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  1. Hi Paul, he''s rubbish, scored a few off his knees and back of his head. Bit clumsy really and can''t shoot for toffee. Guess we could make a permanent space in our squad for him as a reserve striker.....;-) 
  2. And thats based on your assumption that all he is there to do is answer your questions? How many CEOs of companies actually stand outside their place of work to talk to their customers....answers on a postcard? I would suspect he has a few other responsibilities... The truth is that Doncaster gets hung because he does put himself out their.  Personally i think the guy has guts for doing this and in the face of totally unsubstantiated, vitriolic and frankly slanderous accusations. Sure mistakes have been made but these mistakes by and large are magnified disproportionately when the team doesnt perform. This McDonalds culture that pervades, manifesting in an insatiable need for instant gratification is totally out of control. Why does everything have to be so reactionary so polarised? It such a shame that this forum is populated by gossip mongers motivated by the politics of the clubs administration. We are playing well enjoy it, why the constant witch hunt...  I am hoping we sign players like everyone else but sometimes you just have to accept that every player doesnt want to join us, every player is not worth what their selling club demands and yes we do have a ''limited'' budget whether 5K or 50M its a budget that the management have to work within. Chill out and stop throwing the toys around and let Glenn get on with the job! OTBC          
  3. Lets face it smudger you can argue all you like about the boards failings but the fundamentals here are simple. You go looking for things to fail. With that outlook there will always be an ''opportunity'' to present a case for the hangman but for most people, for most fans, supporting through thick and thin is what counts. is part of the football fans psyche. I truly hope we pull through this mess we are in, as i am sure 99% of the contributors to this board do. You, i suspect, will always look for any way to profligate your negativity. I fail to see any contribution from you on this board befitting the term ''supporter'', i guess you could dredge something up from 1986 but hey we are all open to lapses aren''t we?? OTBC 
  4. .....BECOMES a farce....??!!   Its like looking at the kids in the supermarket stamping their feet and screaming for sweets.....it is, to them, incredulous and a total injustice that their demands aren''t met ....But when all single mum has in her wallet is a maxed out credit card, well hey you have to cut your cloth. According to junior its not fair, its not right and he aint standing for it....trouble is hes so wrapped up in his own egotistical rantings he''s myopic to the real world. Mother would love to grant juniors every wish but life aint fair, sometimes she gets ripped off and pays over the odds, sometimes her choice of boyfriends leaves alot to be desired.  What junior fails to see is that her hearts in the right place. She cares after all, we all do. So give her a break and be positive, more can be achieved through support than screaming.  OTBC                  
  5. And whats wrong with Iraq? .....Hot sunny weather, vibrant locals always ''excited'' to see ''visitors'' to their homeland.    
  6. Good post Harles...i think the majority of contributors on this board would agree with you. Its just that the MINORITY are far more vocal. They like to jump around and stamp their feet in the playground because no-one outside of this forum is really listening. Who knows we may hit the playoffs, we may not, however i for one support the team, the club and the manager - not myopically, not unquestionably but because i am a fan. I want NCFC to do well, and that should be the common denominator but sadly for some it isnt. I await the sound of stamping feet and sheep noises from the half empty brigade....
  7. Blitzkrieg bop is perfect....i vote for that... Start the campaign MP....
  8. Prophetic cluck, well, we shall all see wont we! I hope your blind pessimism kicks you on the ass with great big yellow and green spiked boots, for all our sakes.
