bit daft... lets remember he''s been here since 1997 and has always been solid and dependable in the past.. hes 34 now and the legs maybe are going, it could be that championship football is too fast for him and its time he stepped down a level...


  12. he will go the same way As Keith Briggs... play 1 game in about 20 years before bing sold on...

    I saw him in the Inter Milan game and his passing was superb! knocking it out wide to the feet of the wingers, winning it in the air and strong in the tackle. A similar player to Paul Ince when in his prime... that would make him a good player... and not a yes man for Worthy... ergo he wont get in the team


  13. doesnt anyone find it stragne that worthington does all this before the biggest game of the season when the fans are unhappy with him????

    he''s about 9 months too late.... Its ok trying toSave face now by saying what we maybe want to hear, but any fool can see that worthington is desperate... indeed on this very website the top story... he is close to cracking up... he goes on about standing up and being counted and the fact we need to be a star team... He mentions palace being dead and buried at Xmas when they went up.. its worth Noting Worthy that it took a change of manager to take them up... are u hinting something?

    he is desperate for us to win on sunday as he knows defeat and a poor showing could cost him his job.


  14. Syteanric


    Your right Link... we can all see it.. we all know its going to happen... and i just hope Flemmo can have a mistake free game.. otherwise Worthys got some answering to do


  15. Syteanric

    so we give them the day off

    Roll up Roll up Play for Norwich City......Play a good game and be left on the bench, in the Reserves or in the Boot Room if lucky.

    Play a bad game get a day off and get picked every week!!!!!


  16. Syteanric

    "Are the board immune?"

    yes they should, they should go to Colney and see what goes on for themselves...

    that way they can go into Worthys office and get rid of the poster of footballing "giant" Sven Goran-Erikkson who Worthy clearly models himself on

    seriously, they should start looking to bring in someone new.. then they have done something about it.. Some of the coaches have been here too long and have gone stale, lets get rid...


  17. Syteanric

    What is wrong with Shackle?

    Flemmo is captain and golden boy, therefore, in Worthys eyes, he is undroppable.

    Look at Worthingtons Record in the past. When we first signed Francis he''d be dropped after 1 poor game, but the likes of Holt would continue to play week in week out regardless of poor performances. The same can be said about McVeigh, He had a good game against Plymouth and probably pushed Saffers for the man of the match award only to find himself on the bench on Tuesday.

    Confidence for a player will hit rock bottom. Knowing that regardless what he does he will be replaced when a "golden boy" becomes selectable.

    This means that players get a "cant be bothered" attitude, lose the respect for their manager and dont give 100% for the team knowing that they arent going to play again for weeks even if the "golden child" plays badly on a consistent Basis. I thought if a player did well then they should keep their place in the side as a reward for their efforts! Now im not a football manager, but Worthington is, yet he thinks that not rewarding a player is the way to go... so he must be right

    Also, Worthys reluctance to use Youth is going to back fire, its ok getting a striker in on Loan but how does that make the likes of Henderson and Jarvis feel knowing they are surplus to requirments when we all know what they can do? Jarvis scares the life out of defenders, is fast, strong and capable of scoring from anywhere yet Worthy gets someone who hasnt scored in over 12 months for his club, and spends all his time injured, on loan!! Ludicrous!


  18. Syteanric

    New Signing

    perhaps its African star Kiki Musampas Brother, Chris Musampa (geddit!!???).... this seems far more likely than Darren moore.. who doesnt even play for WBA any more does he???


  19. Syteanric

    What is wrong with Shackle?

    agree with all thats been said.. covering for "grandad flem" is having an effecton shacks own game as he is out of position for attacks due to covering flemmo all the time.. same with Drury.. getting sucked in the middle to cover the old man and leaving the winger with free reign



  20. Martin Allen, Best young manager in the country imo and will takeno Crap from anyone what-so-ever!

    Ian Holloway, very good on a shoe string budget and can get a team promoted as he has done before...

    I cant remember the guys name but the Lincoln manager, has a good reputation in the lower leagues and has been at the imps for 5 seasons, steadily improving them every year with no budget whatsoever... if he can do well with a small tiem club what could he do with a bigger one?


