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  1. Naismith, Gayle, Centre back. If Redmond don''t sign, sell. Sell Grabban. Sell Lafferty if not going to play. Sell Turner if not going to play. Sell Hooper if not going to play. Sign Mbokani permanently and give him a run. I''d have Chris Martin back if no Gayle.
  2. A fantastically loyal servant to our yellow City. If he decides to stay in the game after his playing career I hope we give him a role developing our youngsters & allow him to progress up through our coaching team. But for now, I am delighted with his influence, attitude, professionalism & drive. He has worked his socks off from Wycombe, Peterborough & us to achieve 4 out of the last 5 seasons in the Premiership... And all this with an underlying debilitating stomach condition...
  3. Iwan has to be a legend / cult hero! 7 years, loadsa goals... My son was born in 2005 and I named him ''Iwan Robert James'', such was my lasting impression.... Played for us during our more darker hours and had great affinity with our supporters...
  4. Nicko - we''re not weird. We would welcome another centre back. No need for another striker, we have five & tend to play with only one (with Hoolahan supporting).
  5. Carrow Road capacity expansion would be lovely. The price is higher than £20 because current demand outstrips availability. It would be lovely to put a 2nd tier on the City stand if (& I believe when) we achieve safety and the resulting windfall in remaining in the top tier of league football...
  6. Paul Lambert looks really well... Good on him. If he stays in England, I can see him taking a promising Championship Club towards promotion. I don''t think a Premiership club will take him on after Aston Villa.
  7. I am normally the most positive, however, I am annoyed tonight... we have loaned Matt Jarvis now, so who knows we may even be able to submit a squad of 25.
  8. Really poor transfer deadline day. Really poor decisions.
  9. I am not happy at all about Bradleys sale. When you sell last year''s player of the season you are asking for controversy., particularly with no ''sweetner'' purchase. We should of received a centre back and striker today. We have the loan market now. I feel flat this evening. Best of luck to Bradley, who can only go with our best wishes for his efforts in green & yellow.
  10. I dream that RvW''s contribution to our efforts this season, will be positive. He has a good attitude and I wish him the best of luck. It is a blessing in disguise for Grabban to lay his cards on the table... I don''t think Bournemouth will meet our valuation this window. If Grabban remains, he has such a long way back to achieve any sort of redemption with fans, team mates and management. This could be the worst season in his career and its all his own making. There is always the loan market, to release him from East Anglia and I think this the more likely avenue if his exit, given the transfer deadline is so near... His strop is more likely to hinder any transfer as part of his suspension will be the ban in contacting management. No lines of communication. Grabban has got a choice of Jeremy Kyle or PS4 today.
  11. Totally agree with you yellow & green.No offer from Bournemouth has been acceptable. If Championship teams are asking £8-12m from Premiership clubs for their players, Bournemouth can double their last offer & also double their £1m add ons too.
  12. Haha... He won''t go to Bournemouth because of his tantrum. McNally & Neil will remain in control of this situation. Reminds me of that West Brom striker that drove to another club to force through a transfer which fell apart... Egg on face or what?! If he goes to Bournemouth it because he meets our valuation of the player, which will be ridiculously high if joining a direct rival. No knee-jerk comments from manager in the media necessary. This can harm his immediate (& therefore future career) if not considered mentally capable /poor attitude, immature. Two week fine, plus 2 week suspension away from the club. If no enormous bid received which is worth accepting, Grabban can either choose to remain un-selectable or get his career back on track with an apology to his team mates and acceptance that he would have to work his socks off to work up from his new bottom of the pile position (RvW ahead by default as more professional & less divisive). His choice. Tevez climbed down from his strike at Man City, returned from his golfing jollies in South America, and scored against Norwich not so long ago... Could this situation pan out in similar fashion???
  13. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]Sun dream team gave Wes a 6 rating lol Which is just laughable. Thought he was outstanding[/quote]...... Yes, Sun rating laughable, I checked his point tally (Sun Dream Team) and he currently scores 6 pts despite two top quality performances and assists. To get a score of 6/10 after his Sunderland efforts makes me want to write into the Sun with a formal complaint.
  14. The squad would do well if a ginger was added, regardless of their position... I''d like a ginger Shearer and a ginger Sol Campbell for our remaining two transfers targets, although I will accept any natural ginger.
  15. Looks ok on Windows Phone 8.1... Will take a bit of getting used to... Shame like & dislike buttons have not been added...
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