  9. Good point Dicky, what a lot of the "get the board out" campaigners fail to have is a pragmatic perspective on the game. Accusations of its not a business its a football club etc seem to be the root of their argument. The reality fortunately or unfortunately is that EVERY other club is faced with same challenges to varying degrees. Norwich are not unique and therefore the board not the evil collective some paint them to be. Every club has to survive and come hell or high water they do what they can to achieve this and move forward. In simplistic, emotive and ideological terms its great to say never sell your best players (irrespective of agents/players/buying clubs/third party influences), dont open restaurants/focus on merchandise and be a slave to commercialism (irrespective of the fact that gate receipts/tv income wont balance the books alone). Its all an old old argument but we bandy around figures and budgets on this board completely speculatively. In actuality we have no real understanding of the mechanics (ie of how transfers are conducted), economics of the game, or appreciation of players personal circumstance and ambition which inevitably influence every decision the club makes. What true fans will do is question decisions sure, they will not agree with every decision but they appreciate they may not be in the full picture. It aint black and white, its shades of grey and a true fan understands that. The question i have to Smudger, Arthur Whittle etc is this. Do you truly think that the board dont have the best interests of NCFC at heart? its success is their success after all and in that we should all be united. OTBC        
  10. Well that was a well constructed retort.....how do you know if i fully support the board, you dont know me from adam. Your entire counter argument is based on the fact that i said it wasnt ''delias doing''. Yet you are unable to concede that Dickson, his agent, the fans, his mum, Whoever (!) could have any influence on him leaving.As it happens on dont support the board entirely but i can see that things are not as clear cut as you make it.Its a shame Arthur that you cannot be more magnanimous because people on here would take you more seriously. I am afraid that your current position is so extreme as to be laughable. Sadly i think you are basking in the infamy of being Smudgers mucky right hand.OTBC
  11. If you read my post I asked "did it ever cross your mind" it wasnt a statement of fact more an alternative reason. Much like the supposition that "Etuhu wanted Premiership football", or "Etuhu didnt settle in Norfolk", much like "Etuhu really wanted to play for Keane" or even "Sunderland offered 3 times the wages Norwich did" etc etc. Not statements of fact, proposals, possibilites. Shades of grey with maybe, i would suggest, an element of truth in all.The point was that much like life you cannot attribute everything that happens down to one or two individuals to suit a one-sided agenda. It just aint black and white.  Certainly not if you had a reasoned  sense of proportionality. Your assertion that my post was backing the board shows how you will twist any questioning of your position as being unquestionably supportive of the current regime. Quite frankly it is the sanctinimonious drivel you keep spouting that is the joke. You''re the guy suggesting he may give up his season ticket, so its blatant hypocrisy in the extreme to start accusing me of ''doing damage to our club''. I wish life was black and white Arthur it would be far simpler but frankly far more boring.  The freedom of speech (Archant?) we enjoy on these boards is a great thing, its just a shame its wasted on your purile and cancerous campaign. OTBC
  12. Great post Arthur, possibly the most sensible thing i have read from you. I for one would like to start a collection to buy Arthurs ticket. In fact throw in your PC as well......Did it ever cross your mind that Etuhu has had enough of ''fans'' whining at his performances and has (or his agent has engineered) a move away? Of course not, that would''nt fit with your agenda would it?I am not happy that Etuhu looks likely to leave but cut the c@@p it aint delias making.
  13. Jas, With all due respect unless you''re privy to the contracts themselves then you are speculating at best. Of course the player has a say during negotiations but if the extension states explicitally ''should the club want to'' or words to that effect then this clause can be invoked at the clubs discretion. Equally i do not feel we can generalise and place all 13 into the same situation. Some Grant may want to keep and some not. So 13 players leaving is not correct just lazy reporting, and message board scaremongering..... This is not an attack on you per se, sorry if it reads like it, but we are forever jumping to sensationalist conclusions. The squad needs freshening up, some players will leave of course. Ultimately the players who want to stay will also be the players the club/Grant wants to stay. OTBC...        
  14. Interesting... If you only have money enough to buy that 200K house but would rather be living in the 950K house down the road. Does that make you unambitious and incapable of supporting your family? Does that mean you are neglecting them and should move on? Equally that place may have already been refurbished and have reached its maximum potential. You may be being blinded by those flash new spots or the plasma on the wall. Your smaller pad might be ripe for a loft conversion or extension, or be in a sought after post code which shows greater possible appreciation. That plot could have greater potential. The answer to these questions are maybe never obvious, there are always many factors involved and unfortunately can never be truly represented by contrite and myopic one line jibes. Showing a lack of consideration, real understanding of facts and quite frankly, faith. OTBC
  15. KP you are in danger of adding a modicum of common sense and a reasoned argument here....stop it now and lets get back to the witch hunt.....
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