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    Hotel pics?

    im still a little bit skeptical of the hotel... its good we will be getting the money quoted earlier in the week but will we be making a profit once the hotel is up and running.. i gather its a "holiday Inn" so will they be raking in all the profits though bookings etc, and indeed using the electricity and other such facilites that the club will be uisng and not giving us anything in return?

    Also, should we decide in the future that we do want to put seating in that area of the ground, how will it work???? will the Holiday inn need to give Approval first?  and what of car parking? there is no parking on Carrow Road as it is so surely people are less likely to stay there if theres no where to park their cars?

    Its not like the Chelski village, which is owned and managed by the club and has been for years, and also brings in more money that they dont really need...

    Also, Reading and Bolton have their own hotels which they manage and are lucrative.. im just wondering if we arent losing out on much needed revenue?


  2. Syteanric

    Huckerby Out!

    you lot need to learn what Dry wit is!

    Hucks does whinge lots i must admit, but hes doing good at the moment and long may it continue...

    and sheded, well i have been following the club since 1991, have missed 5 games since then, go away (although cant do that anymore, least not for a while) and have a 5 year season ticket... so if that makes me a "binnie" then good


  3. Flecky was, and still is, a showman.. in the days of overpayed multi millionaires, drug addict footballers and misfits who get themselves in trouble all the time the game is crying out for another Robert Fleck.

    His humour and wit are 2nd to none! funniest moments for me are him winding up the away fans... always classic as regardless of the score, if they were winning by a huge margin, theyd always forget about cheering their team on and deride Fleck all game...

     I can remember when we lost 5-0 to Ipswich, i watched it on the big screen at Carrow road, the Scummers were 5-0 up and Fleck wanders behind the goal at the north stand and kisses his Norwich badge, their fans immediately stop singing and winding up the Norwich fans and spend the whole game letting flecky know what they thought... as he was walking back to the center spot he looks at the camera and gives a little wink and smile...


  4. Syteanric

    Shackell and Barnsley?

    Barnsley will have him for Free when Worthy releases him because hes injured (Gaetano Giallanza, Zema Abbey to name but 2)


  5. Syteanric

    are we up for promotion?

    recent form has been good, however we still have clueless worthy in charge, and if we lose 1 or 2 games then its back where we started from.. i still think we need to get rid, even if we go up...


  6. i went to Millwall when we got promoted, the year Muscat got sent off for taking out Crouchy off the ball.... it wasnt that bad and there was a rather attractive young lady serving pints in the away end .. which made the day all the more worth while!

     Friendliest ground was probably the Hawthornes, good stewards and police and the staff who work there are friendly too... also, their fans are top notch, we got chatting to a bunch of them who even walked us all the way up the away turnstyles.. fantastic fans and much as i dislike RObson i wish them all the best

    Worst has to be St Andrews last season, we drew and they wanted a fight! god knows what would of happened had we of won... i dont care what anyone says about the playoff final.. had we of won that day they would of murdered us.

  7. Syteanric

    Huckerby Out!

    according to the EDP he reads the message Boards

    Hi hucks! when are u actually going to start running back onside when u lose the ball instead of falling over and whinging at the ref before walking back onside and costing us possesion?

    wonder if he read that?


  8. Syteanric

    Kevin Lisbie - Should we keep him?

    the 1 goal he has got was virtually a tap in with a stranded keeper who wasnt going to save it..

    He''s too much of an Akinbiyi or a Zema Abbey.. will try his heart out all day but is never going to do what we all want him to do... score goals.

    Send him back and use the wages to get a defender to replace shacks!


  9. Syteanric

    David WIiliams to replace Foley

    Foleys a good coach, lets not forget he''s been here since Mike Walker and gone through 4 managers, so im probably guessing he is doing something right to have not been offloaded by 1 of them.

    Doug Livermore is worthys assistant, yet seems to avoid alot of the flack i notice.


  10. Syteanric

    Luke Chambers

    he isnt very good on that trusty football companion "football manager 2005".

    Id sooner see us go for someone like Ben Chorley at MK dons.

  11. Syteanric

    Francis rubbing it in

    If Wigan stay up then u could probably argue that he''s right.
  12. Syteanric

    Is it time for Kevin Keegan?

    id just liek to make the point Nigel Worthington was a beginner manager and a "no hoper" from a lower league.. and he did ok to start with...

     infact, 99% of managers start off in loewr Leagues, Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger to name but 2. Experiance serves well.


