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  1. Syteanric

    The R Word

    [quote user="0"]We''re far too good for relegation this season.[/quote]no one''s too good for relegation...
  2. Syteanric

    Our tinpot owners

    [quote user="alex_ncfc"]

    [quote user="Dean Coneys boots"]Our board are to modern football what Juliet bravo is to modern television. They are well beyond their usefulness and sell by date and are now holding the club back. Attempting to go it alone under a localised model of management in an era of global football is naive and we are seeing the fruit. So many wasted opportunities- they got lucky with lamber and have since taken us back to flirting with relegation to L1 having squandered millions on average past it players. They need to go. That some people cannot accept that is crazy. Next year we lose even more money and the few decent players we currently have go too. Then what? Not even sure there are three worse teams than us this year!! Board please sell the club and say goodbye. The early 90s called and want you back.[/quote]

    Spot on, DCB. They seem to think they are doing this noble practice of keeping it all local etc, whereas the reality is we are being left behind, way, way behind. There are probably clubs in Leagues One and Two who have more forward thinking boards and owners than we do, because apparently no one can invest in Norwich City FC unless they know all of the words to On The Ball City and live within the Norfolk borders.

    [/quote]indeed there are Alex.I wonder where the likes of Shrewsbury Town will be in a decade compared to us.

  3. Syteanric

    Farke's still not found the plot

    if Murphy had decided to shoot instead of P!ss about with it we''d all be a lot happier on here tonight
  4. Syteanric

    Vrancic apologists

    I went today..Vrancic didn''t play well but then neither did 4 or 5 others.At least he put his best effort in rather than Murphy who seemed to have a massive sulk on all day
  5. Syteanric

    Alex Neil's Words...

    A Decent man even when things were against him here.no fan would wish him ill, only the second Norwich manager to have won at Wembley.Glad he''s got a chance at Preston and hope they do well under him.. not this weekend however!
  6. Syteanric

    300 Million pound bid for Newcastle

    Newcastle are an attractive proposition to new buyers.Why then, aren''t we?
  7. Syteanric

    webber... not Farke

    So firing managers with experience of working with 1at team players and replacing them with a reserve team coach is good business for a club looking to establish in the top flight?

    Webber was at Wrexham and QPR..... i''ll get excited shall I?

    Would you be happy with 12th or below?
  8. Syteanric

    webber... not Farke

    Zimmerman signed from Dortmund 2.A reserve team playing in the 4th division of German Football against such fear instilling clubs like Bonner SC and Roterhausen...No... i''ve not heard of them either....

  9. The fans always see it.

    And they boo and hiss..

    And they call for change... and when change comes the fans don''t

    Allow for patience, they boo hiss moan and call for change.

    Should the fans shut up instead?
  10. Syteanric

    webber... not Farke

    Thing is FCC do you trust the powers that be to get the right replacements?If you always do as you''ve always done you''ll always have what you''ve always had.
  11. Syteanric

    Don't blame Farke

    Needs new owners with a new ethos.

    Is it really going to get better when Tom takes the keys?
  12. Syteanric

    webber... not Farke

    Webber identified and signed the players.

    Set up the new coaching structure, oversaw the overhaul of the youth and scouting set up.

    Webber ''scoured europe'' to appoint a reserve team manager from the ar$e end of the German set-up before signing regional players at tin pot clubs.

    Huddersfield let him go without a fight. He has no record as a football man or a football Businessman.

    Chancer... plain and simple.

    Get a football man in with Farke rather than hang him out to dry.

  13. Syteanric

    Why are we so poor?

    Farke seems to adopt a Hughtonesque approach
  14. Syteanric

    Farke’s Post Match Comments

    [quote user="Baldyboy"]How much time should we give him then?

    Judging from what I’ve seen this season you could give him 10 years and he still wouldn’t get us promoted!

    When the likes of Maddison and Pritchard have gone and been replaced by more German 3rd tier players do you truly think that will get us promoted? The only way Farke and “the project” will get us out of the division will be downwards![/quote]he can only work with what he''s got and he doesn''t sign them.... Webber does...I''ve said before on here Webber is a chancer who got VERY lucky at Huddersfield.. they don''t appear to be missing his input either.
  15. not won a game since that win down the road....#jussayin
  16. Syteanric

    Why are we so poor?

    and yet just a few fleeting weeks ago we went 9 unbeaten and the fans were saying its the best football they''ve seen in years and we were going up...fickle fickle..
  17. Syteanric

    Striker options January

    we need 2.I''d take some 30+ journeyman looking for one last payday

    A lower league gem or up and coming foreign starlet.We badly gambled on no one in the summer
  18. Syteanric


    [quote user="Making Plans"]Either he needs to wake his ideas up and change the way we play or he needs to go. Norwich supporters will not stand for the current way we play if it is not getting results. This is the English Championship, not some tippy tappy 3rd rate league in Germany. We have the players to play much better than we are but we are getting bogged down with this obsession to keep possession rather than actually playing to our strengths. Won''t be long before the crowd turns and the dressing room is lost.It needs sorting out one way or the other over the International break.Probably time for the Board to bite the bullet and admit that they''ve got it wrong yet again.[/quote]Webber picked the coach, Webber identified the players, Webber spouts the bullsh*t...All farke does is sort training and matches and speak to EDP...
  19. Syteanric

    Bolton match thread

    Our chance taker is laid up in a Portuguese hospital.

    Cam Jerome is a nice guy but lets be honest he''s not good enough....
  20. Syteanric


    [quote user="Mello Yello"]And Rob Butler interrupted and stopped Rivo stating his opinion.......[/quote]Because Rob Butler is one of the club ''darlings''.... that and if Radio Norfolk pee the club off he has questions answer as the man running canary call.
  21. Syteanric

    Grant Holt goes

    Bit of a p*ss take with the Linnets really.

  22. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Dear old Wiz is back ☺[/quote]

    He''d not have been happy today!
  23. Or start a winless run....

    It was always going to be about how we dealt with a defeat and to be 2 0 down against the bottom club after 3 straight losses is not progressive.

    Should have signed a striker in the summer.
  24. Syteanric

    Zonal marking

    form your own opinion - The "Magic Magyers" but 6 past England by exploiting man marking frailties with a simple drop into space by Nandor Hidegkutihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLMhylkO2eoZonal marking is fluid man marking."psycho''s" guide to man marking - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOdlU_w-LEg