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  1. Greetings paps. It''s time for another week of me saying how proud I am of me raising a few quid for charity . Don''t forget folks that this is for charity and nothing to do with me . Nope . It''s all about charity and and club I love. Hopefully this week I''ll be able to talk to my personal friend Ricky Martin. Have I mentioned that he is a personal friend of mine? Oh yes, he listens to me for hours . Lovely bloke . Never looks bored. This year I will personally present the cheque myself and take my family . Well it gives me the chance to feel important . And I can put a pic of myself on the pinkun. Not for my own benefit you understand , but the chance for everyone to bask in my glory . I know my mates think I''m great for doing all of this . I''m a better supporter than everyone else. Sorry did I say that or just think it?
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