  21. i agree with whats been said.. our squad.. with 1 or 2 exceptions (Hughes, Flemmo, and Lisbie... ok he scored last night but he has the touch of Akinbiyi... wait a few games and see what u all think).


    Worthy doesnt get the best out of them... Someone like DeanMarney should be able to beat every single team in the division on his own.. he seems restricted in what he can do under Worthington.

    I agree the midfield is a bit thin but Worthington doesnt want to address this by using what we have available. Norwich City is a club that has always prided itself on using Youth players... Worthy seems to be adverse to it... Shacks, Ryan Jarvis and Hendo are the only players he has brought through...

    The likes of Crow, Sinclair, Batt, Keith Briggs (not our youth player but a good young prospect.. and signed by worthy in error it seems!), Paul Hayes, all cast adrift when never being given a chance...

     we got rid of Briggs and Batt and had 33 year old Edworthy and 34 year old Helveg.. where is the logic in that? We get rid of Danny Crowe and get the ageing Peter thorne!!!! Worthington is clueless... we have the team we dont have the manager! get anyone with half a grain of tactical nous in before its too late


  22. Given the teams atrocious form, and the lack lustre displays as well as constant mistakes by them and Worthy we now go into the biggest game of the season.

     Ipswich, dare i say it, are a good team, well organised good going forward and capable of winning games.

    We, on the other hand, are shambolic, have no sense of direction, cant pass, cant tackle, cant run and Ashton is the only real goal threat we have... Stop Deano and you stop Norwich.. end of!

     We have had to endure some awful football both last season and this. We had the players to stay up last season, and results towards the tail end prove that if worthy had droped some of his "golden boys" sooner we might of been enjoyign trips to Anfield etc this season after a comfortable midtable finish.

     Worthington inuslts our intelligence, by going on about the players "passion, comitment, work rate" when its obvious we have been rubbish.. he needs to come out and say it...

    Last nights rant was the last act of a desperate man.. he knows full well that Sunday is massive, he knows that the fans are starting to turn on him and he knows defeat on sunday is going to turn all of them against him.. If we are losing as the game goes on then i expect to see him losing it on the sidelines... he will be desperate! changing it every time the ball goes off, throwing loads up front, panicking.. we could end up getting humiliated again

     However take heart, lose on sunday and yes it will be heart breaking.. i am going and i have been there twice before and never seen us lose.. but im not confident at all... Lose to Ipswich on Sunday and the fans are going to call for Worthingtons head.. follow it up with defeat to Northants in the cup and Worthington should do the honourable thing... he wont.. so the board need to step in.

    Delia and Michael are friends of worthy which makes it harder for the board to fire him.. but if the fans turn on him completely then they wont have a choice.... I have been saying since Coventry that Ipswich will be Worthingtons last game as Norwich manager... and i stand by that claim....

    Thanks for the memories Nigel and good luck whever u may end up... u have done well for us but its time for someone new to come in and take us forward.... Defeat on Sunday is the end of the Worthington Regime..


  23. the Reason flemmo and Davenport "played a blinder" last night isa because they had nothing to do in the 2nd half.

    Watford are a decent team and were 2-0 up at half time... they knew we were chasign the game, needed 2 to draw and 3 to win, so they eased off and although they conceded a somehwat fortuitous goal knew that they werent in any danger of losing the game...

    sendinbg everyone up for a corner in the dying seconds is ok but what other saves did the watford keeper make during the game 0!

    and no disrespect to plymouth on saturday but the way we played a better side would of had us beat by half time


  24. its pascal Cygan...

    worthy says his quality is enough to take us to new heights! :p


  25. Syteanric

    No David Bentley !!! Gone to Blackburn

    Bentleys nothing special.. a money grabbing, disruptive upstart who made little difference to our squad last season..

    he came with a big reputation and failed to live up to the hype... im glad we havent signed him, id sooner have Jarrett whoi at least wants to be here and isnt going to mess about in Training or treat his time here as a holiday ala Bentley