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    A new low

    fiar play to the board for speaking up.. not many clubs would do that..

    however, someone should point out that the line up vs Hull was

    Greem, Colin, Drury, Davenport, Doherty, Safri, Mcveigh, Hughes, ashton, Marney, Huckerby.

    Drury, Davenport and Saffers didnt play on saturday... the other 8 did... so whats their excuse?

    Also, no disrespect tp Hull but had we of been playing a sheffield United, a Reading or a Leeds we wouldnt of won that night... we were poor and luckily Hull were ven worse


  2. Syteanric

    Harry Redknapp!!

    i think he''d sign about 30 new players, all of which arent good enough, he''d build a huge squad with players playing 4 or 5 games and not being seen again for months, we wouldnt be a slick passing team rather a team of bruisers who flatten everyone in sight..

    i dont rate Redknapp as a manager, and his transfer Dealings at west ham prove it, Dani, Futre, Dumatrescu, Radciou, Joey Beuchamp, David James.... i could go on.

    Also, he inherited somone elses team at pompey then proceeded to completely ruin it after taking them up and he hasnt really done anything of note, its worth noting he has got 2 teams relegated in West Ham and Southampton, and only won promotion with Pompey...

     He spends most of his time at the bottom of the league!


  3. Syteanric

    work ethics not football then

    to me, Worthys just summed up his own failings in that paragraph... we arent doing the same things we were 2 years ago... why not Mr Worthington????!!!! you, of all people must know!


  4. Syteanric

    worthy at bq

    what was Gary Doherty doing in worthys Trolley? Slow, limited fuel capacity, and only useful when the suns out and weather is good

    just Joking! the Docs done well thus far this year and long may he continue!


  5. Syteanric

    Marney - at last a player apology

    funny how the "apology" comes from someone who''s wages we aren''t even paying and who, come May, will be back at his nice comfy Premiership club isnt it?

    Why hasnt a proper NCFC player come out and apologised?


  6. lol @ twosheds! he might aswell for the rubbish he''s played this season

    So what if a new manager comes in and decides to sell hucks???? we arent a 1 man team, Darren Huckerby isnt Norwich City FC he is 1 man playing alongside 10 others... if a new manager deems him not up to the standard, decides to drop him or sell him then so be it.... it wont be the end of the world..

     If we get a replacement who is just as good, if not better than hucks then after a couple of months we''d all be saying "darren Who?"

    Personally i think hes been rubbish this season with the exception of Ipswich and perhaps a month in the reserves (where, incidentally, hes spent most of his time with most of his teams) might make him buck his idears up.


  7. id just like to clear something up here about Safri

     He didnt ignore Worthy and go and play for Morocco, He was injured as we all know, however (and you can feel free to check this out if you doubt my claim, im sure if you email the FA they can confirm it), once your called up for your country you cant just pull out and say your injured.

     You have to undergo a fitness test or be looked at by the nations medial team and physio, if they deem you to be fit, then even if your not u have to play... This is exactly what happened to Saffers.

     He went to Morocco injured by our standards but the powers that be of the national side decided he was fit to play so the manager went with him.

    and i agree backing up thorne, he has been injured and we have hardly seen him, but his record at this level speaks for itself. the odd 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there are hardly enough to judge him.. i bet he hasnt managed 20 minutes of football for us! when he comes back i think we will see how good a player he is, he will be the perfect foil for Deano i feel...


  8. Syteanric

    Warnocks Comments

    we have got Sheff utd on Boxing day, if god forbid, Worthys still in charge we can see Attacking free flowing football as the goals fly in left right and center as our rubbish midfield and beleagured defence can only watch.

     Thankfully i''ll be too hung over from Xmas day to really care!


  9. Syteanric

    worthy's legacy

    "nigel''s legacy will be a man who took this club to some
    great things, but didn''t have the tactical ability or coaching
    knowhow to real develop this club over a lengthy five
    year plan"

    you make a good point when you say this Rich! In my opinion i think worthy has the potential to be a good manager with the right team.

     He Left Blackpool under a cloud and im sure if u speak to some pool fans u will hear a mixed response when it comes to worthington. some feel he did ok, some never want to see him darken the pier again!

     I think when he came here he had a good squad, which had just got lazy because of the failings of Rioch and Hammy, Worthington came in and shook things up and it worked, we got the playoffs.. the following season the players wanted that success again and went out trying to get it.

     It did become apparent that Worthy was tacitcally lacking, making us defend in our own 6 yard box cost us points vs both Stoke and Sheff wed in succesive weeks, and this seemed to be to case for the rest of the season... thankfully Worthington learned.

     Then came the promotion season... and lets be honest with the Exception of WBA (and a post-Kember Palce once they got Dowie) there wasnt anyone likely to challenge us for promotion. it was a very weak league and once we got Hucks we had the player we needed.

    Now the league is much tougher, and i think Worthington is being shown up for his tactical Naivity and reluctance to use youth... do i think he''s a good manager? no do i think he has the potential to be one.. yes without a doubt!

    he needs to change his game plan somewhat.. "passion, commitment, and work rate" dont win football games, they sound nice but they are just words.

