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  1. him and his mate Mad Dan ielle have both called me names and made snide comments to me in the past.

    where is Danielle by the way?


  2. Syteanric

    Jas, good piece in y'army

    thanks gazza...


    will be the last time u see my work in print however, as Y''army is going online! after 17 issues they feel it would be better and easier to run as an online fanzine...


    I''ll still send in the articles as normal...


    im glad u liked the latest one... i did see what was coming your right... and this weeks Lottery numbers are....


  3. possibly... David Neilsen remember used to pump his fists at the crowd as an excuse to avoid berating for a rubbish performance every week.....  the fans soon saw through him!

     Also, Link, How can you say Louis Jean is past it based on just 2 matches???!!!???

    and can someone, please, im begging u, tell me just what Colin has done wrong??? or is it the normal Norwich fan way of having to have a player to single out.. EG Henderson


  4. Syteanric

    Protest outside AGM?.

    its all about Numbers.. do it!!!!


    wait and see whats said then wait and see how many are outside the main entrance on tuesday


  5. Syteanric

    We must stand by the manager

    the egg has splattered all over my face!



  6. Syteanric

    boo boys are pathetic

    i notice that in the Interview, he sounded like we''d just won! i was fuming with the players and if i was manager id of said what i really felt!


  7. did anyone watch it? i caught the tail end of it as i got home from Work, Worthy  said and i quote :-

    ""yes the fans are behind me, it''s just one or two that are trying to get a bandwagon going"

    im just lost for words...



  8. Syteanric

    Bobby Robson sat next to Delia

    so was Alf Ramsay yet i bet u regard him as a legend?



  9. Syteanric

    We must stand by the manager

    he rarely gets it wrong in the transfer market????!!!!???

    Libbra, Abbey, Neilsen, Briggs (although not his fault), Rivers, Jonson all signed by worthy!

     why should we back a manager who has won less games in the past 2 seasons than any other manager in the league at the moment (and thats true), Janauray is too late.. even if he signes a whole new team we wont be going up!

    Relegation is realistic, what we need now is players who arent afraid to get stuck in and win at all costs.. and a manager who shows some commitment when we go behind.. as soon as Sheff wed scored today our players gave up! you could see by the body language! it was piss poor! i have had enough!

     I know everyones entitled to their opinion but supporting Worthy is laughable! shocking!


  10. Syteanric

    Boycott Cardiff Game.........Please.

    i disagree with voting with your feet...for one i support the players not the manager! why should the players have to dip out and suffer just because Worthingtons a pleb?

     Boycotting matches never works anyway, people have already paid for the ticket and dont want to throw the money down the toilet... i have paid for a 5 year season ticket at the start of last season and i hate missing games, i would NEVER voluntarily miss a game! i have once and it was awful!!!

     I will be there tuesday, and i will be outside the ground voicing my discontent again as i was today, come and join us! if the numbers swell then the board will sit up and take notice.. i will be protesting WIN or LOSE!


  11. i agree Ronbol, sadly i cant attend due to work Commitments.. if your going please voice Long and loud your dissent!


    shout extra loud for me too mate! and join us again outside the ground after the cardiff game.. we will get more people there


  12. i fail to see just what Colin has done wrong this season?



  13. yes he was.... and he didnt do very well unfortunately!

     Flemmo used to play there for Oldham nigh on a decade ago when the legs were younger but now hes best suited to the middle... Colin came off the bench and i thought did ok when he came on... why didnt we start with him after 1 bad game vs QPR



  14. to be fair Holty didnt run, tackle OR chase in the premiership and i do feel it was a bridge too far for him.

    At championship level tho we are sorely missing him i feel, his enging and drive etc would of worked wonders today and we needed someone who could boss it a bit....

     In the premiership Holty was well out of his depth but id give my left arm to see him here now!


  15. who went?

     there was a large turnout, and there were a few fans joining in as they walked past.... some fans are at their wits end! i nearly cried at the final whistle today..... im being honest... we have no passion and no conviction...

