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  1. The queen has two birthdays, so let wife pick another date lol. I''ve been living near Ashby for over 20 years now, going to many away games (and home games too). Then when you get one right on the doorstep, within 6 speed cameras away, we revert to the away games points system! I have been waiting for this game all season! Shucks
  2. My son would probably get thrown out for singing "kick it off" in the Albion section lol. So best to be safe and be with the Norwich.
  3. Anyone heard of live football tickets.com? Is it genuine? I see they have availability on there for £85 each, which albeit expensive, as I would want 2 tickets for me and my son, I''m that desperate to go.
  4. Me and my son have managed to collect 1050 in away points and super membership, which I''m sure won''t be enough to qualify for the Burton v Norwich game sitting together, guessing 1050 points being too far down the pecking order. Desperate to go, and only live 20 minutes away from Burton, so can I ask if anyone knows of any other way (perhaps another site) where I can grab just 2 tickets sitting together, even by paying double the face value? I know it''s not morally right, but desperate to go. My email address is uptonmark1@hotmail.com
  5. If anyone has a couple of seats sitting together for me and wife for tomorrow''s game, please sell them to me as I will pay over the odds for two that are sitting together. I live in Leicester and go to a lot of away games, but didn''t know I could get this weekend off until now! I''m on standby, so even if it''s 1pm tomorrow that you find you cannot make it...if I can somehow grab the tickets from you, then we wouldn''t be too late to set off ourselves and catch the game. We could meet there or collect from the Midlands. My mobile is 07702 904804, my email is uptonmark1@hotmail.com.
  6. I''ll give you £60 per ticket (£120 for the two) if sitting together. uptonmark1@hotmail.com Regards Mar,
  7. Mmm, so £150 for both tickets (which is fine so long as they are sitting together), but pay off your mortgage as well...wow that does sound a bit steep! Can I think about it?
  8. What gate could we achieve? Ipswich home leg sold out in less than two hours with many like me having no chance. Most Championship games were sold out and now we are close again to entertaining the big boys in the Premiership. No season ticket availability and no gaps that need filling in the stadium makes you wonder what our gate could be like if money and planning was no problem?
  9. I''d be more than happy to pay £75 per ticket for two tickets sitting together in the stands, even more than that if in the preferred Barclay lower tier...but I must admit, the thought of sitting behind some glass watching the game doesn''t quite have the same ring about it...even if you could get it for £75 per head with a meal thrown in!
  10. Thanks for the offer, but I really need to be in the stands so we can sing like a canary
  11. Brilliant, thanks for the heads up. Will try again at 9am on the 11th...unless something comes up sooner.
  12. I waited patiently in the queue for my turn for nearly two hours! Gutted, had I been on here earlier, I would''ve refreshed or re-logged back in differently. But before I concede to the armchair, is there any other way I can buy two tickets sitting together...preferably in the Barclay? Even if it costs me double or treble the face value? Me and son are super membership with only 1050 points, so the away leg is out! My email address is uptonmark1@hotmail.com.
  13. My last chance I bet, so here goes. Any last minute drop outs? I want 2 tickets sitting together with the Norwich for tomorrow''s game for me and my lad (what a 21st birthday present that would be).. I am a Leicester Canary, so can meet or we can courier them. My email address is uptonmark1@hotmail.com Fingers crossed...desperate to go.
  14. Dreadful game last night, making you feel rustrated, bitter, twisted and angry? Well I have a plan which will make you feel a lot better...why not boycott this coming weekends game against Forrest and get your own back by selling me your two seats sat together for a nice little profit. That''s right, if you have 2 tickets sitting together in the Norwich section, then I will give you £150 for them and pay whatever it costs to ensure I grab them in time for the game. Win win...and you will feel better. Email me on uptonmark1@hotmail.com
  15. I''d quite like 2 tickets too...can meet/will travel anywhere and pay more than double the face value if they are sitting together! I am a Leicester Canary, so Forest is very much local to me. Shame there is no ducking and diving site auctioning them off, because there is bound to be some of the 2000 lucky lucky fans that find they now cannot make it!
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