  13. Syteanric

    Lets forget Worthington & results for the minute

    Dicky and mad dan

  14. Syteanric

    Worthy apologises

    well it takes guts to apologise so fair play tohim for doing that.

    i dont think its going to make any difference to be honest. The damage has already been done. and although he has apologised the fans might be thinking "does he mean it"? im sure its a genuine apology, it doesnt change my opinion of him.

     but 1 or 2 might think its forced or a wooden apology. Time will tell


  15. Syteanric

    Attention to detail.

    the massive head trauma for a start Spat.

  16. Syteanric

    time to take action

    Maddan seems to enjoy insulting people, although the reply im expecting is "oh no i dont insult people bla bla bla" as he refers to me as idiotic yet again in another post.

    Were you never told that its Childish to insult someone who has a different opinion to you, you arrogant pleb.

    still, onward.

    "Either you think that Nigel Worthington is no longer suitable to be the club''s manager or you dont"

    Id of thought that was pretty obvious, or do u really need me to explain it to you? u seem capabale of posting on a message board so im sure your intelligence levels arent that low as to work out how i feel about worthless.

    "Might I also suggest you read what others post before replying. I never said " sacking the manager is pulling the club apart" what I did say was "do our best to try and pull the club apart." By that I mean the effect your idiotic chanting and expectation that everyone else has the mental capacity of a flea could have"

    oh look! more insults from Daniel! and yes you obviously think that by sacking the manager and our attitude about it is pulling the club apart, if not, then why try and change or deflect your point of view when questioned or proved wrong, your not Worthy are you?

    "You end by suggesting that I never " chanted .........for fear of damaging the ears of our delicate players? ". Yet it is supposed to be the manager and the the board who are at fault not the players - who you claim "i dont think anyones done badly " (though you happily castigate poor old Worthy when he says the same thing). Perhaps you might like to reflect on the effect your actions might have on them"

    i notice you never answered the question, whats the matter? dont want to be tarnished with the same brush as those that want Worthy out? or are you Above our "mentality". And the affect our actions might have on the players will hopefully see them come out in support of their manager or against him.

    "I''m not sure if the squeaking I can hear is those wheels failing to budge or your brain cells suffering from the same lack of movement. Possibly neither. Most likely it''s the gaggle of malcontents you sit with attempting to voice their anger at the harsh realities and disappointments of the grown up world"

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, it seems that Daniel has to resort to insults yet again.

    Anyone reading this thread can see how petty and small minded you are that you have to rely on insulting people, by using big words to try and hide your apparent lack of arguement skills, questioning my intelligence is fine, you go right on ahead!

    if, and When, Nigel Worthington does part company with this football club im not expecting you to post on here again, for fear of being made tolook wrong and having to rely on your childish insults, which i must admit dissapoint me.

    Thanks for your Time Daniel, and apologies to anyone who feels this thread has now been ruined by my arguing with an arrogant fool! yes i can insult too!

  17. Worthingtons biggest fault is his failure to admit he is fault free.

     Those of you who go to the fan forums regularly will see if someone Questions A decision worthy makes, or his judgement he nearly loses it with them.

     His opinion is law it seems, and i thought that Goreham was questioning worthys decisions in that interview, as indeed we fans did when wee Paul was subtituted, Worthy got annoyed. And as has been pointed out by yankee canary had to bite his tongue before he said something that wouldof REALLY got him in the dock.

     Again he fails to accept responsibility for defeats. If we play badly he wont come out and say it was his fualt, or offer a different view point.. he is too proud of himself and too "perfect" to do this. In football you have to take the flack with the praise, Worthington seems to think that no matter what it should be Support, support, support.

    It doesnt work like that, and his failure to accept others view points or that he makes mistakes is costing the team points and him his job.


  18. Syteanric


    Iwans book makes reference to "light ball work"

    I work shifts... if i can swing it to get a lift to colney with 1 of my mates i might go up there and report my findings.

    Agent Jas on the case!



  19. Syteanric

    Is it time for Kevin Keegan?

    i dont vote Keegan, hes a joke of a manager! id sooner endure another 10 years of worthy than 1 season of him!

     he hasnt done anything of note, Except re sign Alan Shearer for Newcastle. He got the England job because no one else wanted it, and his best acheivement was taking Manchester City to mid table in the prem and having no defenders whatsoever!

    i suppose you want 73 year old Bobby Robson as his assistant too?