     Worthington needs to move on and start again. im sure he will find work quickly, once at a new club he needs to become more critical, both of himself and his players, admit to his mistakes and not rely on the same plan again and again hoping that "everything will work itself out" then i will say he''s a good manager... Worthy means well, and he does want to win... but he isnt a Norwich city style manager... Mike Walker, Dave Stringer, Ken Brown were Norwich Style managers... Nigel Worthington would however make a good assistant or coach.


  10. he''s talking about Hucks cutting inside then balooning it over instead of taking the full back on twisting him inside out and sticking it on Deanos head which is what we''d all prefer Hucks to do.

     My dad was saying this the other day that when Huckerby gets the ball he will get about level with the D on the penalty box then cut inside and go for goal when we have 2 or 3 players waiting for a cross.

     I hate this! always have done! watching any team, not just Norwich and a winger goes on a silky run before deciding to be greedy and costing his team chances and possible goals.. Hucks should cross it far more than he does... when he first came and he was crossing it for Crouchy, Iwan, Leon and Svenners we were scoring goals for fun and walking over teams... since he''s started cutting inside we arent scoing as much



  11. Syteanric

    BACK HIM!!!!!

    this wont all be forgotten if we beat he brum, as the poster above says it will paper over the cracks.

    We thought that beating the Scum would be a huge turning point for us and that we''d pick up a gear and press on, but it was merely just 1 of our few wins this season and a few weeks later we are no better off than when we were before we played the binnies... a win at Birmingham is all well and good.. but its a cup round.. if Birmingham put a load of 16 and 17 year olds out and we beat them then its hardly the same is it?

     I want us to win of course but if we lose then we concentrate on the league, which at this stage is our most important thing! id sooner forget about the cup if it meant chaneeling our efforts into staying up...

     as mentioned intodays EDP if we carry on picking up points at the rate we have done we will finish with 49.. which for the past 2 seasons has sent clubs down... im booking my tickets to Heartlepool as we speak, because under Worthy thats where we are going!


  12. sheffield Wednesday, a team Nigel Worthington gave nearly 10 years of his life too could end his reign as Norwich City manager.

    Fate? Karma? pure pot luck? you decide....

    I dont believe in all that cosmic piffle but it seems almost ironic given the past few weeks and past 2 games that the next League match could be the ultimate Slap in the face for a Hillsboro Legend


  13. Syteanric

    Before the Sheff Wed game:

    get wel and truly spanked by a woeful birmingham side on Wednesday, bear in mind the game will finish around 930, i gaurentee by 10 pm there will be a "worthy sacked/quits" headline.

    Although im hoping he will go today or tommorow, then Livermore can take temporary charge for the Brum game allowing us to hopefully get someone in before the sheff wed game.. we need to act fast!


  14. Syteanric

    Jurgen Colin - awful

    forgot to add... the person who said "dare i say it bring back Louis-jean" what are you talking about!!!????

    Louis Jean hasnt played this season due to injury... not because he''s rubbish... he played in the premiership and Championship with Forest and is non to shabby.. he isnt attack minded however which wont bode well with the fans who always have to find a player to single out.. still i suppose Hendo would be chuffed that hes not the constant target of abuse before he has even touched the ball!!!

    Some people need to stop and think first... Louis Jean has never played for us.. apart from a few minutes pre season and when finess levels are down its hard to judge how good a player is... if he gets his chance and plays say 10 games then judge him.


  15. Syteanric

    Jurgen Colin - awful

    Jurgen has one bad game so thats enough to write him off then is it?

    Certain members of the 1st team squad can have bad game after bad game yet the suns shines out of their backsides doesnt it?

     Jurgens done ok so far i think. Certainly where i sit in the Barclay (Block D) hes got a bit of a following, he''s strong, quick, fast and can cross the ball far better than edders could when going forward. Also, Jurgens still young and hasnt been in England long.

     The Dutch game is much slower than the English and once Jurgens adapted fully to it i think he''s going to be superb! he hasnt done anything bad this season i dont feel, was excellent vs Ipswich and i thought was the best player on the pitch Vs Millwall, give him a chance! for gods sake he''s only been here 12 weeks!


  16. Syteanric

    Problem is in midfield

    when i heard saffers was set to miss  7 games i said that we wont win a single one of them.... 2 games out 2 defeats... only another 5 more losses on the spin then Youssef will come back to be the 1 man midfield



  17. Syteanric


    from the confines of his padded cell and stright Jacket worthy will probably put Gallagher and Ward up front with Joe Lewis just behind them!



  18. Syteanric

    and the new manager is...

    if your calling Bruce a Judas because of the playoff final then that makes you an idiot im afraid...

    what do you expect him to say to Birmingham "oh dont worry, its just the biggest game of you lives but lose on purpose so i can let some team i plyed for before 30% of Norwich fans were born, win"



  19. Syteanric

    Worst I have ever seen


    supposing we try and ride the storm and it engulfs us.... we get relegated, are you still going to say that the fans booing and "driving away" players is the reason for it? The manager has virtually admittd on live Radio that he himself doesnt feel he can turn this slump round. if a new manager comes in and cant do it then fine... the players we have are awful and arent the answer and we can enjoy trips to Yeovil and Oldham next season..

    however, if we get a new manager in and he turns the form around and we finish in the playoffs then what? will you still say that its the players?