     My thoughts are that if worthy does quit or is sacked, and a new manager comes in and makes a meal of things then the fans are to blame.. if however a new man comes in and takes the team that Nigel built to the premiership, then well.... i think that says all that needs t be said


  16. Syteanric

    Bobby Robson sat next to Delia

    lol @ direcotr of football... i have always wondered just what one of those does??? no one has ever really revealed it...


  17. Syteanric

    Bobby Robson sat next to Delia

    good.. hes 80.. we dont want him.. so what if he sat next to Delia....


  18. Syteanric

    Imagine you're the board

    if your B) u sack the manager, get someone else in, go on a good run and go up through the playoofs... because your crystal palace....


    works both ways my firend...



  19. Syteanric


    heard about this on the radio yesterday.. Good luck with it all!


  20. Syteanric

    for the attention of dicky et al...

    [quote]Oh well then.....though I hadn''t realised that there were only 2000 Norwich supporters in the world. Why should it be even vaguely assumed that this is a fair cross-section of fans, when many like ...[/quote]

    there might well be only 2000 Norwich supporters when we are relegated


  21. Syteanric

    New Players on way.

    isnt Carl Robinson a defender? and a very old one at that?

    there is no truth in this rumour what so ever.. "someone at Carrow Road" is probably the office junior, who isnt going to be Privvy to what the manager is up to


  22. i agree with loads thats been said, ok maybe we can forgive a loss to Southampton, or Reading as these teams are banging on the door of the premiership and are the best the league has to offer.. but the other teams we have lost to we are more than capable of beating at a canter but havent!

    Delia says its so hard to motivate a relegated side... Is it really Delia??? in that case how come Ian Dowie and Harry Redknapp can do it easily and Nigel cant, surely its a pasionless manager who finds it hard to motivate a pasionless team.

    Of course the players support and back Worthy, they have it bloody easy!!!! every time they lose nice bloke Worthy says "we have to go back to basics, believe in our selves, passion commitment work rate!". thats why the players back him... a new manager comes the first thing he''s going to do is sort the wheat from the chaff... the players are going to get chastised for not performing and "cushy little job" at Norwich wont be so cushy after all when someone expecting results comes in...

     It is the easy life here. not the in at 3 am training other clubs approach.... ok so we dont want a hitler as our manager who bullies our players, but someone who can make sure they never make the same mistakes again would help.

    you cant blame injuries, as the team should have the bodies to cover, whteher they be another 1st team squad member or a raw and ready kid from the youth team.... our problems lie in between 1. Worthy wont use kids 2) we dont have the bodies to cover.

     In the summer Watford signed Les Ferdinand... ok so hes an ageing 37 year old who barely plays.. but i gaurentee the first sign of an injury crisis at the Hornets and old man Les will be thrust into the firing line... it matters not on age or ability, its an experianced body and one that can fill in.,.. a round peg in a round hole...

     If we lost another striker, Worthy would stick Defender Doherty up front, or probably Andy Hughes in the vain attempt they might get on the end of something.. id sooner we had a 37 year old who has seen it all beofre than someones whjos going to aimlessly chase the ball up front without a real hope of sticking it away when they get it...

     I have heard Rumours that a protest is planned for 5pm on saturday Lose OR Win! it will be interesting to see just what the board come out with once the team has been supported and the fans have left the ground to protest.


  23. the problem with "auntie Delia" is that shes to onice... she isnt a business woman and really shouldnt be on the board.. her husband and the other directors are the business lot... they tread carefully so as not to upset, "nice dear kind Delia" and not to make her cry....

     Its all going to end in tears for her.... i expect her to appear on the pitch again before long, not to go into a drunken rant but to "appeal to the kind hearts of supporters" dont do it Delia!!!! this isnt Hollywood and there are no happy endings in football.


  24. Syteanric

    Why show faith in the Board?

    the Bord are doing well and i wouldnt swap them for the world... they certainly have no part to play in this saga..... yet....

     However, if they dont get rid of worthy then Fans might just find a different outlet for their anger resulting in a "civil war" between fans and board... welcome to the world of Leeds united :| and we know what happened there