  20. I agree on the subject of "Wee Paul".

    Its obvious Worthington doesnt want him here. McVeigh had a reasonably good start in the prem last season, Skinned John O''Shea to score at Old Trafford no less, yet found himself increasingly frustrated by lack of chances as Mathias Jonson, Bentley, Helveg all came in ahead of him.

    Worthington sites the fact that wee Paul was lazy, that may or may not be the case, he was place on the transfer list and Worthington left him to rot in the reserves.

    This season however he has no option but to play McVeigh, considering all 3 players he used ahead of him last season are no longer here.

    He has removed him from the transfer list, probably grudgingly, and has resigned himself to the fact that as there is other alternative then he''s stuck with McVeigh.

    Paul must be fuming! we all know how good a player he is, he is the highest goal scorer at present at the club. yet when he gets his chance, regardless how well he plays he finds himself hauled off.

     I bet if he scored a hat trick in the first 10 minutes and set up another 3 for Deano in the next 10 minutes he''d still get hauled off! in fact, he probably has a sweep stake with Ladbrokes and bets on the minute he will depart, he''ll be loaded by May.


  21. Syteanric

    time to take action

    im not going to cop out at all Mad Dan. Both yourself and Dicky have challenged my opinion and i am responding.

    Ok, i will say lets sack Worthington. The reason i said Wait until the game starts, see how it goes, is because Worthy has opened his mouth at an in oppurtune time and im waiting to see if the way the players perform reflect what he said.

     What he said included you and Dickie, he doesnt Care about you... so why bother sticking up for him?

    And you mention about the board "not being to happy" this comes just 2 weeks after Roger Munby issues a statement saying Worthy wont be sacked and that the board are pleased with how he is doing. our board are too "nice". Football is a business and business is a ruthless, cut throat world where everyone is doing everyone over...

    "We have no right to win anything" very true, no one does, but we do have a right to not be insulted by the manager, to not have our intelligence insulted, which he has been doing for the past 5 years with his "i cant fault my players" comments after woeful showings.

    So sacking the manager is pulling the club apart? in what way? if players are too comfortable at the club a achange of management is going to make them buck up their idears... a new manager might deem someone surplus to requirements, so they may try even harder on the pitch. and Whilst i dont think anyones done badly perhaps it will give us a bit more cohesion to our play.

    I take it you never chanted "chase out" during the games either, for fear of damaging the ears of our delicate players?


  22. Syteanric

    time to take action

    i knew you''d reply Dickie...

    no its not best i stay at home. i have missed 2 home games in 3 years. and 5 altogether in the past 15. Im not some johnny come lately who isnt entitled to an opinion.

     YOu think its going to be detrimental to the team if we get at worthington? Well surely a clueless manager dragging us down then insulting us fans is also detrimental to the team?

    Every manager has their Day, Every manager will eventually leave their team. It will happen to fergie, it will happen to Mourinho, and its happening to Worthington.

    Dean AShton is a hugely exciting prospect and it shows how far we have come to get him here.. but he will be gone in January if we arent promotion contenders. We have been woeful infront of goal and without Deano i think we are going to get relegated and thats the truth.

    I care more about this Football club than anything.

    I have had enough, i won shares in the club, have a 5 year season ticket, and follow them accross the country (although away games have to be put on hold as my girlfriends expecting our first child and the money is needed for the baby). Im not staying at home, i pay my money, i make my opinion. Like it or not i will be calling for worthingtons head along with the group around me in the Barclay who were doing it today...


  23. Syteanric

    why did ashton take the pen?

    i wont ever blame anyone for missing a penalty.. unless of course its a regular occurence and they keep taking them.

    It takes guts to put ur neck on the chopping blocklike that, and whoever steps up is taking the weight on their shoulders. Theres no pressure on a keeper as he isnt expected to save it but the taker knows if he misses then he could cost his team.... and that theres no one else to fall back on.,...

    I dont think Deano should of taken it but better players than him have missed from 12 yards. he had the guts to step up and fair play to him

  24. Syteanric


    what did i say on this very board when we signed him??? A touch of the Akinbiyis......

    My case is well and truly rested