    You wont criticise Worthy yet in the same breath Criticise then defend the players, you have to nail your colours to the mast. Players or worthy? one is to blame... we have the best Goalkeeper in the division, the best Striker outside the premiership, and a wealth of talent in other areas who, with the right guidance and leadership can take us to the premiership, and then we have Worthington.

     just answer me this question, if Nigel Worthington was a manager at your business and the team he was in charge of were below par and losing you money would you replace him or replace his staff?


  20. what a load of Codswallop!!!

    If Neil Adams said that we were going to sign Ronaldinho, Beckham and Totti tommorow would u treat those as "clues"?

    Adams said it as a light hearted joke.... the only reason that some players might be arguing is that some support worthy and others dont!

    its just peoples overactive imaginations.. they need to get out more!


  21. Syteanric

    and the new manager is...

    Why is Bruce a judas????

     I wouldnt mind seeing Burley here.. and before anyone starts... ok so he once managed the binnies, but he wouldnt come here with the sole intention of taking us down would he???? hes a professional not an idiot...

     Also, any Norwich fan can recognise a good manager when they see one.. and burley has worked wonders for clubs with no money in the past, Colchester, Ipswich, Derby and for a short time this season Hearts, have all Prospered under him...

     He doesnt suffer fools gladly, he can motivate a team and he commands respect from all quarters in football... i dont give a flying Fajita that he once managed Ipswich, and if anyone says "oh we dont want him he''s scum" well thats their opinion... but he''s hardly going to come in and sell everyone, take us down then laugh manically is he???



  22. Syteanric

    Worst I have ever seen

    i didnt go yesterday but i will say Well done To Dicky for his post.. we havent always seen eye to eye but it seems you are now feeling what i have for the last few weeks.

     Speaking to someone who did go yesterday, they looked at the dug out and saw Worthy sitting their the whole game with the odd Flutter every know and again.. in contrast Ian Holloway was on the verge of a heart attack on the touch line, jumping around, shouting, encouraging, waving his arms and keeping his players motivated and fired up... something Worthy should have been doing.

    Listening to worthy on the phone in yesterday i think he has now accepted the inevitable, he sounded close to tears to be honest, which, although i have slated him, is a shame as he has done well for us in the past...

     He was talking about "starting all over again" and "he isnt sure if he can turn it around"... hes finally accepted defeat and i for one feel this is it... i dont think he will be in charge for saturday, and possibly even the Brum game... he must now accept that the fans have turned on him.

    Not so sure that the players dont want to play for him anymore as Saffers celebration vs Hull, and Deano''s reaction yesterday to the what a load of rubbish chants may well prove, but they must surely realise that everything Worthington is trying isnt working and he''s now starting to look stupid every game....

     I wouldnt be suprised if there isnt an announcement from Carrow Road at some time tomorrow.

    If not then the board now HAVE to force the issue. the fans have finally had enough and the chants yersteday prove it. If nothing is done then the fans may well move their frustrations onto the board then we are up the creek.

     Sheffield Wednesday and Man city all went down 2 seasons on the spin because they didnt act quickly enough. we cant afford to do that....

    its time Delia and Co, give Worthy his P45 and let him bow out gracefully with some great memories and some happy times in the past.


  23. id like to see Burley here.. as i have stated elsewhere it doesnt matter who he has managed in the past hes a good manager, and anyone who recognises a godo manager would have him here without caring about his past.

    he''d come in wanting to do well and hopefully would take us where we wanted to be.

    Also, he still lives in East Anglia, my girlfirend is a binnie (yes i know... lol) and i have seen Burley a couple of times at Ipswich station, had  a chat to him too and said i wasa Norwich fan... hes a decent chap and im sure would do very well here


  24. once your on the downward spiral then the only way is down im afriad.. i agree with some posts regarding Forest, Man City and Sheff wed.

    Man city had the financial backing to come straight back up and recover, as evidenced with their run of form now under "psycho" Pierce..

     Sheffield Wednesday however have taken far longer to recover, just 13 years ago they were in 2 cup finals and on the verge of becomeing one of Britains best teams...

    since then they spiralled downwards and struggled, they spent a few seasons in the 3rd rung of football before Sturrock took them up and even now they dont look assured of survival, one of Britains oldest Professional clubs lay in ruins a few years back and no longer have the superiority they once enjoyed.

    As for Forest, Since Clough retired they have become a poor team, hitting low after low, currently under Megson they sit on the verge of relegation to the lowest league of English football, again without the backing, star players sold, and a host of "has beens" borught in it doesnt look very good for a team who were once the best in Europe.

    So yes we CAN get relegated, and we have never been as big as any of the 3 clubs listed above, financially we will be crippled and back where we were only a few years ago.


  25. i like Crouchy, i thought he did ok here and wish him well....

     If he does play, and indeed fires England to the world cup, the sun will shine out of his backside in the press will it not?